Starseed Beings On Earth: What Are Starseed(s) & Understanding What Their Purpose Is On Earth.

Starseed Beings On Earth: Who Or What Are Starseed Beings?

As an Ascension Volunteer; I am well aware that I am not an Earthling (a human spirit) and that my origins are from somewhere out there in the 5D spiritual realm of our Galactic Dimension. I have never resided near or with Earthling spirits in the higher dimensions and I have very minimal contact with any of them, the only time that I have contact is when I have agreed to another life mission on this Earth realm. I have detailed memories of arriving for meetings with the Galactic Council and either requesting a life on Earth again, or being asked to take on a task. When I agree; I leave my home in the Pleiades and go to the higher dimension where the 5D human spirits are. I then immediately begin planning my next life. I have access to the hall of records there, I then begin meeting certain Earthling spirits who will be around me while on Earth. There are certain spirits that I already know and some come in with me more than once, but they are not from the Pleiades like I am.  

When I struggled to integrate myself in this life around certain people who are (Human spirits) in this lifetime, I knew that it was because I wasn’t an Earthling. All Starseeds and Ascension Volunteers are very different in vibration. Their personalities and demeanor are different to, they are more quiet by nature while they observe their surroundings. Starseeds don’t involve themselves very much in human issues, unless certain human people involve them for some reason. Certain Starseeds might have a mission where they are meant to help (Earthlings) in a public manner, others might be here to experience Polarity and how to navigate oneself through a lower vibrating realm. Most are Ascension Volunteers who are here to help Humanity enter New Earth through the evolutionary shift into higher consciousness. 

My early life as an Ascension Volunteer was mired in an endless cycle of attacks and hatred directed at me from (Earthling spirits,) who didn’t know what to do around a Starseed like me who was energetically spreading source directed light in their home territory. I can’t blame them for reacting in a different manner. It’s all nice and lovey dove in the 5D before planning a life, but it is different once you are a visitor in a meat suit who is taking up space within their homeland. I was attacked not only for my Starseed Energy Signature, but for the very light that I embodied that was source directed at me. I simultaneously spread that source directed light in the location that I was in, which is in this small town in southern Ontario. It was an honor to be asked to come here during the transition into the Aquarian Age, has it been easy and fun (hell no!) and there have been moments where I have regretted the decision to come here from my home dimension. I was also attacked because of my strong feminine energy, which is stuck in a human Male body known as this Michael aspect. I got called plenty of derogatory human profanities because of this and it was another one of those things that I have had to deal with for my entire life. Even as a man I am still disrespected because of my feminine energy, which nobody respects anyway and so nothing has really changed all that much from my many past lives as women.

As an Ascension Volunteer I did just that; I volunteered to come in and raise the frequency of this Earth realm along with the other Starseeds and Volunteers who arrived before I incarnated. The only reason that I am here is to assist humanity on an energetic level and I have my own specific skills to help me do this. I know this information but there are a lot of beings who are also incarnated Starseeds, who are contracted to assist humanity but they don’t remember this. There are some who do suspect that they are a Starseed but aren’t quite sure of it and they might need to be guided to the fact that they absolutely are a Starseed. I found for me that there has been a lot that has been lost in transition, and many Ascension Volunteers (Starseeds) need to experience an awakening to the knowledge before it starts to make any kind of sense to them. They need to find out for themselves what it means to be a Starseed and what their specific mission is on this Earth, as each Starseed mission is very different and obviously not the same based on what needs to be learned.

Starseed Missions On Earth: What Are Starseed Beings & Starseed Missions?

Starseed Beings; are various groups of E.T beings from other star systems, and planetary systems, that have agreed to leave their higher vibrating dimension to come in and to help uplift the energy of this Earth Realm which is in desperate need of it. There are certain classifications of Starseeds: (Pleiadian, Sirian, Orion, Arcturian, Andromedan, Lyran, etc.) These Starseed beings each have their own set of skills, their own higher knowledge that they can access – not to mention their own groups that can come in with them. The label of Starseed is attached to each of them but they are very different in terms of what they know and what they are here for, each group has their own set of Earth related tasks and each individual from each group has their own task. It is all very multi-layered and specific for their Starseed blueprint and mission, here are some specific Starseed missions that certain individuals and groups do when they arrive on Earth.

  • As a Starseed; your mission might be to incarnate as an Ascension Volunteer who is here to help uplift the Earth through your Energy Signature. Which includes the embodiment of source directed light energy and experiencing the bodily sensations of the evolutionary process as it unfolds.
  • As a Starseed; your mission might be to work on essential blueprint healing because your finishing up and clearing timelines in previous lives. Healing karmic issues and issues as an essential part of this Earth mission.
  • As a Starseed; your mission might be about learning to navigate yourself through Polarity and have a lesser than higher experience in order to gain knowledge about your own personal strength. Fear training and how to get over the fear.
  • As a Starseed; your mission might be to work with a group of beings who also reside in your star or planetary system. This group work usually entails setting up energy lines within the Earth herself to allow light codes to enter into the body of Earth.
  • As a Starseed; your mission might be to travel to certain places with a high spiritual energy. These travels could be mission directed, so that you can set up portals and gateways for Source to emanate Source energies through.
  • As a Starseed; your mission might be to dismantle the Archonic deception (Lisa Renee term.) That means you have the knowledge and power of how to remove parasite, demonic energies from the Earth body temporal systems.
  • As a Starseed; your mission might be to bring ancient knowledge back to the collective consciousness by removing fear implants and amnesia implants within humanity. Making it possible to erase Archonic blockages that was put in place eons ago into humanity.
  • As a Starseed; your mission might be to help Earthlings deal with trauma imprints within the body and to help them release trauma. It could be that you are called on to work specifically within the systems in order to provide love and care to those who need it.
  • As a Starseed; your mission might be to help animals and work closely with animal species
  • As a Starseed; your mission might be to do a variation of all of the above. To write about your experiences as a Starseed in books or online, to guide other Starseeds and Ascension Volunteers like myself.

There are multiple Races of Starseeds both in the Higher Dimensions and who are incarnated here on Earth right now, each with one or more of the missions that are listed up above. My mission is a variation of all of the above except world wide Earth traveling because of my own body design, I am not meant to travel to various locations in the world and open up portals and gateways. I made one trip to the Azores to clear up timelines from my ancient Atlantis past lives, but that was all that I was called on to do. The rest of my Starseed work is all written down on this website, all my personal stories and higher information that always get’s updated. This is all meant to guide those with this important information so that they can find it for themselves and start their own journey.

You have an important reason for being here, all that you have to do is tap into Source energy and remember what it is and unblock the amnesia implants that was placed on humanity eons ago. Remember your Starseed mission Starseeds!

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