Earth Lessons As A Starseed: How To Navigate My Starseed Life Near My Earthling Family.

Earth Lessons As A Starseed: Navigating My life As An Ascension Volunteer With Partial Earthling Family Members. 

As an Ascension Volunteer and Starseed; I know all to well the struggle of finding my footing on this Earth because I know that it isn’t home for me. I have never understood what life on Earth was meant to be all about, the older that I got I realized that the way of life here never made sense to me. I grew up in a confused state filled with fog all around me because I was not in alignment with Earth life. I have been here many times; in different bodies as different personas. However, life in the 21st century  is nothing like what I have ever experienced before. It is intense and so spiritually disconnected. Nothing like what my lives were like in ancient civilizations. With each life that we enter there are lessons to learn and opportunities to teach at the same time, and that can be with anyone. The majority of the time these lessons come from those closest to us, even then those who are close to us can be some of our greatest challenges that we have to face. 

As a Starseed; I have had to learn many lessons along the way about navigating polarity. I have also had to learn how to navigate being a Starseed while on Earth, and learning to navigate who I am around my family of Earthlings. They have been so challenging for me to the point where I do not know how to move forward with my Starseed mission. They don’t know how to be supportive and I stopped expecting them to be, I never learned what it meant to be a Starseed because none of them are Starseeds. If it wasn’t for my Starseed DNA activation to remind me of this, my website would have never even been started. I have had to navigate my Starseed life through these tough interactions with my Earthling family.

We’re now two days away from the Summer Solstice and the energies feel both mystical in nature and challenging. As an Ascension Volunteer these transitional periods bring with it a greater sense of chaos, because everything slowly becomes much more dismantled in nature. The body needs to adapt to new layers as they become embedded into Earth and into each and every single one of us. I have felt so heavy and I can feel my body weighed down by new DNA becoming activated by incoming Starseed Light Codes. I have sensed that multiple timelines are in turmoil reaching their end, and certain LowCon Humans who are aligned with The Anti-Ascension Energetics that are in play by certain Negative entities are finding new ways to attack those of us who are holding the highest vibration.

There are certain timelines that have and that are about to end. These are what I call Phantom Timelines because they’re nearing their end and even when they have reached the end, there are periods where those timelines can be activated and the residual energies set free. I experienced this specific timeline at the end of May when my Sister moved into our house with her three children. I know that my sister has no idea that I am a Starseed and I have kept that hidden from my entire family most of my life. The situation with my sister and her three children happened because they stepped out of a Phantom timeline, they could no longer survive where they were. It wasn’t possible and they needed to move into a higher timeline and they ended up moving in with us. It is the first time in a long time that my entire family has lived together in one house and so far it is challenging. Which has made navigating my Starseed life much more difficult and my own Ascension Journey.

I have had a complicated relationship with every single person in my family: My Father/Mother. My Sister and her ex-husband who is a (narcissist.) I didn’t have an enjoyable time growing up around any of these people. I found it suffocating and too intense. I found that I couldn’t be exactly who I needed to be and that has crossed over into my adulthood. It has been very isolating and damaging to my specific mission in this life, which I could have started a lot sooner. I haven’t done so bad for myself and now that I know who I am it’s time to help other Starseeds realize exactly who they are too! The only way that I know how to help is to share my own experiences, a lot of the issues that I have had with my family has been strictly that I have never gotten any kind of support. I have had to work hard at learning how to do everything for myself and take care of my own health, there have been issues with feeling like I take all of their toxic energies into myself and then almost being expected to do everything for them. I have had to learn to be independent, while also stopping them from being to co-dependent on me. It’s their generational teaching and expectations that try to interfere with my actual purpose in this life. I am not their lessons learned in this life and that mindset made it easier to navigate who I was as a Starseed.

Earth Lessons As A Starseed: Lessons That I Have Learned As An Ascension Volunteer.

Over the last three weeks. I have had to Navigate My Starseed Life around my entire family which has not been very easy to do. We have been adapting to the new living situation with certain LowCon family members, it’s not a situation where we hate one another. It is more that different energies are at play here and there is a need to learn, to learn through experiencing polarizing situations. The Children are younger souls and my Sister is also defintely younger than I am, I understand the struggle when Karmic aspects are involved. It can be difficult to handle a much younger soul when they are reluctant to begin learning about how polarity helps with the growth of the spirit. It is necessary for personal growth no matter how much we actually dislike the idea, there are some who understand this better than other’s. Earth lessons are the key to becoming better versions of ourselves, whether you are an Earthling or Starseed. 

  • An Earth lesson that I learned; is to enjoy those experiences with polarity consciousness and that they are necessary in order to grow whether your an Earthling and a Starseed.
  • An Earth lesson that I learned; is to understand that many times you will be placed into family dynamics that are a mis-match energetically.
  • An Earth lesson that I learned; is that you will be born into families that do not have Starseed origins and that can lead to experiences that are vastly negative in nature.
  • An Earth lesson that I learned; is that eventually as a Starseed you will begin your actual mission and find the reason why you are here. You have purpose you just have to find it. That means that you have to eventually leave the Earthling spirits that you call family.
  • An Earth lesson that I learned; is to focus on the Starseed mission at hand whatever it is specifically for you and that you can do this whether you are surrounded by family members that you love or not.
  • An Earth lesson that I learned; is that you can step out of your comfort zone and away from certain habits that do not serve you in any longer. 
  • An Earth lesson that I learned; is that you can find your place in this world no matter how energetically different it feels to your star and home planet.
  • An Earth lesson that I learned; is that you have ancient knowledge stored within your DNA so use it and help others to remember what life was like before humanity fell consciously. 

There are countless lessons that I have learned as an incarnated Starseed and an Ascension Volunteer. All of the lessons that I have learned have given me such a wider perspective on Earthlings and Earth life, there is nothing that I would do differently in my life that felt different to me. I took the experiences and learned from them and eventually healed from it, and that has made it easier for me to navigate myself through this human experience as a Starseed. If you learn it then apply it, just apply the lessons into your life and that will make it so much easier to connect with who you are as a Starseed.

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