Mastering The Earth Realm: The Light-Worker Named Jesus From A Higher Conscious Perspective.

The Ascended Master Jesus: Mastering The Self Within The Realm Of Gaia.

The Earth realm called Gaia is a planet that not only is meant to teach Earthling Spirits certain lessons, Gaia actually used to be a powerful place filled with highly advanced civilizations in it’s earlier years before humans could inhabit on Earth. The cloaking of ones awareness never existed and many came into this Earth Realm with higher awareness fully intact, with key memories of where they originated from and what star systems and higher dimensions they occupied. The sad truth is that Earth’s very own history has been distorted and we are meant to believe that we are as advanced as we have ever been. The first inhabitants of Earth were by Starseeds and higher Dimensional E.T beings. Earthlings came into this Earth afterwards and they began taking over the planet, by which time was welcomed by all E.T beings and Starseeds.

Eventually, many of the E.T beings and Starseeds started to return back to our home planets and star systems. Earthling spirits took over Gaia and we all knew that it was our galactic duty to help these groups of beings, later on we stopped dropping frequency and began incarnating into human bodies just like Earthling Spirits to blend in. As Starseeds, we still had connections to our home planets and star systems and had frequent contact with our star families. They would come in and drop frequency and many of the incarnated Starseeds would help Earthlings connect with the various star races. We had initiations within: (Ancient Egypt, Atlantis, Lemuria, Zealandia, Pangea and Gondwana.) We helped early ancient homo sapiens learn how to harness the power of the Earth and how to be in harmony with their neighbors within the galaxy. We showed them how to connect with us through the various Star systems within the sky, we showed them how to build temples and pyramids to help them navigate the changes so that they would not forget. We now come in waves during key transitional periods from one Age to the next. 

This Ancient Knowledge came in with this physical body and it’s DNA within me, so that I can write about what life on Earth was like before Earthling Spirits took over this Earth realm. There is much more to write about with all of this, but that is for a different article all on it’s own. The reason why I shared this information was because I needed to make connections between the Golden Age of Earth and the current fall of humanity. The fall of man involves one thing: the loss of conscious memory due to experiencing spiritual amnesia. The Earth was a much different place eons ago and the people were much more advanced than man is now. However, there have been a handful of beings who have come in who have mastered and taught Earthlings through perfect example of New Earth living. This article is about one of these Ascended Masters (Christ) who taught people how to live through the New Earth frequency, despite that many have distorted the very information that was shared through him.

There are many Ascended Masters and each with their own specific teachings, lives lived, who derive from different geographical locations, who showed up on Earth and had a specific mission. Their mission was to help people and to heal people, to show them a much higher way than they were currently living. I have my favorites: Whom I learned from in various lives on Earth, but this article will focus on Master Jesus (Christ Consciousness) from a higher perspective. I am absolutely not going to be discussing this from a religious point of view, I am not catholic. I do not believe that his life mission had anything to do with religion in anyway, he and other Ascended Masters will always have a little bit of distortion connected to them. As a Starseed I am well aware that he was a Light Worker, he was actually not an Earthling Spirit. His mission was to bring New Earth to the human population in his time period, he was there to help heal the traumatized and wounded. His mission had nothing to do with an entire religion being named after him, the message and his life was distorted. He was there to teach people how to live through the heart and to help teach those who were living how to do that.

The Ascended Master Jesus or Christ lived during a time period of transitional change within the calendars. He existed both in the BCE era and CE era for a short period of time. He is said to have been Jewish and had been born and died in present day Israel. He is well known throughout the world for being the central figure of Christianity, but his actual Earth mission was not about being a central figure for religious dogma. He was a highly advanced being who agreed to a mission on Earth so that he could teach people how to connect with Divine Source. He taught people how to connect with One a Million – Eric Vasquez & Kristen Agee & Lauren Tarantino. and how to open their hearts, New Earth living is about the heart. 

There are many people throughout the world who believe that he will return, he won’t return to Earth to save humanity as he already showed the world the way in which to save themselves. Through pure love of humanity and the Earth. He Ascended and Mastered himself. It is time that humanity did this now for themselves. 

The Christ Consciousness; who I refer to as (Master Jesus) is best looked at as an Energy Signature, he was a high vibing energy and the human body was just a vessel for this advanced consciousness. The most important aspect of his mission was to teach how to Master the Earth Realm and to finally Ascend beyond all of our own struggles and become completed. He made it possible for people to even begin thinking about Ascending beyond this 3D reality, that we could do that and he brought Ascension to the forefront. The distortions that have surrounded him and his life after his death is massive, the ineducation of those who didn’t quite understand his teachings and it continues today. Live through the heart and love, show compassion where you would otherwise judge another and his/her path. Focus not on earthly possessions and following the the ego filled maniac within, but reside oneself through living life from the heart. 

The Christ Consciousness: What Is Christ Consciousness & The Christ Seed? 

The Christ Consciousness: Is one of the highest forms of consciousness that you can tune into. It is very specific and it is important due to what it represents for humanity. There are many ways to refer to this specific level of consciousness, such as {Christ, Crystalline, Krystic, Christos etc.} I myself have referred to it in many multi-aspected ways. It is a powerful form of consciousness to connect with and the intention must always be that you are approaching this energy from the heart. Working with the energies of Christ is very much like that, you must allow your heart to be open. The Christ consciousness and Christos energy means that you are connected to the purest form of light and love. It means compassion, unity and the law of one. It also means that you are connected to the highest level of what it means to be love. It is oneness. It is connection. It is peace and it is the law of Divine Source. You are fully aware of this within yourself.

The Christ Seed: Is for a better sense of the word “A button” which sits inside the light body of all human people. This button sits in the center of your heart. When this seed is activated or triggered – it allows for this specific light energy and higher light consciousness to enter and to be understood. How does the Christ Seed become activated? The Christ seed becomes activated when our DNA is activated to begin this entire process. We are all time-coded to begin certain body activations and the Christ seed eventually will activate within certain Earthlings. The Christ Consciousness and Christ Seed are not a single entity. Many people all around the world make that mistake, the Christ Consciousness is not a person. It is not Jesus the man. It is an energy. An energy that was brought forth through that specific Ascended Being. It always was and will be an energy and those who seem to believe that it will return back in the form of a man once again. It won’t. It is here within everyone who wants to access it, tune into Christ Consciousness and let it uplift you. It has always been here and people have always been able to access this energy.

Mastering the Earth Realm is why many Earthlings and Starseeds are currently incarnated here right now, to obtain spiritual freedom like the Ascended Masters did. The Ascended Master Jesus (Christ) already did this and he is a perfectly pure example of how to survive being persecuted and living in the hearts of those who really understand his message. Ascend beyond all thing’s and live through the Sacred heart template as we must do during any astrological Age.

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