The Mayan Calendar: That Great 12-21-2012 Cut Off Point For Our Current Earth Reality.

The Mayan Calendar: The Great 12-21-2012 Cut Off Point For Humanity.

The first half of the 2019 year frequency has come and gone along with the Summer Solstice. This year felt very different and I couldn’t help but think that it felt that way because we are moving somewhere unknown, I have felt this all year long. There are more cycles that are ending and new ones that are beginning. That is the way of life and we all live our life through endless cycles. These cycles are always ending because it is signifying a transition, while that is the actual interpretation of the meaning most people don’t always believe it. There always seems to be a doomsday mindset within the collective and that usually comes from a place of fear. When these cycles end and whether they are astrological, calendrical, based on ancient civilizations etc. These are ending because something new is about to begin, not because everything is ending on a massive scale. We have to always pay attention to the times that we are living in because they always show us the way to be. 

The most recent cycle that ended was the Mayan Calander, which ended it’s 5,126-year-long cycle in the mesoamerican long count calendar. There were many who predicted that the world would end and they feared the transition of the cycles. The Mayan Calendar ending had nothing to do with the actual world ending, it had everything to do with the world entering a new cycle. The Earth is entering a New Earth and the Mayans knew that this would happen during this time period. Why? They understood that the transition of the ages was integral to the people of Earth, they were a highly advanced civilization that had connections to many higher dimensional E.T beings and their universal knowledge. Many of these higher dimensional E.T beings incarnated and walked among them. This is all connected to where we are right now in the 2019 timeline. 

Throughout the ancient world (ancient civilizations) have been recording cyclical patterns within the sky and connecting these cycles to calendars. These calendars signify the changes in these cycles; The Mayans have three different Calendars that they follow. They follow the Long count. The Tzolkin (Divine Calendar) and the Haab (Civil calendar.) Each of these calendars are cyclical and they are used simultaneously, the animated image below shows us how these Calendars work. They circle around one another until they ultimately align perfectly and once this happens a new cycle begins. 

In 2012, the Earth and humanity experienced a Cut Off Point that happened on 12-21-2012 and that was connected to the Mayan calender ending it’s 5,126-year-long cycle. I remember that 2012 period and the interesting thing about collective consciousness, is that it tends to misinterpret distorted information during great periods of change. This cut off point had nothing to do with another cataclysmic event that would see the end of the world. It was a cut off point for the current Earth Reality. I was 22 and at a critical point in the early stages of my awakening, I was aware of the fact that there was distorted information going around at that time. It wasn’t difficult for me to realize that I didn’t need to read into another doomsday prophecy by another group or individual who had no idea what this information meant. The ancient Maya people were an intuitively advanced group and they knew that Earth was going to make this important change. They knew that the Earth would undergo a cut off point because New Earth would be created during the Age Of Aquarius. 

Astrological Indications Of The New Age Of Light: A New Ascension Cycle Beginning.

When we enter any new Astrological Age there are usually some indicators that appear that help us interpret the changes coming. When we go back into the 2012 frequency year we can see that Uranus and Pluto were repeatedly making direct square aspects to one another. Pluto was in the sign of Capricorn and Uranus in the sign of Aries. This usually means Cardinal energy is at work here and really pushes things to manifest. Neptune entered the sign of Pisces permanently while Saturn entered Scorpio. These indications tell us that this isn’t just a change but it’s transformative. There is a lot of work to be done and dismantling to be done within the consciousness of humanity. There were other indicators of the coming Cycles beginning and ending, there was the December 2009 Solstice which did include Jupiter/Neptune and Chiron conjunct in Aquarius. Uranus and Neptune transits in Aquarius in the 1990’s and 200o’s and the list goes. 

  • December 21 2009 – Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron Conjunct in Aquarius 24 
  • February 3 – Neptune enters Pisces 00.00
  • June 23/24 – Uranus (Aries) square Pluto (Capricorn) 8.23/24 
  • September 19 – Uranus (Aries) square Pluto (Capricorn) 6.57
  • October 5 – Saturn enters Scorpio 00.00 

When an old cycle ends a new cycle begins. In 2012 not only was there a Cut Off Point but those who understood that this meant a new Earth reality was about to begin, also knew that it would mean changes to how the Earth functioned. There is never just one trigger to any cycle and that is it, there are various points and periods that help propel and further manifest the New Earth Reality itself. We didn’t just end one cycle and start a new one, we also started a new cycle within the Ascension Process. It is my personal belief that we are about to enter a second Ascension Cycle and that much of 2019 has been about preparing us for this. As an Ascension Volunteer for the Ascension Process, all that I’ve experienced this year has been about ending what was started back in 2012.

The 12-21-2012 Cut Off Point is now officially over and we have in fact cut off from the way that the Earth has functioned since the fall of man. That is ending very quickly and I have noticed those timelines are closing, this is all wonderful of course but we need to know exactly what will happen when we transition fully out of that cut off point. After December 2019 we will be in a secondary cycle of the Ascension process and how New Earth manifests for humanity will depend on who is ready to step into it. 

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