New Earth Cycle Is Beginning: The 2012 Cut Off Point For Humanity Is Becoming Much More Defined.

The New Earth Cycle Is Beginning: The 2012 Cut off Point Is Much More Defined.

In 2012, the Earth and humanity experienced a major cut off point that happened on 12-21-2012 that was connected to the Mayan calender ending it’s 5,126-year-long cycle. At the time this event was met with doomsday prophecy, and people fell for the-end-of-the-world chanting that spread throughout the entire world. The 2012 cut off point was not about the world ending, it was about the 3D reality shifting into a 5D reality and ultimately bringing in the New Earth. That was what many Ascension Volunteers knew and even discussed during that time, it was that final push that humanity had to make in order to move along with the Ascension changes that were happening at the time. 

The cut off point represents the end of Duality. Those that understand Duality know that it represents separation from all things, the 2012 cut off point was about letting go of beliefs and preconceived ideas about what reality was/is. Living in a state of Duality consciousness is about viewing the self and others as separate entities, instead of realizing that we are all unified as one. This cut off point meant the opportunity for humanity to shift out of this energy frequency and to begin consciously living through the heart. This opportunity was now. It is still current too as many are still living in a dualistic mindset and state of being even in 2019. This cut off point is going to get even more defined as we move into the rest of this year into 2020 because a new cycle is about to begin. 

The Separation Of Worlds is defined as two separate groups of humans, that are living within those two different realities and states of energetic frequencies. In the summer of 2006, I experienced contact with a higher dimensional female light being who made contact with me and showed me this telepathic image of these two worlds, at first; I was confused about what I was seeing. I examined that telepathic image that she showed me and I saw two worlds that were different energetically. The one on the right separating from the left, the left one being the 3D reality that I was physically born into but that I had never felt connected to for most of my life. The world that was vibrating bright on the right side – that was this New Earth that was being birthed and those were the early stages of the Ascension Process. 

Today, there was a Total Solar Eclipse. I know that usually means that the days leading up to it and after this specific event, that humanity would experience a shift. That more people will experience some specific shift within the reality that they are living in. This has also happened to me the more my beliefs and thought processes have changed. This event and more events like it later on this year will usher in more of New Earth which is what this article is all about. These are the new phases that we are shifting into and a big part of this, is to make that shift further into that reality where Duality Consciousness does not exist in the hearts of the human population. That telepathic image of the two worlds was showing me that this frequency change is happening now, that many would need to make the energy switch as soon as possible and that there would be opportunities for mass population to do so. Then the 2012 year arrived. Then the Mayan Calander ended and more of this frequency was let out into the collective consciousness, the Mayan’s understood that the Calendar was about the upcoming changes in energy for our planet. A step away from separation of all people, so that we can be unified and living in the same frequency Earth as the same frequency. 

The Separation Line: Separation Lines Within The Collective Consciousness.

The Separation Line: The Separation Line is a transparent (barrier) that is separating specific people, those who are still existing within the Duality range and those who are living within unity. It’s not just them (but,) it is also separating specific negative entities, demons, and the dark ones from entering New Earth and from accessing the collective consciousness. The line itself has become noticeable to me on a psychic level,  and more people in the collective are witnessing this too as people either Ascend or descend now. 

The Separation Line Within The Collective, has been in play since before the Solar Eclipse began. It has actually been in play for a few decades. Which is why I needed to quickly do my own internal work, because eventually it’s going to be so intense that life will not feel the same for anyone involved. It’s not just collective Separation Lines, it is also personal Family Separation Lines that are occurring all over the world. Each individual is choosing which world they want to live in now, and many of us are choosing a world where we are unified. The whole entire concept of New Earth is that humanity is one, one with the self and one with the collective. New Earth in many ways is about stepping away from separation from the self and from other people, and to know this is to understand that we are all connected. There is no need to perceive New Earth life and lifestyle as being in opposition to others in any form, there is no need for that at all.

The 2012 Cut Off Point was about making sure more people could energetically shift into that 5D functioning Earth reality. It was also about the unification of humanity itself and the end of Duality, now that this energy has taken over we’re seven years into the creation of New Earth and we’re about to enter a new cycle. This new cycle is going to be an important one because we are going to be re-aligning with so many aspects of ourselves, with the Earth, cosmic energy, and ancient energy that has been lost within the human being for eons. The ancient civilizations that we now know like Atlantis and Lemuria are not the most recent ones, and many are remembering life beyond these civilizations. What is about to return back to Earth in the next cycle are coded energies that we have not seen since before these ancient civilizations started. There are ancient civilizations that are buried within our psyche that we have not remembered yet and soon when we enter this new Ascension Cycle more of these memories will come up to the surface. This timeline is getting much more defined and once we move into 2020, we will all understand the energies that were just beginning to manifest within the Earth. That we can integrate both our light and shadow selves into one whole unified construct.

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