Sounds Of New Earth Frequencies: Why Are My Ears Ringing & How Is It Connected To New Earth.

The Sounds Of New Earth Frequencies: Auditory Sounds Of Cosmic Energies Entering Earth

Over these last few Ascension years, I have experienced every physical body manifestation that anyone can due to these constant compressed evolutionary energies that our Earth and all of humanity is working through. The Ascension body and our life changes at times are easier to manage, and at other times it can be beyond difficult to integrate into the physical experience because we’re not used to them. It can also get down right embarrassing. Public and private. Personal and collective. There are certain energies that do have a different coded component to them, which does make it difficult for humanity to understand why the energy is moving all around us in specific ways. 

The one Ascension Symptom and body change that I experienced after I first activated and became apart of the New Earth. I had experienced an immediate ear ringing of the New Earth frequencies. This ear ringing was a constant humming and jingling of sounds, which at that time I didn’t understand entirely. After the initial activation; I began receiving information through the coded energies I was listening to. This coded knowledge is/was the 5D frequency that I heard now that I made the physical transition to New Earth. This New Earth sound was 24/7 and it would never stop. It has not stopped and it never will because New Earth has a sound and those on it will hear the new frequency. 

When we first transitioned into the 2019 frequency, I began to notice that some changes with the New Earth Frequencies were happening at a pace that was unlike anything that I had ever experienced before in my entire life. I noticed this because of how different these frequencies sounded to me, they were louder and more electrically charged than ever before. It was beginning to sound like the jet of a plane engine was roaring, almost to the point of it screeching which took me by surprise. I had never heard this before and I physically activated and entered the New Earth Frequency in 2014. It had started as a very low chime when I first awakened, and then as the years went by it sounded more like a constant ringing that only escalated by the months. These necessary changes within my hearing and my physical body was happening because I was connecting more with the Earth and the physical changes that were happening to her. To be on New Earth is to live within the 5D Frequency itself and we really are an extension of these 5D energies.

Ear Ringing is the ability to Clairaudiently hear frequencies and sounds of New Earth. I have heard the tonal sounds, the humming, the ringing, the vibrations, the frequencies, since 2014 when I first activated to begin the ascension process. It has been ongoing for years now and getting more amplified and stronger the more these last few years have passed by. There are so many Earthlings who are struggling now with these same issues, because they’re bodies are changing. They don’t yet understand that they are shifting into a 5D (fifth Dimensional) reality. The Ascension and Evolution process is changing us from our 3D physical bodies into 5D light filled light beings. These changes have been shifting us and how our body functions. There are modifications that are happening with and for our ears and our External Auditory Canal, which then begins to process the new sounds and frequencies that are coming into and moving around our bodies. 

I’ve shared what I have seen and felt in regards to how my body has changed in prior articles, from Carbon 3D to Crystalline 5D Light body. In my own personal experience(s) it has never been easy to feel any of the new and unknown-to-me-physical changes. The more we step away from feeling like we are limited beings and disconnected from our true self, that is when we will remember that these physical functions are not new to us. The collective will begin to understand that these functions are returning because we are becoming connected once again. I agreed to be an Ascension Volunteer in this life, but I still have many memories of Ancient Civilizations that I took part in. In all of these Ancient Civilizations humans and the human body functioned in the same way. Humans were between 7-8 ft tall and the shorter humans were 6 ft. We were able to function through the 12 Chakra system instead of our current standard 7, and along with the 12 DNA Strand which was first channeled by Barbara Marciniak via the Pleiadians. As a Pleiadian I understood this to be truth and I have been able to recall this while both incarnated in the Earth play at that time and while off of the Earth play.

Ancient humans were absolutely connected and there was a complete connection to our bodies, unlike what humans are experiencing now in the 21st century but we are getting ourselves there once again. The Sounds Of New Earth that many are experiencing now is not a New phenomena, it is an ancient connection that is returning to the absolute connection with Earth and self. Here is my experience after I began hearing these (tones, sounds, humming, ringing in my ears) back in 2014. 

Physically Shifting Into New Earth: Cosmic Sounds Come Alive After Physically Entering Earth

I first started feeling this Ascension Symptom (which most people call it, but, really it is a body change,) about five years ago. I first heard it a few days after becoming physically activated to begin my Ascension process. It was almost instant. Just like my body changed over night. I went through a challenging time five years ago, when I was suddenly physically activated and I had to spend a good few months coping with what was going on for me on a physical level. It was very new. It was also very painful. One of the few body changes that I had was this constant Ear Ringing. When I say it was constant; I mean, “It started as soon as I physically activated and it has not stopped ever since. This was five years ago! So, it has continued for me for five years straight without stopping. I suspect that there will be no end in sight, for this specific new way that my body is functioning in either. I’ve had to sort of live with it and embrace it.

My understanding and knowledge about what this symptom, or, new function is all about over the last couple of years actually means, has a lot to do with the energies. Like all thing’s there are many reasons why you might be hearing these constant (ringing’s, sounds, noises, beeps, tones, clicking, fast moving swooshes, and loud kettle like sounds in your ears.) Yes, I really have heard these and many more of these sounds in my ears at various times over the last five years. There is a rhythm and pattern to them. There are periods where they go louder, and much higher. There are also periods where certain sounds happen more than others. They come on alone, or, with other symptoms and body changes. I’ve even received messages, information, through focusing on these sounds. Most of the time when I hear Earth sounds happening, it’s just coming in through my ears and moving back out and all around my head. I’ve often suspected that it might be the sounds of the New earth being materialized in physicality, and now I know for sure after all of this time that it is. What I didn’t know then I do now through connecting with the Earth.

If you’re hearing ear ringing it is likely that you are Clairaudient. A person who is Clairaudient: has the power to hear sounds that is said to exist beyond the reach of ordinary experience or capacity. You are someone who is ultra sensitive to the New Earth frequencies, which the Earth is emitting because it is changing from a  third-dimensional planet into a 5th dimensional planet. Many times Ear Ringing means that you can hear the new energies coming into our earth, because you are allowing these frequencies into you. There is a body connection to Earth that is unmistakable and the more that we understand this connection at a deeper level, the more that we will understand the changes happening on our Earth right now. 

This is a New Physical Function of living and existing within the New Earth, while we wear these meat suits while embodying 5D energies. We are living in an important time period where we are awakening to who we are supposed to be, as opposed to what we are told we are. As always discern information that is shared with you for yourself, ask yourself if there is any certain information that does not feel true in your heart. I have to discern Ascension information, because what is emanating from the author is not in sync with me. There is never one right or wrong piece of ascension information, but there is the right or wrong time to be exposed to it for the first time. It probably won’t make such a great impact unless your ready to fully understand it completely, that takes time so go slow with all of these new physical functions that you are experiencing now. 

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