My Ascension Body Activation (2): A Few Months Later I Became An Activated Ascension Volunteer.

 An Activated Ascension Volunteer: The Next Few Months Of My Ascension Journey Were Incredibly Difficult.

This specific article is a continuation piece to my earlier one about my physical activation; I decided to write about what happened after my actual physical awakening took place in March 2014. This is the next period of my life and that includes all the realizations that I made about who I was. I understood who I was and what my mission on Earth is. This also includes what happened when my current life collided with a past life, and because all life events happen simultaneously all at once. We are essentially re-living all moments. I shifted into a timeline from the past when I was an Egyptian woman living in the year 2,750 BCE. Along with my NDE. This article follows the aftermath of these events for those who are experiencing this now. To better understand what is happening for yourself within your own Ascension process.

This article is going to discuss some of the moments that I experienced after all of these awakening events transpired, and what happened to me afterwards. This period takes place from August 2014 – January 2015. That time period was a really intense one in my life, and I had to deal with a giant amount of different physical issues that I was facing. All of them due to the Ascension process beginning for me and taking place inside of my body. A lot of these physical change overs happened because I was now activated to embody specific light encoded energies, light energies that were entering earth at that specific time period. I was also releasing ancient pains, traumas, beliefs, and spiritual events that my body knew all to well and which it was all too familiar with. Life on Earth happens simultaneously and we shift from the now moment into the past, back to the present, and sometimes into the future where we know more of ourselves. Who was I? I was an activated Ascension Volunteer!

 I physically activated in March 2014 to begin my Ascension Process. Now, as I’m writing this five years into the future, I feel that this is the right time for me to share some more personal information about what happened to me afterwards. I want to share this information, of what happened to me, and what I experienced the first few months of suddenly becoming an Ascension Volunteer. This is all from this future perspective and point of view, because it has been such a long time since it happened now in this part of my past. I feel like there is a clarity and transparency now from what I know, than what I did all those years ago. First off, that time period and those experiences were heavy and it took enormous strides for me to acclimate to my new role. This was a role that became very physically demanding and very fast. It felt like that then and it feels like it now. It will give you insight into who I am. What I experienced and how you could feel and what it might be like for you, if you are experiencing a physical and spiritual awakening.

On March 1st 2014; I physically activated to begin my Ascension Process. In May of that year we sold our family home which I and my family had lived in for 24 years. That had been my entire life up until that point. At the end of July we had moved into our new home. In early August 2014, I experienced two NDE (Near Death Experiences.) I also jumped timeline’s to when I physically died in a past life as a female Egyptian woman in Ancient Egypt. This is everything that I have written about already, you can find those articles in Energetic Earth: Personal Stories. It is in chronological order in my personal experiences, from when I first became physically activated up until this point in time. Which I will share now.

The first thing I need to mention is: I want anyone to know who has started going through this physical process, is that once it begins everything changes in a short span of time. It is all about changes. Not just external outside of our self changes, but also internal changes as well. There will be a shift in your consciousness as well. Which is why your experiencing all of these necessary changes in such a quick span of time. It’s so that you can quickly move and evolve beyond where you have always been. This is how it happened for me and I’ve realized it now five years into the future, it had to happen this way. It’s part of helping you and me remove all of those {concepts, patterns, beliefs, and ideas,} that are not going to remain with you. The complete eradication of everything and anyone that is not a frequency match with you. It really does feel like a de-brainwashing process is happening within self, and in many cases that is exactly what is happening. We begin to see life in a different way than what we did before.

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After having experienced not one; but two NDE (Near Death Experiences.) My life slowly began to unravel before my eyes. During August 2014 January 2015 my entire life had changed, it changed in a way where I had to literally do everything I could in order to survive all the extensive and lonely aspects to what becoming aware of myself really meant. I was time coded during this period to activate as an Ascension Volunteer. I also had that realization that what I was experiencing within me; I was becoming awakened by all the trauma in this Ancient Egyptian lifetime which was resurfacing. I learned that everything is all simultaneous and we awaken to all that is.

After I experienced my two NDE’s due to a past life bleed-through and surviving them both. I was couch and bed bound for several months. It took me a long time to feel normal again. I really did not suffer very many physical issues and neither was I in any kind of accident. I looked fine to people physically and the outside world. Internally, I was in serious physical pain especially my left leg. This left leg kept me couch and bed bound until January 2015. This was an old past life wound, which caused my death in that lifetime. It was re-surfacing within my conscious memory and in my timeline, to be dealt with and healed. It was also happening as I made the shift to quickly clear that timeline and those memories.

In August into September 2014. The pain in my left leg began to heal much faster, but, what I realized was that I was growing more psychic. I felt so ultra sensitive to people, to family members, and even to the objects around the house. If there was wood or people around and it was a natural, real life, person or living organism. I could feel it, hear it, and even see an aura around it or them. Telepathic communication became something that I could do and it was easier for me to comprehend it and control how I did it. I began to see shapes of Light beings and especially two of my Guides. As I write this in 2019 – these two guides have left me and moved on. These two spirit guides did healing work on me, I felt them spiritually healing this leg. 

The psychic components for me became so heightened, and it was a big part of my Dark Of The Night Soul process. The physical components were deeply internal. Emotionally and mentally I experienced a lot of releasing, which were messy at certain times and it had to be. This all happened simultaneously, and from two separate timelines and over the span of a few months. Everything felt non-linear.

After my physical activation and the months that followed. I spent a lot of time staying very still on a physical level. There was something about that time, about not wanting, or, not being physically able to do much of anything. No matter how much I tried to. It hurt me to try to physically do anything, it hurt a lot even if I tried to do something that did not match my current energy frequency. I had no interest in anything. I lost contact with most of my friends. The few that I had left at that point. I wanted to spend more time alone, more time with myself. I needed more personal space for me, while going through what I was going through. A lot of stuff changed. It changed because I changed and I just could not physically do them anymore, because it physically hurt to do them.

This was and it still is on many days my experience(s) with the Ascension Process from August 2014 – January 2015. In the beginning of this when I made that initial shift and change into a higher understanding about who I am, this planet, the reason(s) behind why I was here and what was happening, it was the most awful experience. It hurt physically. There were a lot of physical thing’s going on for me, the worst part of it was that I was and still am restricted to live it at home. There was nothing else to do and there was no where else to go. It was all me. Facing myself and everything that was happening to my body. It felt awful at first but as I look back on it now, I’m really happy with everything that I went through. It has brought me to this place and this phase in my life. It has definitely been a journey and it’s all part of manifesting New Earth.

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