Genetic Carriers Of New Earth: A New Rhombus Light Code & More DNA Is Being Activated.

Genetic Carriers Of New Earth: New Rhombus Light Codes That Have Activated DNA In Humans

All Human Beings have specific Genetic Information that they carry around within their DNA and this over time has altered the Human Body. The Human DNA is one of the single most important aspects of being human, and it holds information about who we are based on our family genetics. The polymer carries instruction for the development, functioning, growth, and reproduction of all known organisms and many viruses. 

This week has felt extremely strange, very calm, and I have felt isolated like I am the only person alive in the world right now. Actually all of July 2019 has felt this way, with a few exceptions here and there. It’s been a challenge, as there are a few people in my immediate space who continue to be loud, act aggressive, not be fully aware of their actions, and all of this has hit around another eclipse. It has been a hard week to do what I always do, embody some more and try to get through it. A few months ago, I could say that at least I had privacy to do all that I could. With my lower conscious sister and her similar frequency matching children, that has gone right out the door ever since they first moved in here at the end of May. I have no more privacy and I have no more quiet, to do all that I do. 

We had a Partial Lunar Eclipse on July 16th/17. It wasn’t as eventful for me, as I thought it would be, but, it did make me aware of the new light energy codes and template(s) that looked slightly different than before. I’ll be explaining this further as we get into this article, because I feel that it is important for me to do so. You may have also seen similar energies psychically in your mind’s eyes, or, even entering your body. 

This week there was a Partial Lunar Eclipse that happened on July 16/17th and since then, we have all individually been experiencing different personal shifts on whichever level of evolution we currently stand on. Some people have moved higher, some have continued to remain where they are. A few new people have come in and plenty have decided to leave physicality. Where ever your currently standing, it’s all perfectly fine to be making the personal individual choices that you are right now. This event felt extremely different, it was the second one of the month and it really wasn’t as bad as it was during the solar eclipse. At least that is how this event felt to me from my personal perspective. 

These events involving Eclipses usually do what they are meant to do, which is to quickly, and effortlessly, allow specific people, to experience events that evolve them higher than where they are existing at. A lot of souls come in during these times. A lot of people decide to leave physical earth in higher numbers. A lot of people remain where they want to remain, while a few make those necessary changes that shift their awareness and place them into a more expanded reality. I found this time to be very easy, slightly calm for the most part. On a physical level; I didn’t really feel such a profoundly intense amount of body integration. I just felt the need to remain quiet and hold still until the events passed. There were other specific events that transpired for me, that were not so physical, that I knew were highly important for me to have experienced. The most important being the new light coded energies, and new template, that I sensed, that I know I needed to see because thing’s are slowly changing for us and earth once again. These new light energies looked and felt to me like they were almost Diamond sized shaped light forms. Diamond-Like light energy. 

Genetic Carriers Of Information: Geometric Shapes & Genetically Capable Of Reading Coded Information.

I’m calling these NEW Energies The Diamond-Like Light Energy Template(s). I’ve found three specific animated gifs that showcase almost what I saw, the first one that is clear colored and transparent is the closest to what I saw. I wrote it Diamond-Like because they are not quite Diamonds yet, but they seem to be close to that form. Like they are slowly trying to form into the shape of a Diamond. 

I have written extensively on Energetic Earth: New Ascending World and in many of my article(s) about, how the light has constantly {morphed, changed, transformed, looked and felt different when we experienced new energies.} I have called this the Light Morphogenesis Process. Generally, this process happens when light energy, light codes, templates and patterns of light are constantly changing their forms, or, how they look and feel. They function in a completely different way from when they did during previous embodiment periods. That has to do with the fact that they are changing forms, shapes, how they look and feel as they are embodied into mass humanity and to the earth. They are functioning at higher levels of light, higher levels of awareness, and that function is already built into them. This has happened once again, as we began making that initial movement through the Lunar Eclipse point and it probably did that as well during the Solar eclipse. This is what I saw when I began consciously expanding my awareness during this latest eclipse period. 

Partial Lunar Eclipse Light Codes

During the Partial Lunar Eclipse on {July 16} the energies had once again looked, felt, changed, and shifted to a brand new form of Light that I had not seen before. They looked smaller and yet at the same time more crystalline like. They also were transforming into a shape that is not currently defined. That means that it looked like no shape that I could make out, but it had specific details of one shape and or form coming into manifestation. These shapes looked extremely edgy and sharp pointed, with a transparent, white, shimmer to them. 

What I really noticed about the energies was that the shape got more rounder, more sphere like, but with a lot of sharp, edges, that were extremely pointed. Almost like it was Rhombus shaped in nature, but with a round quality to it. Diamond Like almost. How they felt to me was different, but, yet familiar at the same time. Because we had felt similar energies in June and May and earlier this year. They did feel a lot alike, but they look vastly different on a higher level than before. 

That was what I saw in regards to the changing energies and their forms. Nothing major really happened for me personally during that eclipse, other than that and what I was physically merging with. The fact that I am home bound and have no where else to be, really helped the process go by much faster than if I had to be doing something else in lower three dimensional playground. It is interesting to me that just as frequently and constantly, as we are changing so do the energies. What can I say? These Light energies, they just keep changing their form(s).

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