To Consciously Create New Earth: The Human Thought Creates The Individual Experience Of Reality.

Create The New Earth Consciously: Human Thoughts Create The Individual Experience Of Reality.

There have been some moments in my life where I’ve realized, that not all thing’s are always going to be perfectly placed inside some box, and neither will it be defined, labeled, and packaged as just one specific thing. There are usually many different types of classification, different ways of viewing things and also many differing variations of energy, light, codes, and even higher dimensional realities. There is a whole spectrum in regards to light energy and that is the basis of this entire article. To discuss this Scale and where any form of light falls within it. 

It took a long time for me to realize that light wasn’t just one type, that there were differing levels of it and that it pretty much did feel like it was on a scale from lowest to highest. 

Over the last few Ascension years since physically activating in 2014, all that I have been called on to do – is embody various amounts of light coded energies into my physical vessel. On most days that is all I’m really here for, and despite disliking that fact I’ve accepted that it really is all that I’m here to do. With that said; I have spent many days and plenty of nights embodying light that has always felt different. There has never been a moment where anything has always felt the same to me, there have been periods where light was different. Not only different. There have been periods where light has manifested within me in different ways. They’ve manifested within me because they weren’t the exact same energy, neither were they the same kind of light, and most definitely were not on the same placing on the Light Energy Spectrum.

Create The New Earth Consciously: Ancient Civilizations Knowing To Connect With The Mind.

I have experienced these periods where light, light codes, and energies from different higher dimensions, portals, and other various points of entry have varied on this specific scale. The current energies coming in now are definitely feeling higher than previously, and I would classify them as being on the higher end of the Light Energy Spectrum Scale. However, it has not always moved in a straight line or been classified as Linear. There have been periods since my physical awakening where the amount of energy that I am embodying, feels higher on the scale and this happens only in small moments. Then it reverts back to me experiencing light energy on a lower part of the spectrum. I do also need to mention just because the years have progressed naturally, it also doesn’t mean that the energies coming in have felt like a gradual increase either. They’ve changed naturally so, but, it doesn’t always mean it’s on the higher end of the scale. It goes back and forth between various types of energy and different levels. 

One thing that I do want to mention quickly is that light energy, light codes, all have different layers and come from different levels within different higher dimensions. These different types of light function in different dimensions in reality, and not all in one specific area of any higher dimensional location. Light can exist in 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D and on and on etc. These different higher dimensions fall on various ends of the Spectrum. Here are the three categories that I have personally observed and sensed, from my own experiences with embodying energies and light, as determining, which level Light energy is sitting on, on the Spectrum Scale. 

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