Galactic Travelers Are Holders Of Light: The Light Workers Are The Holders Of Light Information.

Galactic Travelers Are Holders Of Light: What Are Light-Workers & Holders Of Light Information.

Over these last few Ascension years; I have understood that my intention for being here was to do the work. At first I didn’t really realize what the work exactly entailed, but, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t always been doing it. In a small way I have, but not fully and completely. Not a lot of people realize that they have been doing this work and that they presently are, now if you’re aware that your doing this work and you are aware of who you are. Then great! Not everyone does. Which is what this article is about, these people are who this article is being written for.

In the future, you may realize who you are and what you are. This website and even this article, might help you understand it. I’m talking about being a Light worker. I am talking about being an embodier of source light. I am talking about you becoming physically activated to begin this process. I am talking about you working with timelines. I am talking about you closing and opening portals and gateways. I am talking about you having to deal with some darker aspects of the process. Negative human beings, negative entities etc. I am talking about you doing one or more of these jobs at once. I am talking about you having to embody and embody more light while being attacked for it by randoms. This is the work. This is the job. This is what it means to be an embodier of source light, while consciously creating the new world. 

This article might not be what many would have expected me to write for this month, but, it is extremely important that I write something about me. It is Important that I write something about us. Those of us who have been doing this work for quite honestly, decades now, who are weary, and frankly exhausted beyond belief, with what we have to go through just being us. In connection to this, it is important to get this information out so that many embodiers, psychics, seers, light embodying beings, know exactly what it means to be who we are. This also applies to those who will some day be doing this work, for those who are struggling with understanding what they are doing, or, supposed to be doing. It takes a while to come out of the conditioning that you have sort of been hit with, mind-alternating, beams of negativity that can hit you when your conformed. This happens and it is because of this that I’ve decided to begin a new category called: Light workers: Being a Light Worker. 

This category is strictly going to contain specific articles that help beings who are working with light, who are incarnated volunteers, participants within the evolutionary process, doing specific jobs and missions, on the Ascension Process and actively activated, in order to help humanity and the earth evolve higher and create the new Ascending world. It is here to help you understand what your role is and what you are contributing. I have noticed that a lot of us tend to feel aimless, and I believe that it is because a lot of us do NOT know our roles.


In an effort to spread more awareness, higher consciousness, and to bring in more highly advanced light information through {Energetic Earth – New Ascending World,} this week’s article is going to take a step back from the usual energy updates. It will focus more on informing people about a role, a group of people, and mainly dealing with information – about those very special people, who are here on earth to help enhance this world, through working with higher light energy. Everybody, who is born has a destined purpose to some extent, a lot of them follow that destined path. Many of them struggle, get lost, and, or stray from that destined purpose. However, they all end up in the same place, back in the light and with Source. However, there are a group of beings, spread out all over the world, in various incarnations, as many different people, with different lives, who are all here to do one thing and one thing only. That is to embody light energies at an advanced level and then break down the negative systems, of this world through that means of work. These people, who are here raise the consciousness of this earth are called Light-Workers

Galactic Travelers Are Holders Of Light: What Is The Main Mission For Light-Workers?

There are many other names and many of them refer to their own terms of choice. Which is beside the point. I do however prefer this term. So, what exactly is a Light-Worker? What do they do? Why are they here? and what kind of work do they do?

What Is A Light-Worker: is a term for incarnated human beings who volunteered to incarnate on this planet, in order to raise the vibration, through multiple frequency events, so that the consciousness of earth ascends to a better way of functioning. This is the destined purpose that they all carry, the majority of us in fact have begun this destined purpose in the womb. Just because, we have already made a small rift in the earth’s energetic function(s). This is who we are and this is our purpose … so what do Light-Workers do?

What Does It Mean To Be A Light-Worker: Energy. Light. Dark matter. Polarity. Consciousness. Higher and lower. Dismantling negative systems. These are all terms, that I can use, to describe just the kind of work we do and what it means to be an incarnated Light-Worker.

As a Light Worker we do a lot when we agree to sign a contract with Source and incarnate here. I mean a lot! It can be extremely stressful, very dangerous, beyond exhausting, and debilitating, but we volunteered to do it. We’re kind of like the brooms, mops, and various cleaning products of the world. Here are a few thing’s that we do:

What Do Light Workers Do?: The first: being the obvious; we embody/absorb light energy into our bodies and then we pretty much lighten up our specific area. The location that we live in. The Second: being the not so obvious; we do deal with a lot of negativity, negative energy, dark matter, tons of demonic activity, which is hurled at us in various ways, throughout our entire life. The third: being one of the hardest to deal with; we deal with the negative systems, all kinds of systems, put in place in this world. The fourth being: the most fun; we deal with cleaning the energy of this planet from destructive negative events throughout history, a location, a home, or, a person. The fifth being: the most confusing; we also have our own experiences to help us grow and evolve, because We are not evolved to the point of perfection. 

Embodying Light energy is not a pass for perfection. We all have our own pains, insecurities, angers, joys, doubts, and fears that we need to work through. We also have to deal with our past. There are so many past lives, events from those lives, people from those lives, that we have to deal with. 

Why Are We Here On EarthThe earth is massively out of alignment. No one needs to be informed of that; I think that everyone on the earth understands this concept already. At least on a spiritual level. However, in terms of understanding why Light-Workers are here on earth. It has a lot to do with how out of balance, out of alignment, the earth is, along with the people, the consciousness and conscience of the world. A big reason why Light-workers are needed on earth, and why they come here, has to do with shifting the earth back into alignment. We work with light and Source. We clean the dark bits and in part that has to do with ultimately getting the earth, back to a place, where there is balance and harmony. We are here to create the “Age Of Peace” and when that happens, it will be very different, balanced, and organic and natural. This will not happen in my lifetime, or, in any of ours, those of us who are living now in 2019. However, those of you who are reading this now and it’s 100 or 200 years later. It might apply to you. However, we did build it in this generation. 

How Do You Know Your A Light-WorkerWho honestly knows who they are? Most of the time we all have those moments where we walk around aimlessly, unsure of ourselves, and what we’re suppose to be doing. We don’t always remember, which is okay because eventually we do. However, for those of us who are called on to do this work, we know from birth, we know at an early age whether or not we’re different. Some know right from an early age. Others’ sometimes’ have to go through a process where they begin to understand, this process is what I call an “Activation Of Ones Codes.” It’s a period in our lives when we’re ready to receive these energies and we go through an awakening.

A Light worker begins to understand what is happening after the physical activation to begin their Ascension Process commences. We begin to understand just what is happening. Usually, those who are Light-Workers have experienced a life filled with constant supernatural activity, (which includes being gifted,) it surrounds them on a daily basis. Also, if you have had some of the worst, most difficult, absolutely brutal early childhoods, and or experiences. Then most likely you are one. It’s never the same for everyone, but, for the majority of the time one or more of the same aspects applies. If lately, you have notice that life has changed for you. Your feeling a specific way physically, while experiencing advanced supernatural phenomena. Your likely experiencing an energetic shift and being activated to begin your destined purpose. To begin understanding your role and knowing that you are ascending and a Light-Worker. Things’ are going to get more physically advanced for you and this goes for those older embodiers as well. You have entered into your own Ascension Journey and path and how you deal with it is up to you.

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