Clairvoyant Visions & Telepathic Imaging: In The Next Six Months NEW Energies Will Arrive That Will Shake Humanity.

Clairvoyant Visions Of The Future: New Energies Unlike Anything Will Arrive At The End Of 2019.

The subject for this article is going to be different once again, but there is a slight connection to the energies this time. After months of receiving information about the current energies, lately I have received specific visions that are very far into the future. Very far. It usually doesn’t work like this for me, considering that I feel and sense specific embodiment periods a few days and weeks into the future at most. 

This has happened to me a lot of times in my life. Where on a psychic level I feel and see, or, sense the energies coming, or, a huge shift, which eventually approaches. The majority of the time I have not written about it, this time I received internal guidance, a feeling, letting me know that I needed to do this. That sharing this information was extremely important to the collective. All of the information that was shared with me, pointed to something vastly huge for humanity is fast approaching and the divine is letting me know I have to share it. 

On various occasions over the last few months; I have written about how I can both feel and See energies, see light codes, specific imprints, and some of the other energetic events that I have experienced before they actually manifested in physicality. There are multiple article(s) detailing these events. If your the same way, and you can sense these energies just like I can when they are coming in, or, about to then your most likely clairvoyant. While this isn’t an energy update exactly, it is connected because what I experienced was actually connected to the upcoming future energies. Future energies that I will be writing about when they do arrive, which is always the case in how these Visions appear to me.

A Clairvoyant: Is a person who has a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact.

I have always received Visions about the energies, but, this time it was very different. I received Visions that I couldn’t place. Which I realized then meant that they were being shown in a non-linear way, where the timeline was not known. It wasn’t clear and neither was it shown definitely. It was jumbled up and with bits and pieces showing up, of specific events, that I am guessing are showing up from the future. The usual way this tends to happen is that I receive the image telepathically, it shows what the energy feels like and then I feel it. Then I get information about when this can happen, or, when it will within the next few days. This time, it felt like it was a probability and or possibility of happening, in the distant and far off future. This was a new way of interpreting these Visions Of The Future EnergiesAlso, to acknowledge them and interpret them for myself and embody them into myself. Not everything I see actually is about needing to put it out there for others to know, because sometimes what I see has to do with me and what I need to do through my body. It can be a very intimate thing to receive energies and visions from your higher self, especially if it is about something I am personally going to do, or, that I am doing, that only involves me and me alone. This however, felt much bigger and very collective-like. There was a gigantic emphasis on the earth going through something big and everybody in the collective going through a huge shift. 

Telepathic Imaging Of Future Events: The Ascension Volunteers Move Into New Earth Reality. 

Most of the time what tends to happen is that I receive images, words, numbers, sounds, although in regards to how this information specifically comes through for me, it is usually through mental images. These mental images are what I classify as Telepathic Images & Communication. It is an easier way too receive and commune with divine, higher self, the different dimensions, my light squad, and other higher dimensional light beings. This is something that I have been able to do since I was young and it grew stronger as I was a teenager, and now as an adult living the Ascension Process it is effortless. 

What I actually saw and felt were upcoming energies, that felt like they never did before and it was as we entered into the month of September leading up into the Fall Equinox. Here is the detailed vision I received and because it has been repeating, it means that it is going to be a really strong shift as we reach that point. 

Over a specific amount of days and because it was not just on one day and neither were these visions, images, telepathic communications a one time incident. This information was shared on multiple days and multiple times. Which told me that whatever shift and or energies coming in, were going to be that strong. That they were going to be that important. I was stopped dead in my tracks at times and or seeing and feeling what was coming through my mind, while also still physically doing thing’s. A few times I remember receiving information about this energy shift while at work. Which can be harder because I have to really control my facial reactions at times, because you don’t just receive the information you can feel it at times.

In each incident that I received a Vision each time it felt the exact same way to me. Which meant that nothing was being distorted, and neither was the information coming from multiple sources. It was the same source. All signs that I felt or perceived that this would occur, felt like it could be at the end of August and into early September. Leading up into the Fall Equinox. The strange part was that it felt like a strong equinox/solstice focal point and period. It could be September or December. There was just no direct indication based on how it came through of which one it was. 

Now what I felt was huge. It was a massive energy and of course I have never felt these energies like this before in my life. It just kept knocking me down in each vision. I could feel that a lot of people were going to be shifting, moving, leaving the planet, and or leaving a current position because they had evolved into a higher reality, or, entered into a higher timeline. 

What I felt personally was that I was going to be embodying this latest level of advanced light, codes, imprints, blueprints, templates, into my physical body, and so were many people who were activated by the Ascension Process. Then when we did it and I did it. It would make it easier for many of the unaware people to do it whenever they got to that level. 

These were the entire collections of visions that I received about these specific energies, lights, codes, and in general that energetic shift – that I felt would be occurring in what felt like in either September or December.. Some, of these visions were personal and private and had to do with me, while a good majority of the visions and information that was shared with me had to do with the entire world and humanity. There was a big emphasis on a massive shift and change occurring for humanity, and this shift felt different and extra intense. If this is how it felt for me, then we are going to be experiencing things that we have never experienced before. 

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