Ancient E.T Lion Beings: The Lion Beings Of The 8Dimension Orion & Ancient Egypt Memories.

Ancient E.T Lion Beings: Visitation With A Familiar 8D E.T Lion Being.

As we are now in August 2019 and this is information is something I need to share. I’d like to share this information now openly, which involves the Sirian Lion beings of the 6 Dimension. In this article I’ll be writing about the first time I had made telepathic communication with a Lion being familiar. This event and experience happened back in 2015. I was a year fresh into my Ascension Process and I began to experience many thing’s on a psychic level.  This is what happened during that experience with that familiar 6D Sirian Lion Being. 

In 2015 only a year after being physically activated to begin the Ascension Process because I was needed at that time by god/source to begin. Also, because I agreed to make that energy shift at that time and all of my other soul agreements were ending in the old 3D world. As I was quickly raising in frequency and moving out of that lower functioning location and world reality. It was well over a year later that I began communicating with this 6D Sirian being, who had begun contact with me. It was the first time in my life connecting with an ET in this life, while being aware of it. As I had never had real physical connections with any ET beings in our galaxy before. However, In September of 2015 this Male 6D Lion Being had begun telepathically communicating with me. 

There was something familiar about this 6D male ET Sirian Being. I had never seen him before in this lifetime, however this strong intimate feeling came over me “as if I had known him before.” He felt that familiar to me. What transpired that late afternoon in the middle of September between me and this ET Being involved Telepathic Communication: when two beings speak without words, but with their minds and can fully and completely understand one another. I had been able to do this since birth and did this for the first three years of my life with the very many light beings that were around me. The animated gif down below shows the exact way in which this is done, one being mentally speaking and thinking to another being.

One thing that happened that September afternoon day in 2015 involved this Lion being and me speaking to one another Telepathically. Then he shared some information about himself and I even received a mental image from him in regards to where he came from, what he looked liked and a temple from where he came from. I had no idea where he came from and I needed to be lead to specific information online, in order to understand who he was and what ET race he was. The temple he showed me I have never been able to find it anywhere online, so I figured this must have been his home in which he was sharing this information with me.

Ancient E.T Lion Beings: The Eighth Dimension, Orion & Memories From Ancient Egypt.

On that specific day in September 2015 I was doing a few chores around the house. It was such a horrible time for me physically, I was feeling every little thing in my body and all of the energies were hitting me hard. I was inside and down stairs where I always was. Believe me when I tell you I was in an Ascension funk the first year or so. I was always disoriented, tired, in pain, or just sitting down because it all felt like too much to handle. 

Then, it was around the afternoon when this ET being from what I felt and he let me know this information. Who was from a place called Sirius. He showed up and I instantly felt him. I was much more sensitive to those interactions with these very many beings, I felt them instantly in the earlier years because my body was just as ultra sensitive. The first thing I noticed was that he never came inside my physical house and he never physically stood in front of me or intruded on my physical space. However, he was a rather tall being and he must have been 7 or 8ft tall, wearing white robes and garments with shiny crystals or gemstones on them. He looked like a human lion. Although, he was transparent in form. He had the face of a lion but the body of a human covered in fur. He was all white too. 

This is the closest image that I could find of what this Sirian being looked like. Minus the fact that this is an actual lion from earth, but it is similar. It is the closest. 

I instantly felt where he was from. He let me know that information as he remained floating in mid-air just outside.

He was from Sirius. Sirius is a bright 6D Binary star in our Galaxy, which literally shines like a bright white light. It looks like that because it is a higher frequency star and the ET beings on them are so advanced, that they are helping us like the Pleiadians do in bringing our earth and it’s frequency to a 5D earth world. We are all a Galactic family. Below are pictures of Sirius the Binary star.

When he was done telepathically showing me who he was, what he looked like and where he came from this is when he showed me an extended image or a vision and or a memory. It was hard to discern between whether I experienced it myself, or if this is what he was showing me at the time. Eventually, I realized that this small image of a temple that he showed me was where he was from and not a past life memory, place, where I lived and remembered from me, myself from the past.

He quickly showed me this beautiful place, where a temple stood erected in a beautiful, glorious, brilliant, white light that was transparent in nature. He never showed me inside the temple, he did show me the walk-way walking up to the temple itself. Brilliant trees that I have never seen, known, that look nothing like they do on this earth. There was a strong white shade in the sky, that lit everything up. It was just this amazing image of a place that felt like it could have been his home, his place of being. After he showed me this image, he remained floating in the air just upwards and outside the house. Then after a while he broke the connection and left. 

Ever since 2015 I have had further ET Visitation(s) from this 6D Sirian Being. He has not visited me yet so far in 2019 and the last time I communicated with him was during the Sirian code download on the Lionsgate opening in 2018. While I have had further on/off communications with him, through-out the years he does not interfere with me. He acts just like the Pleiadian friends I have mentioned before. He checks up on me and how I am doing, but he does not get involved. He barely communicates and nor has any messages. This was my first ever ET connection in this lifetime and it was this very important communication with this 6D Sirian being. 

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