The 8:8 Lionsgate Portal 2019: A Time For Ancient Information & For Energy From Orion’s Belt To Enter Earth.

The 8:8 Lionsgate Portal: A Time For Ancient Information & For Energy To Enter Earth.

I have known for a number of years now that there are other beings, besides humans, that do exist on this earth reality. A lot of these beings are positive and a lot of them are negative. In fact, I have been aware that there are higher dimensional beings, in our universe, more than what the general public actually knows. More than what the general public actually believes, because a lot of them cannot and will not allow themselves to consciously even attempt the thought.

It’s Full Disclosure time. Higher Dimensional E.T beings do exist. Different galactic beings do exist and they’re existing on different planets and star systems. Negative entities do exist and they have been on this planet with us all along, with their own agenda, and many of them have been doing everything that they can to distort, destroy, corrupt, the human consciousness for their own sick purposes at all costs. There are higher Light E.T beings and one of these specific beings are the 6D Sirian Beings. 

This entire week we have had a plethora of newly distributed Light Codes, that have been directed at and to humanity, from the 6D Sirian beings due to the annual Lionsgate Portal which is reaching climax today. This annual event opens up roughly from about {July 26th – Aug 14th} and it is a period of intense embodiment. It is an opportunity for humanity to open up consciously with these beings and accept these coded imprints, along with imprints that give the general public a conscious understanding of who these beings are and the endless wisdom that they carry. This week those of us who have embodied and done so for years’, we have been once again at it and embodying more of their coded knowledge into our bodies.

In the past few years; I have had Telepathic Communication with only one Lion being from the sixth dimension on and off. This is similar to the way that I communicate with my two 5D Pleiadian friends.’ This male Lion being has shared some information with me over the past few years that detail: (Ascension, the change that is happening on our earth, our connection to one another, and even sharing a vision with me of a temple on Sirius.) I will be doing a separate article about this temple vision that I received, because it was explained to me that it was a past lifetime memory. I will also be writing more about where their star system is and how they look like, or, at least, how this specific Lion being from the 6D appeared to me. These have been some of my personal and intimate experiences with these higher beings, and that is why we receive downloaded information from them. So that we can be aware that they do exist, and that they are there trying to help us navigate the Ascension and Evolutionary changes that are ongoing for us and our own planet. 

The 8:8 Lionsgate Portal: Light Intelligence From Orion On The Upcoming New Earth Realities.

It is one thing to know that we do it, but, why are we receiving these annual downloads from these beings and other beings in our galaxy and universe? Well, it is similar to how and why the Pleiadian beings do it. They want to share their awareness, knowledge, light energy, codes, with us and the human being people.

The 6D Sirian Beings: are another species of ET beings in our galaxy who are far more advanced than we are. The 6D Sirian beings are helping us move from 3D human beings to 5D and higher human Light beings. Which is why they plow us with newer, and higher energies, knowledge, and awareness each year. So, that eventually one day we can see and feel them like we used to. The 6D Sirian beings are actually ancient friend’s of ours, who have lived on and helped us on this planet. While I only have one single lifetime worth of moments, and lessons, memories of them that I do remember. It doesn’t mean that I cannot feel and sense them just as strongly as I did in that past life. Their history. These 6D beings were once old ancient friends of ours, in the times of Atlantis, Lemuria and Ancient Egypt. Many starseed(s) and Light-Workers remember them and how everything was back in those highly evolved periods and places. When the earth was light and before the great cataclysm event. 

This years’ Lionsgate Portal has been and felt a little bit different. Mainly, it has to do with a sudden shift of people who are now gone from my reality, from my life, and far away from my higher consciousness. While also, the new people and family members who have suddenly entered my physical space and who are now around me on a daily basis. There is usually always a balance with these shifts.

It has happened time and time again, where if someone, or, something vibrating at a lower level, or, who holds a different level of consciousness than I do leaves my reality, then they instantly get replaced by something and someone similar at the same level. This time it is my unaware lower vibrating sister and her three children. Which then makes my life and my embodiment work all that much harder to do. Which it has been. Ever since these Sirian Codes started coming through to us, since about the New Moon on {Aug 1;} I have had to embody these new ET Galactic 6D Sirian codes amid arguments, fighting, tantrums, loud yelling, constant noise, and the difference in energies here at home has been frightening. I have been stuck in the middle, or, at work, or, I am locked up in my room trying to do what I need to do physically. What once was a peaceful, light-filled, clean house, is now the complete opposite. It is like a swarm of negativity entered the house and it is now causing issues in how I receive light energies. It is causing issues in how I function as a (third-wave embodier). I have never had these kind of interferences before, not at this level, which means to me that everything we have embodied since June of this year is Next-Level like never before. 

If you have also been experiencing similar interferences, issues, arguments, annoyances, family problems, because your at a higher level and other people are not there yet during this years’ Lionsgate Portal. Don’t worry. Keep moving forward and embody these latest 6D Sirian light codes as best and as fast as you can. This is what is important and this is the lesson that I have taken from this entire experience this year. 

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