My Ascension Body Activation (3): Holding A New Frequency & Body Electric Disturbances Within.

An Activated Ascension Volunteer: Living As A New Higher Frequency, Electric Disturbances & Finding My New Role.

This specific article is another continuation piece, in a series of what are now article(s) that describe what I went through during the beginning, of my own, physical activation to begin my individualized Ascension Process. This article mainly focuses on Electrical Disturbances that I experienced after first coming into my own energy. 

In this specific article it mentions what you might expect when you make the initial shift from one energy frequency to another. In this case, from a lower frequency energy to a higher frequency energy. When that happens, that initial shift brings along with it some side effects and consequences. All good and some extremely challenging at the same time. It really is not that serious the kind of consequences that one experiences, depending on how evolved you were prior to that shift and if there were nudges that you felt. The process then becomes slightly easier once you then have made that energetic jump.

This week I’m going to write another personal article, that really focuses on and details more of what I went through during the beginning stages of my physical activation. I hate to be so open about various aspects of myself, and about specific periods of my journey but I know that It’ll help other people down the line years from now. 

When I first became activated to begin my Physical Ascension Process. I never had anyone explain to me what would happen when I suddenly found myself activated. I also never had anyone explain to me what would happen on a physical level either. What I have written so far in the few other article(s) that I have, was all information that I learned while specifically living my life while on the path. It was self taught and learned through the very many challenging first hand experiences that I had to go through. It was also experienced and processed, then fully understood all on my own. Which is what you will have to do as well, while you live out your own process and life. It is up to you to live your life on your own and face it, live it, experience all that it has to offer. However, that does not mean there are not other people going through the same various experiences as you. Whether physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This is just my way of helping those who are reading this now and who will be going through this exact experience in the future. It’s important to talk about it, and write about it because not a lot of people really realize that this is happening to them. Sharing is also important because it helps other people feel less alone in their own life and with what they might be experiencing. 

The specific point of this article and what my personal experience was about is: The shift in frequency that I experienced. When you read about my physical activation to begin my Ascension Process, or, anyone else’s experience.  Usually, you’ll find an emphasis on the physical symptoms. They also talk about how they are not feeling well. That they feel alone after making that initial shift. They feel different somehow but they don’t understand it, but they have no idea why they feel that sudden change. I also went through those same emotions, the same overnight physical reforming that took place in my body and the spiritual battle that went along with it. It was challenging how much you really do have to face yourself.  It’s everything from who you are, to what you have done all of your life and you have to feel it. You have to remember it. Examine it. While in physical pain and quite frankly feeling like you have lost your mind. It was the hardest transition that I have ever made, from 3D ego based human being to 5D light human being in service to others. The reason behind why I feel this shift is so hard is absolutely simple. It is that initial transition in frequency that we make. It’s not just a change within yourself in one moment and then afterwards your ascended. No. It does not work that way. It is a real change in your frequency and your energy and a total 180 degree turn that your consciousness goes through. It’s slow. 

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What Is A FrequencyIn my own words. The word frequency means the level of energy that you hold and the level of your vibration that you are on or at. Many people are on different energy levels and frequencies. There are two main levels. Both for a persons’ energy and their frequency. A high frequency and a Low frequency. With a high or low energy to match. 

The level of frequency you carry and the level that your on changes, as soon as you become physically activated to begin the Ascension Process. Its’ like listening to the radio and changing the station. It can be that easy and that simple. The transition I mean. My frequency sure did change. Prior to this sudden physical change I was on a lower reality existence, still carrying a lower energy and living on a low frequency than what I am now today. That changed the second that all of this began for me. While my frequency and energy moved from a low energy based one, it moved slowly into a higher frequency range. The process might shift you rather suddenly. You will not notice any of this until your done making whatever corrections to your energy you need to, or, the process might do it for you. This also goes for your current frequency and your consciousness. It takes a while. I’ve read a lot about the physical activation from many sources online, none of them talk about how it’s sudden when it happens and slow to gradual when your approaching that new frequency. Maybe they’re not sure how to explain it. Maybe they don’t want to pay much attention to it. Maybe they’re full of crap and have no clue what they’re even talking about. Who cares at this point. I felt it suddenly but being able to reach that higher frequency and energy took time. It took me months to well over a year. 

Your frequency will change and of course it’ll all happen in stages. When I first noticed my frequency changing; I had no idea what the heck was even going on for me. I was so busy dealing with the physical transformations, that were going on for me that I had no idea about the change in energy and frequency. I didn’t stop to think that the physical aches and pains meant that frequency was changing. That there was a connection between the two. You will not notice it when it is happening for you. However, the side effects of moving from a low frequency into a high one were not hard to notice afterwards. Years later. Because you end up understanding things’ much more and at higher levels than you ever did before. 

After I was activated in March of 2014. I then moved into my current home in July from my childhood home of 24 years. Then after my two NDE (Near Death Experiences) resulting in one OOB (Out Of Body) experience. Up until the next few months where I realized I was an activated Third waver. There were some experiences that I had that shaped, changed and forever altered me as a person. There were more psychic experiences happening, strange, unbelievable stuff that transpired to me and for me, in the basement of my new space and home. The kind of stuff that at the time scared the crap out of me. There were demonic attacks. There were physical pains and vibrations that I could not explain. There were psychic interactions with dead people. There were outlines of white light(s) from objects that I could see. Certain things’ that at the time I could not explain and it drove me a little bit insane, because I could not fully comprehend it. I had, had a few experiences with people and psychic ones but they were different. I had always experienced them, so they felt natural and I knew that I didn’t need to worry about those events. These new events were different. 

One such strange side effect spanned between (August 2014 until January 2015) and I experienced this side effect multiple times. This side effect was because of all the Electric Disturbances I was experiencing due to changing into a high frequency. It got so bad at one point that I was effecting the electrical appliances all around me, while not knowing it was me. Here are two specific moments during these early months, where I experienced these electric disturbances due to my own high energy and frequency.

The first experience where I noticed electric disturbances, due to my having shifted to a higher frequency, due to being activated to begin my Ascension Process happened in September of 2014. 

I had a leg injury from a prior lifetime death wound come up during this time and I was contracted to feel it. To experience it. I hadn’t gotten over it fully and completely, so when I incarnated here I agreed to feel it all over again. To feel more of it and heal it. It get’s resolved faster when we come here and deal with it.  I knew I could die from the pain and I nearly did.  However, I didn’t. One afternoon. I felt healing being done on my left leg, where this past lifetime wound hurt. Then all of a sudden. The television turned on.  I was sitting there. I was doing absolutely nothing. Feeling the hurt and pain and I couldn’t walk and I was in a cast. I looked at the screen and I thought to myself (WTF,) did I sit on the remote? I tried looking for it. But it was up on the fireplace mantle. So, no one touched it. I didn’t touch it. I remember thinking that something really weird was going on. I got up and turned the television off. It didn’t happen again that day. So, I figured it was something setting it off. I did not think it was me. 

Over time. A few weeks had passed by this point and it was October going into November of the same year. My leg was feeling a little bit better. The initial point of destined crisis was passing in regards to that past lifetime wound and death. That trauma was working itself out and I was doing much better really. I started walking more. Putting more weight on my leg. Walking around outside and getting some exercise. To help my leg heal faster.

Now, this is the second incident that made me start thinking that maybe something was going on. During these walks. I would go during the evening and by October and November the sun goes down really early here. So, by 6 pm it’s night time already. While walking a few times for several weeks, I started noticing once again that their were electric disturbances happening again. On my walks as I passed by street lights, they would flash on/off and some of them would shut off completely and the street would go dark. I noticed it more and more as the more I walked. By December. I was doing less walks due to the weather, but then the disturbance got more frequent. They would turn off and as I got away from them they would turn back on. At this point I had triggered the television many more times to turn on, then the street lights. Then the dogs and animals started barking and reacting to me and I noticed it was only me they would do it to. No one else.

At this point I started thinking I was a serious freak. Dogs barking. Electric appliances and disturbances were happening all around me. I was alone. I was Afraid. I was going through all of this by myself. 24/7. While questioning my sanity. I could not tell anyone either. I never did either. 

This was my experience. This is what I went through. There was obviously a lot more going on aside from just these isolated incidents of setting off electric appliances, getting shocked when I touched metal, turning street lights off while going on walks. Dogs barking at me. This was and is what I did go through. This was a natural reaction to me of physically activating. It was a side effect of me tuning into a different frequency range. That is what happens when that initial change happens. It happens suddenly. However, it takes weeks to months to notice that gradual lift in your own frequency and energy. Guess what, it still happens to me years later! Especially, in the grocery store and if I am near metal. 

If this is happening to you right now and you are new to the physical activation process. Do not worry. It is normal and part of this process. If it has happened to you for years and you never understood it, you just have a higher than normal frequency and energy aura than most. It is all fine and it is all good. We are who we are. There is no need to fear these body re-formations and sudden changes either because it really is absolutely normal. It’s the living it part that can be difficult.

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