Rewiring Of The Bicameral Brain: We Are Connecting The Brain Into One Unified Network.

The Rewiring Of The Bicameral Brain: Two Halves Of One Brain & Connecting The Brain Into One Unified Network.

When I physically activated to begin my Ascension Process; I began to experience a slew of physical changes and modifications, that had taken place inside of my body and awareness. That still does to this day. A lot of what I refer to as Ascension Symptoms, are really the activation of New 5D awareness and body functions. With each organ one by one changing in our body, and working at a 5D level as apposed to working in the usual 3D and 4D way(s). 

One such Symptom and modification to my body that I experienced immediately, was The Head Wiring ProcessWhen you shift so does your ability to understand higher dimensional concepts, you receive that head and brain tune up. You shift from unaware to very aware, and quickly, but it happens at a steady pace so that you don’t literally fry under all of the pressure and physical exhaustion. The Endocrine System changes, the Hypothalamus gland also changes, along with the two P’s. The Pineal and Pituitary glands respectively. I’ll be exploring this specific information in this article, and just what this process is and how it happened for me. 

All of 2019 so far has been another profoundly intense year, on a physical level, and I know thing’s will only escalate the closer we get to the last few remaining months. It hasn’t just been dealing with the physical aspects that this year has demanded, because it has been that and much more.

All of this year it’s been having to embody all of these energies. Not to mention the meaningless and mindless work that I do, to earn a living that I have had hated having to do for most of my adult life because I have been so sensitive. I also had my lower conscious sister, (who is merged with a demonic entity,) and her three children move into our home this past May. All of this plus multiple and frequent attacks on me and my physical life, by non-human entities. I am tired. I am so extremely exhausted and very burned out. Then when you add on the daily blow-ups, because of the multitude of different levels of energies existing in one space. It has been an outright disaster. It feels like everything is slowly blowing up entirely in my environment. It has been unbelievably difficult to get any peace and quiet, while my body is going though tremendous physical transformations. Why? Because I am embodying constant new levels of light energies and it is my life job to do this. My body is constantly unraveling itself and functioning in new 5D ways. 

Earlier this week; I was able to find a few animated gifs that showed exactly what I needed it to, because I knew that I was going to be explaining just what The Head Re-Wiring Process was all about. All three of them were perfect to me, especially with how they showed how light energy can move around inside of an activated person’s head. The first one really shows you how it moves inside of your head, the middle one shows how it can move from different parts of your brain, and the last one on the right shows how energy can radiate in and out of your third eye chakra. It is the closest thing to a visual that I can find that shows you, what it looks like and feels like from the inside. The only thing that happens that I could not quite find, was how light literally flashes inside an activated person’s head and that has happened to me over the years. That and being able to see light’s around your head, having only one eye visual of light right in front of it, and seeing light literally radiate down towards the rest of your body. Who says my job as an embodier wasn’t any fun? I’ve enjoyed many light fireworks.

Rewiring of the Bicameral Brain: My Own Personal Experiences With Brain Rewiring, Brain Downloads & Brain Reconnection

The Head Re-Wiring Process: In my own words. The Head re-wiring process is the process by which we begin to embody light energy into our brains, and glands, as we move from a 3D way of thinking and knowing into a 5D way of being and existing. Our brain, is updated with information via light energy and codes, that activate regions in the brain that are asleep, or, not in use as of yet. When that shift happens and you do physically activate, those sleeping aspects do come online. 

When we embody light energies it is changing how we think, how we feel, and how our brain responds to our lower primal based 3D functions. Those old ways of thinking are then re-programed, old parts of the system no longer allow for those functions to continue to work. A new program is downloaded, with new parts of the brain now working that were not working before. This is essentially the head re-wiring process. 

Each year since 2014; I have experienced massive head pains, aches, pressures, and energy modifications that have been moving up/down, from side to side, and even all around my head. These are just the physical aches that come from the re-programming and shift into a 5D body. These were not common headaches, they felt vastly different and I knew something different was happening for me at that time. There was also movement happening inside of my head, my head would feel tight almost (constricting) and yet at the same expanding all at the same time. The first thing that I felt when I was suddenly activated to begin the Ascension Process were aches and pains all over my body like I was rundown. The second thing that I noticed were the headaches. Which at times got really severe. The first few months of being activated by the Ascension Process; I would get headaches that felt like someone, or, something was inside my head twisting parts of my brain around and that is honestly how bad it felt. Ever since those first few headaches and as the years went by; I would still get those headaches but they were not as severe. Only, they would change slightly and from specific location(s) on and in my head. At any specific time period, it could be either (the top, the temples, the front, or, the back and then into my neck and down into my shoulders. In my brain, my pituitary gland, hypothalamus gland, pineal gland etc.) There were massive amounts of changes that were occurring, due to changes in how my endocrine system was functioning. 

Why do we experience these new functions? We experience these headaches, head pains, aches, pressures, tightness in specific entry points all around our head because we have been activated to allow light inside of us. As this is all due to the embodiment process and it is part of the embodiment of new light energies. These Ascension related renovations are helping you to function at your highest possible level and this is changing you into a 5D Human Light Being. Here are my personal experiences with the head re-wiring process, the first few months of being activated physically. I had just experienced the first of these intense headaches for the first time and I remembered that I was frightened as to why I was experiencing them. 

My Head Re-Wiring Process Experience

It wasn’t until the summer of 2014; I first began experiencing those big ascension related headaches and head renovations. We had just moved into our new house and aside from feeling like death all day and night, almost all of the time. Everything hurt and ached. I also had almost died due to a past life bleed through event that hit at the same time. Generally, it was not a good time period. However, what happened to me about a month into having lived there, changed my life, and quite honestly managed to frighten me to my core. I had no idea what I was feeling inside of my body at that time. 

Late one night at the end of August; I had been on the couch on my laptop and my leg was still hurting because of a past life bleed through event. I had sustained this event at the same time and age, as when I got shot in the leg and back in a past life. This was one of my Egyptian past lives. I remember it was dark and it was night time when this transpired. Without warning, I began having this extremely unfamiliar feeling inside my head. A normal headache is normal, however, this felt like nothing that I have ever felt before in my entire life. I immediately started holding my head and it hurt so much, my first instinct was to run into the bathroom and lock the door. I just felt like I needed some space, as this intense pain was literally rippling through my head. 

If I were to describe the pain that I felt. It honestly felt like someone was inside my head pulling at my brain, while they used their nails to dig into my brain and try to pull it up and twist it around. While also using a jack hammer, a hammer, a screw driver, pliers, wrenches, power drills, clamps, sanders, and any other kind of tools in order to do it. I had never felt anything like this before, too such an extreme degree that it made me literally get up out of my sitting location, and hold my head, and then run to deal with the pain in the bathroom all alone. 

It lasted for what like felt like an eternity to me. Hours, days, weeks, months, years. In actuality it lasted maybe 15 to 20 minutes. However, it just felt like forever and when you have absolutely no idea what is going on it can be worrisome. The experience left me stunned and in awe that night. After it was done relatively, I left the bathroom and went back to sitting on the couch and I just laid there wondering what the hell just happened inside of my head? Did I know it was the Re-Wiring Process? No! It wasn’t until after a while that I found someone online, who was also physically activated who spoke of the exact same experience. The pieces started to fit together and I realized then in there, without any hesitation that this was what had happened to me that August night. 

This was my first experience with The Head Re-Wiring Process and physically feeling this specific New 5D Body Function, just a few months after my physical activation began five years ago. Ever since then, how I receive these head and brain upgrades, renovations, excavations, into the new light energies and codes has changed for me slightly. However, it is still the same kind of work. At times they can be extremely severe. While at other times not so much and as the years have passed, they have felt easier and better. I have learned to both cope and adapt to how my body functions as a new 5D Human Light Being. 

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