Ascension Process Cycle Changes: Physicality Is Going To Change & The Arrival Of New Earth Reality.

Ascension Process Cycle Changes: Physicality Is Going To Change, New Earth Reality Is Arriving. 

It isn’t uncommon in my life for me to have extended periods of time, where repeated higher light information is shared, or, flat out given to me because it is that big or important. It’s also not uncommon for me to receive the message and not be sure immediately what it was suppose to mean. They can be quite vague in the higher dimensions and realms, and because everything isn’t always concrete, most of what they show me never comes to pass. Reality has a funny way of shifting and changing pretty quickly. How we view reality isn’t always linear either, so it’s natural when events unfold in a timeline that looks all jumbled up. 

A slew of telepathic messages and visuals has been on repeat in my mind, which has been showing that a pretty big shift is, or, was going to occur and it has been persistent in the same exact ideas. Down below is the small message that I have been receiving since about June 2019. 

Since about June 2019; I have clairvoyantly received multiple visions, involving the next specific level and layer of light energies, that were set to arrive at around this time. I also received bits and pieces of telepathic images, which involved this time period towards the end of August and early into September. I have already written about some of these visions in an article titled: A Vision Of The Future Energies: A Huge Energy Shift Is About To Take Place Down In Physicality. That article helps to clarify just what a clairvoyant is and just what I saw initially and in general what I do see. I’m going to leave the link to that article just below this paragraph for those who are interested in reading about it. These visions will move further into manifestation in the coming weeks. Here is the link if you want to read it. 

A Vision Of The Future Energies: A Huge Energy Shift Is About To Take Place Down In Physicality.

Everything right now seems to be falling right into place, everything that is connected to what I saw back in June 2019. As usual when we have these Huge Shifts in energies; I can always feel the timeline changing. My timeline. Other people’s timeline. The world’s timeline. It all changes. It all shifts. Which is what is happening now, but these changes won’t be fully manifested until the next few weeks pass. Often what tends to happen especially when these shifts occur, is that certain people begin to move around. Events begin to unfold that allows for these changes. People just tend to disappear. They are pushed out and pushed away for a few days, or, they are pushed out permanently so you can carry on with the next part of your life. The same thing happens for me; I experience these big shifts where people are in and out of my reality and life. When that happens I can embody these energies in place while on my own. It is currently happening again, which confirmed it for me that this period was going to pass in the same manner that I had foreseen it.

In a few days, the majority of my family will be gone and it’ll be me and my lower conscious sister all alone sharing the same space. The same lower conscious sister who is merged with a Non-physical Demonic Entity. This happened before already two months ago. It was at that time that I realized that my sister was merged with a demonic entity. This time around, I suspect the dark will attack me through her because I’ll be light in a more profound and new way than ever before. What you embody is what you become!

Ascension Process Cycle Changes: The Fabric Of New Earth Reality, Ascension Volunteers & Stepping Into New Earth First.

A Shift: A shift defined in my own words – is when a movement occurs which bring’s on change in the world, due to incoming energies, lights and codes that are so strong they force people in and out of different realities. A shift can course correct people and events that have been veered off it’s natural and intended course, it can also separate people who are just not energetically compatible.

Which is what is really going on right now, this upcoming event is the continuation of the separation of worlds. Which will get even more stronger in 2020 and beyond. 

New Dimensional Light Spaces. I wrote about this before in a previous article and to clarify, these are actual real dimensional spaces, fields, and areas where higher light energies do exist. What I was shown during those visions in June, was a release of newer energies, codes, blueprints, imprints, templates, which would be arriving to be integrated and merged with the earth and some of us. It felt to me like it could be one of two more important shifts that we will experience in 2019. It will push us and humanity further into a period in our history that earth has never experienced before. Which will prepare us for the next big shift In December, which will involve a solar eclipse and those energies. This next shift I feel is going to be even bigger than this period. Then onwards into January 2020. I have seen white bright light fully being brought down into the earth and the grid systems, to be fully anchored into our areas of being and into us. The animated gif up above on the left side which I found specifically for this article, shows how these energies will get anchored into the earth and in those specific gird systems. 

As I am not feeling so great; I am going to end this article now. I just want to say: be prepared to embody new energies over the course of these next few weeks, and be prepared to make the necessary changes where you need to along the way. Especially, during the next few weeks leading up into the fall equinox.

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