Interferences By Certain LowCon Humans: As We Move Right Into New September 2019 Frequencies.

Interferences By Certain LowCon Humans: As We Move Right Into September 2019 New Frequencies.

Now that we’ve transitioned into September 2019; I feel like I’ve lived through a majority of events that feel longer than what it actually was in real time. What I then began feeling, and what I saw, all that I experienced, who I lost, and what I gained from experiencing this latest energy download, shift, and much more was exactly as I saw it in June. That doesn’t mean that it was easy because it wasn’t. I just have one question: How much better do you feel now afterwards? There always tends to be a release of pressure after some gigantic download, and when the new arrives it can feel like your so being so compressed. This will happen in waves over the next few weeks, as we approach the equinox point. 

The Late August Into Early September shift: From my perspective, it did what it needed to do to get comfortable and complacent human beings to move further into position. To experience the next phase of their lives, journeys, and for a few to finally physically activate to begin their own Ascension Process. This was also an important period because it meant other’s were finally choosing, to leave after a long and painful time period of being physically incarnated on this lower functioning earth reality. No matter what all of us are evolving in our own ways, to greater conscious understanding of who we are and what we’re individually doing here. Most of the time it really won’t feel good. None of this ever feels good. It has been painful in so many different ways, and that is part of learning more about yourself and it is necessary. It has been life changing no doubt. But physically and emotionally painful and I am exhausted as I am sure you are too. Those who were fully in embodiment mode. 

There were some events that transpired for me personally, and it brought up a lot of memories that I had to rectify and let go of. There was a huge chunk of my childhood and that life had to be remembered in order to be transmuted. These circumstances and personal events were family related for me. The death of one of my grandmother’s a few days ago, had sparked a gigantic ending to a family timeline that was ongoing for her entire life. Which ended a timeline that I was in as well. There were also visions and telepathic messages and communications, that had I received prior to her death, which were shown to me from a higher dimensional female light being. In order to fully understand you would have to know that who I am and my gifts, came from my grandmother and her family line. She herself was one of the first few who were called onto Volunteer to be down here and embodying, and she started her physical Ascension Process back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. That and having to deal with dark entities, who were up close and personal while being placed in a difficult situation involving my lower conscious sister. It was a hard and difficult shift. 

A lot has changed since my last article. However, because this was such a strong and powerful energy shift for earth and humanity. I’ve had to deal with much more increasing darker aspect(s) than I have wanted to. I’m sure other Light Embodiers have had to deal with more of the dark, darker, and lower, parts of these necessary changes. For me. I also had to deal with embodying these new energies, which looked extremely different in shape and they felt different. They still had that white light look to them with other colors to them as well, but the shape changed to a more diamond-like one. Every time I’m viewing what I am embodying, it looks more diamond like. More pointed. More edgier. What used to be 5 sided is now 4 sided and once again they were microscopic in size. I want to say they look rhombus like. The animated gifs that I found, are the closest thing that I could find, although white, they also had a lot different lighter colors and shades to them. At times they flashed as a geometric image, and they had multiple pointed edges, rhombus in size, and they were squashed in together. 

One thing that I am constantly having to deal with this year; I suspect that it is because we are reaching a new stage, or, area all together within the Ascension Process. I have had to re-learn lessons in surviving the dark and cope with how to keep my equilibrium in the process. If it’s not from the people I work with. It’s the people I live with and some family members. If it’s not them it’s the non-physical entities that have just been rampant with their latest attacks. I feel like lately I have been interfered with much more than I did in previous years. This grew to new levels of unpleasantness during the Labor day long weekend. I had spent the entire three days, alone in a house with my lower conscious sister who is merged with a demonic entity. I had to once again experience this all alone and deal with her and it all by myself. Here is what transpired on the Labor day weekend for me, which is part of this ongoing shift.

Interferences With LowCon Humans: Interferences With LowCon Humans, A Very Dark Entity & Closer To New Earth.

During this specific shift event; I was stuck having to work, and do work, while also being left alone as most of my family got shifted away to a different area than me. This usually happens when we experience energy shifts, and when these happen I usually tend to remain where I am. A part of my work is to embody these energies on my own and for my specific area, just like every other embodier does all around the world. 

On Saturday August 31st; I finished my shift and left work. I had to walk home as I don’t drive, which took me over an hour. As I turned onto my street I already felt that something was massively wrong at home, because something felt extremely negative as I approached the house. When I walked inside it seemed alright, but it was dark. I went downstairs and changed. When I went upstairs I noticed that the door to my parents bedroom was closed, but there was a light on inside. Which never happens when they are not home. So, when I sensed two beings in my parents room I walked around the kitchen preparing myself for what I would have to do. Confront her (my sister) and whoever was in the room with her and kick them out. What I felt and sensed was massively negative, astoundingly dark, and beyond lower consciousness. 

I immediately knew before I opened the door, that he (the man with my sister) was into drugs of all kinds. He also liked to drink and was just an all around bum. So, when I opened the door it shocked her and it stunned him. The energy signature and difference was astounding and when I started yelling for him to get the hell out of the house, while letting her know that this was not her house or her room. He got up and stood there looking back at me like he was high as a kite. I saw what was using him. I saw what was using her. I had to move thing’s quickly to get him the hell out of the house. As they both left the room. I watched him as he walked out of the room. He of course gave me a big fuck you, when after I told him to leave, he took the glass of wine and walked to the kitchen sink. As if it were his house and then drank the entire thing in front of me. As if to say “Your kicking me out but I am going to drink this wine before I go.”

When they both left – I quickly ran into my parents room and fixed the bed and shut the light off. I didn’t have time to clean the energy and or look for any dark matter that left his body. Then my parents called. Sensing the entire situation from where they were and I had to lie to cover up what had just happened. 

I spent the night in my room with my cat and when she got back home, I gave her more shit along with the entity merged with her. Her and it did not like that. Then I went to my room, spoke to my guardian about what was going on. Then I figured out that he was who had been in the house the last time, because both times it was the same energy signature. I could not calm down that night and the next night I did not feel comfortable, but at least she did not bring him back home that night either. 

This was what I experienced. I can’t tell you how many times I have experienced these kind of interactions, exchanges, with certain people who are under the influence and unaware consciously. It was a big shift that involved a lot of thing’s that were going on, the majority of it very dark and filled with sadness. They were necessary changes that needed to happen and realizations that needed to be confronted head on. 

From the loss of my grandmother who was also gifted, to the up close and personal confrontation with two possessed beings. I have never had to deal with these situations so up close and personal, I have had my share of moments at work. But, never nothing like this. It has never been so close to home. It has never ever been at home. None of these lower conscious people. We do not bring anyone into our home and or allow people to enter. So, when the being merged with my sister and the being merged with this guy were right there. I had to learn how to deal with this and while being completely on my own. This has been one hell of a shift and we still have the rest of September to get through. 

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