Ancestral DNA Body Imprint: We Carry Around Our Ancestral DNA Within Our Physical Body.

Ancestral DNA Body Imprint: We Carry Around Our Ancestral DNA Within Our Physical Body.  

Over the years my ability to visually identify incoming Templates and Light coded energies, has grown beyond what I could have imagined. There does seem to be a pattern to it, if you take the time to notice it and during other times it get’s shown to me for a specific reason. I’ve both received visions and I have seen it, as it has arrived first hand and on site. To me there is no real difference, both ways are just as intense in experience and manifestation. Very random. You can only be so aware and at times, you have to be very hyper aware that something new is entering your space and you. 

There have been many Light coded energies and Templates that we have experienced, embodied, and that have manifested on this earth reality as the new earth world is being created. This article is really about showing what the majority of these energies are, what they look like, (as closely as,) I can possible tell you and show you. 

As we have moved forward through all of September 2019 at this point. The lead up this year, month after month has been absolutely palpable and a lot of that is because of the Separation Of Worlds. The majority of that is because of what we have embodied for all of this year, what I will be writing about in this article involves something that has been happening all year round. Which I have experienced because I have both lived it and embodied it. I’m talking about Light energies and Light Morphogenesis. This is a process where the coded light energies, are continuously changing their shapes or forms. So, I’d like to share some of these energies which I have seen since the year started. 

A lot of these energies; I have seen since 2018 as well. It goes this far back at least for me in what I have visually seen enter my physical body.

Ancestral DNA Body Imprint: Knowing Our Ancestral Lineage, Removing Blockages Passed Down & Forging A New Life For Ourselves.

original December 2018 Through January 2019: I managed to actually find an animated gif that shows exactly what I was embodying, along with what I saw and felt in late December 2018 into January and those eclipses. I got hit hard during the very last week of 2018 with flu like ascension symptoms and the energies I saw enter my body looked flowing, iridescent and multicolored like in the animation and it is how it moved exactly. Then again, I saw this as the eclipse(s) came in January and into February as well.

March 2019 Through May 2019: I started seeing the Hexagonal Light codes in March source (2)during the triple {333} Gateway and those energies. They to me at the time looked darker pastel colored, and had the hexagon shape to them. They also looked white or and or had iridescent lights running through them. This animated gif was the closest thing that I could find at the time. 

pentagon-specks-colorful-background_23-2147785947May 2019 Through July 2019: I still have not been able to find an animated gif for what I kept seeing as soon as we got hit with those energies in May. These lasted until June and after the summer solstice. The Pentagonal Light codes looked similar to the hexagon energies, but they were darker and more pointed, edgier, and I would usually see them in a group. Just like in the picture. They looked like jam packed pointed pentagon shaped energies. Sometimes, they were white of course but the main color was a more darker kind.  

July 2019 Through September 2019: The light energy for July started to change it’s formtumblr_mre1c7uyUa1rsdpaso1_500 into a shape that I cannot figure out. These light codes were the most unique, they were starting to turn spherical with pointed edges that would pop up around all of it. It started looking really Diamond-like towards the end of August as we had made that shift into September. The color was similar but darker and multi-colored, it took a form all on it’s own and it could merge and collide together in a group. 

These have been the four major energies that I have seen, but, they aren’t all that I have seen. These four have been the most prominent for 2019. These have been the Light energies, light Codes, the shapes and forms, that I have seen so far this entire year. They have all felt very similar and looked that way too, but they have slowly been changing their form(s) over time. Compared to December and into January it feels greatly different now than during that time. It all has to do with evolution and how much we and those light energies have shifted. These are in no way all of the light energies that I have seen over the last five years. I have seen so many different {light energies, colors, shapes, sizes, and structures,} that have all physicalized into humanity and onto new earth. It has amazed me and it would bewilder the entire population of the world, if they witnessed what I and so many other’s have seen. It has been fun to see, but at the same time it is a very real thing. 

I plan on doing more articles that are similar on this very topic and content, but it won’t be for a while. There is so much to write about with just the energy updates and sharing articles with some of my own personal experiences while living on the path. It might be a while and as more manifests on new earth, then there will be more to share.  

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