My Ascension Body Activation 4: An Increase In Psychic Abilities & Having My Energy Circuits Wide Open.

My Ascension Body Activation: An Increase In Psychic Abilities, Reading Auras & Circuits Wide Open. 

This article is going to once again be a continuation in this long series, of articles, that explain what transpired during the early months of my Physical Activation. When I began my Ascension Process back in 2014.

It explains in full detail some of the psychic events, that I went through and how that changed me as a person. How I went from a lower level to the highest level, that I could obtain during that time as everything changed for me. These changes happened on a psychic level, as my awareness increased. It involves psychic visitations; I was also able to see auras around objects and people. Then it got darker and it got to the point where I was being attacked by negative entities, in those early years. There were a multitude of different experiences that were going on all at once, which I had never experienced before. These psychic events occurred in a very rapid succession, one after the other which left me feeling emotionally charged and depleted by these occurrences. 

The fall equinox is approaching very soon this upcoming week, and it looks to be very busy this year. Yes even more shifts will occur when Saturn stations direct on (Sept 18th) also. There will be more opportunities to discuss this further in the coming week.

This specific article is going to focus more on my own personal experiences, that I have endured on a psychic level. I had experienced these psychic events during my physical activation as an embodier of light in 2014. This article exposes a lot of me as person, and what I have endured. It reveals all of the uncertainty about myself, a lot of doubts that I struggled with at that time due to these heavy psychic experiences. It’ll show how difficult they were for me to integrate into my already expanding awareness. It was a difficult time on a psychic level and part of that, was that it all hurt in so many different ways. A big part of why I have been sharing these early article(s) and memories, has everything to do with needing to help other people who may be going through the exact same thing. I already know and can see that there will be many, who will one day, find Energetic Earth and in their own unique ways, for whatever reason, they will read this article and others like it. Why? because they will be going through the same exact experiences that I am writing about right now. It is my way of preparing for the future before it arrives, and helping  those who I already know will most definitely be looking for answers to many questions. 

Ever since childhood I have always had Psychic Abilities when I was growing up. I was born with them. So, it wasn’t like I was activated and then my gift(s) started showing up. I was already born with plenty of spiritual tools and gifts, ones that I chose to be incarnated with, because I knew that it would help me in this specific incarnation, as this specific person. The majority of you who are like me in this way are reading this, you also understand and know that you had these gifts right from birth. A few of you know that your psychic gifts started showing up after your activation, you realized this years into your individual Ascension Process. The rest of you still have no idea. Which is fine. Eventually, you’ll figure it out. Those of us who were born with them, did it because we agreed to enter this lifetime, this incarnation, this body, fully aware of who we are. We needed to know why we were here. What we were doing here and what we were going to do. There was no way that all of us were going to return here again, without knowing and carrying as many gifts, by having as many tools with us as we possibly needed. We do need them and more than ever. It is why we have them. My physical activation happened and the gifts that I already had, from birth, they grew to a new and higher level. When I experience a download, or, incoming energies that are very strong, and at a higher frequency, my psychic gifts grow. The Ascension Process helped my psychic gifts grow as each new phase of it unfolded.

There are a few spiritual gifts that I have, that are more stronger than others’ of course. I can see, hear, feel and know specific information about events, objects, places, and people individually and on a global scale. There are of course many possibilities of how all of these things’ can manifest. How they can change. The four major gifts that I have had since birth, and some after I was activated include: Clairvoyance. Clairaudience. Clairsentience and Claircognizance.

Experiences With Reading Aura’s: Learning To Read Aura’s Around Objects, Energetic Perception & Feeling Out Negative Entities.

One of my earliest memories as a child, of when I first became aware of my psychic gift. Was at the age of 5 or 6. I was outside and I wanted to go somewhere just down the street from where I had lived at the time. It was one of those deep, earthly child wants, but for some reason I did not feel safe going where I wanted to. I wanted to go down the street, but there were kids in that area. Bigger kids. Kids that were trouble. Kids that I knew, but that I did not know. I could not see them from my house, in the physical sense. I could see them clairvoyantly and I knew that they were there. I also knew and could feel that If I went and passed by those kids, that something bad would happen to me. The kind of trouble that involved being made fun of, or worse, If I was not so lucky. I would have been beaten up. 

It was in this moment when I first saw and I mean, I really “Saw,” something that I knew that I could not explain. I could not explain how I knew it and I knew it was true. So, I never ended up going. 

After I was activated in March of 2014. Then moved in July into the current house that I live in, from my childhood home of 24 years. Then after my two NDE (Near Death Experiences) resulting in one OOB (Out Of Body) experience. Up until the next few months where I realized I was an activated Third waver. There were some experiences that I had that shaped, changed, and forever altered me as a spirit having a human being experience. There were more psychic experiences happening, strange, unbelievable stuff, that was going on to me and for me, in the basement of my new space and home. The kind of stuff that at the time shook me and my understanding of what reality was all about. The majority of the time my experiences were psychic ones. These events are what I experienced to an even greater extent, at a whole new level, once I became activated to begin my physical ascension process. They involved visitation(s) between the previous homeowner of our new house. She had died not too long ago (at that point.) I experienced auras around many objects in my house and around people. I also experienced negative attacks by non-physical negative entities and real human people. It was a very difficult time and I really struggled to comprehend a lot of the more negative situations. I had not experienced a few of these experiences at this point, which terrified me and I had to live through these events and get through them on my own. There were no rules, no guidelines, and I had no pamphlets letting me know that these were what I would be experiencing. All of this while trying to figure everything out (first hand.)

Here are the few psychic experiences that I went through during those specific times: The visitation from the woman who had visited me, the auras around people and mainly objects. Then there were the negative assaults. Negative assaults from Non-Physical Entities and one Negative Female Human Being.

One of the first few experiences that I had after a few months of my physical activation, involved a visitation from the previous homeowner of the new house we had just moved into. It is not uncommon for me to feel and see the residual energy, the frequency, of those who have crossed over. In this instance, this specific being was making contact. After my physical activation to begin the ascension process began, this grew even stronger than before. 

The woman was older. She had died from complications of various illnesses. She had lived here for a very long time, 10 to 15+ years by the time she passed away herself. Her husband was put in a home as he had dementia himself. Their daughters sold their house and we ended up buying it. The months of September into October and even November into the end of 2014. I experienced a slew of intense psychic experiences mixed with negative assaults on me and my life. This woman was part of these events. This woman was the only positive aspect of these heightened psychic experiences, as she was really reaching out to me as a means to protect me. Which is what I felt from her at the time.

As I had psychic gift(s) my entire life, I could feel her more so than anyone else. One afternoon while taking a nap I saw this woman and felt this woman touch my face. More so her energy. Her frequency. Her light. As that is what she was now. No human. no body. no hands or feet. A being of light. This felt strange to me. No presence had ever gently touched me with their energy. That was a new experience. Never the less. She was there and she was protecting me and the home, as the transition became complete. A new one who was there to protect the home. The area. Which was me. A transition between one being of light to another. 

Meanwhile, as all of this was happening. I had been getting assaulted multiple times, between the months of August into the end of that year. I was being assaulted multiple times by Non-Physical Negative Entities, as well as, one negative female Human being. Which lasted with this specific female person until February 2015. Until she finally stopped. 

There were periods of time where my psychic gift(s,) helped me realize just exactly what was going on for me. Who was who. Who was honest with me and who was not. What was surrounded by light and what was not. One of the more strange occurrences that I experienced during that time, involved seeing auras around people and objects. Most of the objects that were scattered around the house involved, wooden objects, thing’s that were made from natural tree or plant based organisms. Those objects had an intense, strong, bright aura of white light around them. The people around me had white auras around them that were transparent. There was a lot that I could see. Even the trees outside had this visible aura of light. This was that aura of life. Living organisms that were alive and that were filled with organic light. There were also objects that did not have this same light. Which meant that they were man made and or non-organic. 

These were my experiences at that time period. In regards to the psychic events that I went through after my physical activation. These were also the events that transpired, in regards to, the assaults by negative forces and human people. Along, with some of the more positive psychic events, that happened around that time for me. This is what I went through. It may or may not happen to you, or, for you in the exact same way. Not the same exact events. You could experience similar ones and maybe even in the same manner. You could also have a much more intense psychic experience as I did, or, a much easier and less intense one. It is just some of the psychic experiences that you are likely to experience. Especially, if you were activated and suddenly found you had psychic experiences happen for you.

Those of you who have been psychic like me since birth and have had these kind(s) of experiences all your life, I do not need to tell you how this all feels. You already know. If there is one thing that I did notice, is that when I reached a new frequency and higher energy. My psychic experiences increased even more than what I was already experiencing. This might be something to also take into consideration when looking back at key points in your life and evolution.

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