Into September 2019’s Equinox: A Few New Strange Occurrences In The 4D Astral Plane Of Existence.

Into September 2019’s Equinox: Strange New Experiences Within The 4D Astral Plane.

The Equinox is a harbinger of energy. There are two periods throughout the year where humanity experiences alignment and so does the Earth. There are two periods throughout the entire year where this happens and it is during the Spring (March) and Fall (September) Equinoxes. During these two important periods the Sun is equal in day and night, which means that the effects of the Earth’s Axial tilt become null and void. Humans experience the Earth at her most organic and those who are sensitive to energies understand this, we can feel this very natural Organic Source energy within our bodies.

The Spring and Fall Equinoxes are the only current representations of Earth from long ago before it experienced the cataclysm that it did. The Cataclysm that altered the Axial tilt of this Earth and gave us the orbit that we see and experience in today’s timeline. In Ancient Civilizations before this event the Earth was in alignment all year long with equal day and night, the stars and constellations would have been in different areas within the sky. The energies would have felt more natural and the information from higher dimensions would have flowed more easily on Earth in those time periods. Higher dimensional information can be stagnant when it comes into Earth during this period, but these last few weeks they have come in clear and natural. Many sensitives feel it in their body but this is how Earth is suppose to actually feel like all year round. Ancient Civilizations were in the flow. 

I have never experienced a September Equinox lead up quite like this before, with so many weird and unusual events happening all at once. Which include and are connected to this specific equinox for this year. To get straight to the point. This September Fall Equinox Point has been one of the strongest ones in years. I know each year we evolve more and the new world becomes more concretized into reality. However, this year’s equinox felt like we had reached a new whole next-level phase within the Ascension Process, and I can feel that many of us can sense that we are reaching closer to a point of no return. I’m thrilled about that and have fully sensed that this is happening right now at this time myself. I’m sure that many other Ascension Participants have felt this way too; but so have many lower non-human entities become hyper aware of these changeovers. There seems to be something that is happening in 2019 that has changed the game, the layout, because I’ve been feeling a lot of strong build ups happening. These build ups are finally going to cause a release, and when that happens in the following months ahead thing’s are going to be vastly different.

Did you guess yet? If you guessed the dark forces, the entities, the negatives ones, the negative ET’s and all of the lowly demonic beings, than you guessed right. I have actively been dealing with all of the more non-human negative beings since about (Sep 18th,) and for me it has not stopped ever since. I’ve known for a very long time that when we’re about to make a gigantic shift into a higher frequency range, the dark ones always know that we’re about to do it. 

When you are being attacked by Non-Human Demonic Entities you know it immediately. I have learned to watch out for those little, intricate rhythms, and personalized patterns that are only especially intended for me, over these last few years, when something lower wants to attack me for embodying and living as something higher than beyond it’s lower frequency range. It can be so simple as just a scent. It can be more complicated and yet planned out, as bringing specific lower conscious people into your life, at just the right moment, in order to cause havoc and continued pain for weeks. So, I know what it’s like to be attacked. However, this September something occurred like never before. I suspected that I would be attacked. As I always have been when I am embodying new to me templates and light coded energies, which 2019 has brought and for so many reasons the most important one being because we are evolving higher.

The Non-human demonic being who was involved in this event did not attack me, it did manage to get inside my home this year via my lower conscious sister. It attached itself to her and came in through her, as well as the man I wrote about in: Shifting Into September 2019: Big Life Changing Shift With A Few More Dark Aspects To It. I have left the link down below for those interested in reading about it.

All month long there has been a negative entity in my parent’s room. I’m not the only one who has seen it or felt it. A few of the little ones have also seen and felt it too. My (nephew and one of my nieces.) This negative entity has been sitting on the ceiling of my parent’s bedroom, right in one of the corners. However, a few days ago it decided to make it’s presence known. It made it’s presence known very loudly and while in combat with a Higher Dimensional Light Being. Yes, I really just wrote that and no you didn’t read it wrong either. While in combat with a higher light being. Usually, I get attacked outright and it is always directed at me. My physical body. My mental state. To drive me crazy and or just mess with me as much as most demons can. This time. That did not happen for me. It involved the entire household and everyone in it. Everyone was up for grabs. They did not care who was who, the entity just wanted any kind of crumb of energy from anyone. Now here is where this is all connected. In another article; I wrote about how my sister (who is merged with a demonic entity,) brought a man home one night. She brought this man Into our house. They were in my mother’s room, and while they were gone and while I was at work. Then I had to kick him out and never cleaned the energy in their room. Well, this was a big mistake on my part, because that man who was an obvious Negative Entrance Point for negativity and entities. He was being used physically by this entity. This entity had exited that male being that my sister brought over that one night, and it lodged itself in the ceiling of my parent’s room. It has been causing issues in the house ever since and especially for my mom. 

Do you see the connection(s)? Sister. Male friend. Entity brought into our house. September equinox and one of the most powerful ones ever. Ta da. A few days ago. This entity finally revealed itself. It seemed to have gotten into a battle with a Higher Light Being or Higher Light ET Being. Here are the full details of what transpired that afternoon. 

The 4D Astral Plane: Battles Between Non-Physicals Within Physical Earth Spaces.

On September 18th; I and the entire house experienced something supernatural and unexplained. Well, I understood what it was and what it meant. However, a lot of those who are not as gifted as I am knew about what was going on. It did happen and I suspect it is because we are now evolving in new ways. We’re evolving now and especially as we cross, and officially have crossed this equinox this year, that most of my unaware family members could see what happened. This specific event involved that specific entity being attacked by a light being. 

This back and forth fighting involved a huge glass table being completely destroyed. We were all in our own specific areas, inside of the house, when we simultaneously heard a huge sound that sounded like someone being thrown into the floor upstairs. I was downstairs and a few other people were in the kitchen and or outside. This loud “Boom” caught everyone by surprise and we all hurriedly ran into the living room upstairs. As we approached the living room area the glass, from this table was shattered everywhere. Then I saw a layout of a black, x marked on the carpet upstairs, and there was a spiritually implanted figure on the floor underneath the glass. As if it was thrown down in a heated battle. 

Amongst the clean up; I received a vision which involved a being of light and this negative entity, they were fighting in the 4th Dimension. Where we move into after physical death. Then the negative entity pushed this higher being of light and that is when it landed on the floor. Ever since this day, the negative entity has not been seen, heard, or felt in the house. However, I finally did clean the energy in that specific room. It was a huge shock, and it involved everybody in the house. Everyone became hyper aware that something weird was happening. They didn’t understand it completely.

This is in a way a huge deal. From higher light beings physically removing and removing negative entities and ET beings on earth, in the spirit dimension. To more and more people, aware and unaware, finally being able to see this at this advanced level. This is evolution. This is the removal of negativity and the embodiment of new higher everything and all of it’s light. 

This is not the usual September Equinox that I have experienced, not ever, and usually all that I have ever done these last few years has been embody. It usually get’s pretty intense and heavy during the week of the Equinox Point, but never nothing as intense as this. This was different. This was unimaginable. This was very open and detailed, so specific, an outright battle between higher and lower dimensional beings.

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