Living Out The Ascension Process: Family Dynamics & The Struggles With Unaware Family Members.

Living The Ascension Process Path: Family Dynamics & Struggles With Unaware Family Members Who Are Not Coded.

Over the last few Ascension Years; one of the biggest challenges that I have had to deal with has been fully living out my Ascension process. I’ve had to live my Ascension process while fully realizing that, the majority of my family just wasn’t doing what I was doing physically and would not be doing it in this life. Which they weren’t and which they aren’t, as much as I wish that they were. This is not the case for them and when I became aware, I also realized that they didn’t. That they weren’t. It was difficult for me to experience that changeover all on my own, because it is a different walk of life all on it’s own. It can be extremely frustrating to be around other people, who don’t know, and grasp what you’re doing and why you are here doing it. 

Family dynamics can be difficult. Which is the entire point of me writing this article, because in all of my years trying to find out specific information about why this is the case online. I never could find out why I was aware and most of my family members are not! That information is just not out there and not very many are taking the time out to discuss this openly. Family and relationships are hard. They can be stressful and it can lead you to question how you can be related to someone and or multiple people, who are so different from you in many different ways. This article explores what I have learned, what I have gained consciously and through my awareness, about why I and or You, are finding it very difficult in relating to your family as an activated and awakened person. 

The last five years since I physically activated; I wasn’t prepared for what I would end up having to experience. My own personal experiences have ranged from a nightmarish hell to the very paranormal and down right bizarre. At times these experiences have felt really good and uplifting, with an almost divine order to everything that I have gone through. There have also been other times where there were specific events, that had been created by specific negative beings for the sole purpose of disturbing those great moments of divine order. A lot of the time and I have to fully admit, that those specific beings were and have been members of my immediate family. While the experiences were and did feel very negative, there were reasons why I felt that way. There were and always are dynamics at work in regards to how you interact with people, especially people who have a different energy than yourself. It doesn’t always necessarily mean that they are evil and negative (well not entirely so.) It means that they hold a different energy, whether it’s lower or higher than your own.

There are always dynamics at play with a higher (aware) being and a lower (unaware) being. That immediate feeling of thinking that, that specific lower unaware person is negative, is just a natural reaction to the differences in energies, that many people carry within them here in this realm. I know how it must sound to those reading this when I state that I think and feel negativity from specific members of my family, and I do, but, I do understand that there are dynamics at play where I agreed to sort of learn from situations that feel very negative to me. We all do! This was what I had to eventually learn. I did learn. I know it. I get it. I understand it. Do you know it? Do you understand it? Do you get it? Dealing with someone who is darker than you, more intimidating, can be painful and scary as hell – especially when they’re being abusive towards you. I learned how to become empowered by finally allowing myself to decide that I had enough, so when I had enough I just stopped allowing the more negative and darker aspects of specific family members to influence me. I reclaimed my power back and they helped me to do that.

Family Dynamics: Is defined as a family who is socially engaging, and interacting with one another, whether it is in a positive and healthy way, or, whether it is in a negative and toxic manner. 

A short while after I became physically activated to begin the Ascension Process; I began to notice the patterns within my own family and how our dynamics played out with one another. Piece by piece, like a puzzle – information came back to me, about why I chose the specific family that I did, prior to incarnating as this specific person in this lifetime. I chose a more darker, negative, toxic group to learn lessons from and it wasn’t just the specific beings themselves. It was the location. The environment needed to be just as toxic as the people around me were. Just like that I was back on this earth reality, surrounded by these people who were and are my family and living in awful circumstances with one another. I needed to learn how to mold myself up against their harshness, brutality and disturbing personalities and behaviors. It made it so much more easier for me to learn to say no, to learn to stand up for myself. I learned that I was more than what they thought I was, that I had the power already within me to be whoever and create the higher earth world that exists today. The deception of it all really lies in your own mind, because it’s your own thinking that plays tricks within your consciousness. Awareness of these mental patterns is key to dismantling this way of thinking, as well as, mind control tactics by Negative Non-physical beings. 

You get taught, so that you can teach self. The final straw that eventually always breaks the camels back, always breaks the camels back and you learn how to get yourself out and away from those specific people. The hilarious thing about it is, you set it up and then get taught how to escape the most negative people around you. Why? To say that you did it all on your. That you can survive anything. That you can choose where you want to be and where you want to go, that your freedom is always waiting for you. It’s always been available to you. You just HAD to see it and to realize it.

Living The Ascension Process Path: How To Survive, Is It Safe To Tell Them & Shifting Away From Them When It Is Right. 

How did I survive the initial reaction to realizing I was aware, highly aware, while my father, mother and sister were all not? The truth is I knew there was something off about my father and my sister when I was a child, they felt extremely negative to me. My mother felt a little bit brighter. Despite that, she had personality traits that were hard to deal with. I could always sense it and I didn’t fully realize that I had psychic abilities as a child. That my ability to sense that was psychic in nature, but I knew it fully. 

After my physical awakening. I realized that there was a gigantic gap between me and all three of them. After my two nieces and one nephew were born, I noticed that there was a gap between me and them as well. So the entire family is just on different energy levels, on different levels of awareness, and it’s where they need to be in this life. That’s them. It’s perfectly fine for them to be where they are, and neither can I force them to be more aware of themselves, change how they behave, or, push them higher towards where I am. It is hard to be around them, which is why over the years I have distanced myself for very many reasons. 

No one really told me how it was going to be. Not a single Light Being told me how to navigate myself through them, how to steer my life around them, and still do what I do physically. I’m very aware that to them I must look and feel like a sick person, because I am always dealing with some specific aspect of physical discomfort and issues due to embodying so much physically. When we get hit with incoming waves of new codes, lights, or, the separation of worlds becomes more defined – I notice immediately that I embody and ever so slowly, move one way and many of them move into another direction. How can you deal with being the one who embodies all of the time? It’s simple and yet it took me a long time to realize this for myself, but, I have specific thing’s that I have to do. I can only focus on what I am doing, what I am here to do. What they are here to do is what they need to do. This has been my mantra when they are even fighting up against one another, and I stay away and I learned to stay out of those specific events. That is also a struggle that I needed to learn to navigate through, that they’re drama was NOT my own and so I just carried on with my path.

This has been pretty specific in regards to my family, but, you reading this might also be experiencing this with other people as well. It’s not just family and for many of you it can be a boyfriend or girlfriend, it can be friends, it can be neighbors, people in your community and those interactions can be challenging. I remember losing friends, people that I knew, and I knew never to get involved with people romantically because of who I was and what I was doing. It made me an easy target for continued abuse. This sort of information was something that I wish was written about much more than what it currently is, much more than what it was when I first activated. I desperately looked around for information online that would help me understand all of these issues, that would help me deal with them. There just wasn’t any. I hope that there was a strong message that I could portray with this article, that you found what you needed because you were struggling with the same aspects as I was.

Aspects that Include: Dealing with family members as an activated embodier. The struggles of realizing your aware and they are not. Dealing with Negative and abusive family members and negative dynamics. Learning that you can learn from them. Understanding what those lessons are. Awareness that you can leave those people behind when the lessons are over. Realizing that you are free to live your own path and be you. That this also applies to regaining your power, freedom, and personal independence from family, lovers, friends and every day folk. 

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