My Egyptian Past Life {1}: A Few Lessons About Energy Formation From Higher Multi-Dimensional ET Beings.

My Egyptian Past Life (1): The Call Out To Incarnate, Meeting Higher E.T Beings, Sexual Freedom & General Life In Ancient Egypt.

If there is anything that I am 1000% sure of, it is that the past is never dead. The past is always with us no matter how hard we believe that it is not, we carry it around in our soul all of the time. We may not always remember who we were and what we have done, but for those of us who do remember. We understand that our past has ways of interjecting with our current lives. It does. I’ve experienced it on many occasions, and I’m someone who has always had to deal with the multiple lives that I have had. I have never gotten away with anything, and another aspect of my work in this life, is to release all of the karma that I have accumulated throughout all my simultaneous lives. 

In my first lifetime in Egypt, I was a female being who was incarnated in the year 11,750 B.C. This was my first lifetime in Egypt at that time and it was vastly different than anything I ever experienced in any of my lifetimes. I had the privilege to incarnate after there was a call out in the higher dimensions, they were needing volunteers to go to earth because there was a program that was being offered. This happens from time to time where there are groups of beings, in various locations in higher dimensions that do want to undertake a certain program. The earth was a much different place back then, and you couldn’t just get in whenever you wanted to. I had to wait a long time to be able to come here during this specific lifetime, as this female being because there were opportunities to learn from Higher Dimensional E.T beings. There were plenty of them who would drop in from their own planets, galaxies, and dimensional homes to teach those who were incarnated there. It was a much different place back then, with more advanced humans then in the 21st century. 

There have always been important moments that come up within the hierarchy of groups, that reside in the different levels of the higher dimensions, when at some point, you will hear something get communicated among said groups of beings. It’s a very common occurrence for one group member at a specific level of advancement to share information with another group member, who then will spread that information around, and it can be about a certain planet, a galaxy, an earth world, that is evolving, or it’s going through a shift to change its frequency and it needs volunteers. Is this starting to sound familiar? It could even be that there are opportunities for growth, and to learn a certain skill that you want to. This tends to happen a lot within groups at certain levels, and once they all start to find out about that one planet, that one galaxy, that one opportunity, they all start wanting to collectively go and have the experience. This is what happened to me and to another being that I work very closely with, a masculine energy being who decided to go with me, and we volunteered together, and we eventually met. We did get unionized in this life. However, the purpose of this incarnation was that we saw an opportunity to work with Higher Dimensional E.T Beings

While I and along with my masculine energy companion were still home in our higher dimensional space, we had heard about planet earth because a lot of those groups of beings were discussing it. That is how we found out about it. All of my memories about this Call Out To Incarnate involve many of similar groups of beings sharing information with us, which then prompted us to discuss going back to earth together one more time. There was a system in place where you had to request admittance, because it was a very advanced school so to speak. No-one was just allowed to enter earth at this point like today in the 21st century. There was a specific point in time that you had to wait for, it was all coordinated with your energy and how it matched the frequency of the earth. You DON’T just go somewhere. Which is why I am very strict when it comes to dealing with energy interferences, and this time period drives me absolutely bonkers because no-one has boundaries with their energy signature anymore. They go anywhere and just do anything with all kinds of people. I didn’t learn to act this way. I learned how to concentrate my energy and to sense other beings’ and their energy. We finally worked thing’s out and dropped our higher selves into physical bodies once again like we did before together, and that is how it all started.  

It is never the same when you’re having an experience, as opposed to wanting to have one and wondering what it’ll be like when you do it. I wasn’t fully prepared to drop down and become a human being once again, and let alone a female, and I wasn’t prepared to meet certain Higher Dimensional E.T Beings

I first started having visitations with specific E.T Beings as a young girl in this life, but I wasn’t the only one who was having them either. If you’re reading this and thinking this just doesn’t seem plausible, you have to understand that the earth back then was much more advanced than it is today. The earth in the 21st century and the people here, it’s like being taken out of high school and being put back into a kindergarten class. It is such an elementary leveled world that we’re living in, and nothing like what humans of that time period in 11,750 B.C were like. There were other young children who were having these experiences along with me, there were adults who were also having visitations with these Higher Dimensional E.T Beings. I remember the first time that I had a visitation with an E.T being, he was a male E.T Lion Being from the 6D. This was the first experience that I had with any E.T beings in this life, there are two memories that I have but I’ll be sharing those two memories in another article.  

Eventually, at some point I met up with this masculine male companion in this life as a teenage girl. It got to the point where we were both working together and now making that transition into more adult studies. They prepared us as children and by first meeting with higher dimensional E.T beings, then throughout the teenage years into early adult years we were allowed to work with specific beings more closely. I ended up working with E.T Bird Beings more than any other kind of extra-terrestrial higher dimensional beings. It wasn’t always the exact same ones either, there were lots of higher dimensional beings that would come in and drop their frequency. They would come in alone at times, sometimes they would come in groups. There usually was a leader that oversaw each group. They usually rotated and many times plenty of them wouldn’t return because they moved on, or, they had finished certain lessons that no longer required them to come back. 

My Egyptian Past Life (1): Initiations In the Tunnels At The Sphinx, Horus & The Nine Realms Of Consciousness.

There finally came a time in this lifetime as this female being, where I was to begin doing solo lessons with specific higher dimensional E.T beings, and most of my memories involve me working with a specific bird E.T being that was named Raquaol.

There were many lessons that I learned from the Higher Dimensional E.T Bird Beings, but the most important lesson that I learned came from a dear friend of mine named Raquaol. I mainly worked with Raquaol when it came to lessons in energy, in energy formations, he taught me how to focus my energy. He taught me how to create forms with my energy as well and while I cannot do that in this lifetime, because I’m not in an advanced body like I used to be. I still have those lessons with me in this Michael body, and I can focus my energy as good as ever. I can read energy just like I did as well. I can create what I need for me in this now moment as this Michael aspect of me, and I do still work with energy through my body. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do now as I embody light energy, if I didn’t learn all that I needed to about energy and the energy formations from Raquaol. There were initiations that took place as well in specific settings, and you have to understand the bodies that we had were highly advanced than the ones we have now. They were chosen and designed through our energy signature, that matched the energy of the earth. We were essentially an extension of the earth itself and you had to be connected to it through your body, earth was an advanced school playground back then. Now it’s just a disconnected lower elementary playground with all kinds of bullies. 

Eventually, my lessons with Raquaol came to an end and he had decided to move on like some of the other higher dimensional E.T beings were doing at the time. They were all starting to leave in large numbers, in groups by the time that I was ready to leave physical reality and return back to my home dimension. The next time that I would return to Egypt in 9,510 B.C there would be only a few handfuls of them left. They had told many in physical bodies at that time, that their time on earth was done because the earth was about to go through a big change. This change occurred in my second lifetime in Egypt, and you can read about it in the second article. I’m going to leave the other two articles about my lives in Egypt, for those who are interested in reading about it.  

My Egyptian Past Life {1}: A Few Lessons About Energy Formation From Higher Multi-Dimensional ET Beings.

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