The Three Ascending Portals: The 10/10. The 11/11. The 12/12 Portals & Access To Higher Dimensions.

The Three Ascending Portals: The 10, 11, 12 Portals & Access To Higher Dimensions.

As soon as the last three months of the year come around, each year, I do find myself seriously struggling because that’s how intense these months can get. I never get a moments break, and everything always tends to move quickly. It can be hard to play catch up with what I am experiencing, or, with what I am embodying. It always ends up starting in October and by early January it peaks like crazy. Then it drops off, to only pick up again in March. 

Once October begins I’ll always likely get hit with a huge download, and it can be anytime during the month. Then it’s the 10/10 Portal way and then I’m embodying so much on a physical level. Then November comes around, with specific codes, with very specific portals, and if there are eclipses during this time period (which there usually is.) It can be a relentless process and you are asked to grow tremendously in a short period of time, at times at such an accelerated level. By December I’m depleted and when the winter solstice arrives, I can barely function by that point. It varies from year to year, but usually it’s a slow build up year after year. This year is no different. Already in October 2019 it feels awful. Physically. 

The start of October 2019 didn’t start off well for me; since The 10/10 Portal opened up physical life has veered off into this strange unknown and untraveled direction. It has become increasingly difficult to navigate myself, and how can you when you’ve not experienced all that there is to come yet? I’m also not the only one, many in the collective have been finding October challenging. This all has to do with the current newly distributed Light codes, body prints, and earth blueprints, that we have received from this portal two weeks ago. The changes are noticeable. These changes do involve specific timelines, specific people, specific places, and locations that are being quickly and swiftly shut down very fast. This has never happened before, and after being physically able to witness this I think that this is amazing. My poor earth suit however does not, and embodying can be a test of strength and will. 

What does this all mean? This basically means that we’re reaching a completely new Demarcation Point, where a new Cycle of the Ascension Process is about to begin at a new level. Very soon! We’re just about ready to cross that line. As much as I haven’t been perceiving this quite so clearly, there have been improvements along the way. Improvements because of the work that I and You do, all of that inner work makes it possible for other’s in the collective who want to, and that can, to also improve themselves as well. To quickly climb up the Evolutionary ladder so to speak. 

October 2019 escalated fast and it felt hard to get through most of my days, as many people were shifting out of my reality. This included my only work friend who I was (contracted,) to quickly meet up with and have my own personal experiences with. I already know that November will be this and much more, and December is going to be a game changer in many aspects. I’ve found myself having to heavily deal with more physical aspect(s) of the Ascension process.

There have been new light and new light form(s) that I have been noticing this past month. They are now looking more diamond like every-day in October. I have felt more aches, pains, more hungry, more tired and a greater need to escape the outside world and stay at home. Stay inside my room. A strong need to be in my own space. I also found myself dealing with more strange behavior from some of my co-workers, from random people and I went into a mindset of feeling like I needed to constantly self-preserve my energy. I was attacked almost on the daily by people and Negative Entities. Which was not fun. I have dealt with issues which include: (harassment, forgery, identity theft, family issues, concern for family members, and their mental health, and one guy called me soulless for choosing to live my life the way I do. Alone. Which I thought was very strange.) He obviously has no idea what it is like to live and do the work that I do! That we do!

The Three Ascending Portals: Information Within Portal Ways, Collective Purpose & Encoded For The Body’s System.

k. We have to deal with people who do crazy stuff like this. It is part of the whole entire process. However, that is changing because while it does happen to us, we do not have to take it like we used to and just sit there. At least I don’t. Neither have I ever. I fight back. I threaten to call authorities. I stop the negative abuse before it happens. This time I did it again and the majority of those harassing me backed off. It sounds bad – but, this is not as bad as it was a long time ago. Life feels lighter. It feels better despite thing’s reaching a new all time level of awful, especially with the everyday people.

Some, of the energy that I have seen has been looking a lot more Diamond like. However, the shape and form is not quite there. I have no clue what shape it is aside from the Rhombus Light Energies and Codes. I wrote about those ones a while back. They have only changed slightly. Despite what I have embodied. I feel like I have changed. I have had to be more self-reliant lately. I have had to stand alone more. I usually do. However, this feels like a whole new level. I feel like I did all those years ago when I first started this process and I felt by myself. It isn’t a bad thing. I just find myself cycling back into a more Self reliant version of myself. This will happen while on the path. You will need to be more self reliant. More self sovereign. Do everything to and for yourself. No-one should dictate to you how you should be and how you should do thing’s. So, being self-Reliant and Discerning are important part(s) of being on the path. This will happen naturally. Eventually, you will understand how to flow with this process.

As always learn, live, breathe and get through everything because October has been everything you could have expected and more. Awful to the core. However, it is getting lighter and brighter. 

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