Into October 2019’s 10/10 Portal: Erasing More Realities & Multiple Simultaneous Multidimensional Events.

October 2019’s 10/10 Portal: Erasing More Realities & Multiple Simultaneous Multidimensional Events. 

Over these last few years; the one thing that I have come to understand is that shifts are everywhere. There is never no amount of stability in anyone’s life and life itself is never always so steady. Thing’s change. Life changes. Life also changes us and sometimes it can be for the better, or, for the worse. Since the start of October 2019; I have noticed that there have been more and more changes that have happened rather quickly. It got me thinking: is it just the 10/10 Portal? or are these changes a sign of thing’s to come? If so how much is going to change and what can I and the global population expect? 

Already the lead up to this years’ 10/10 Portal feels inconsistent. There is a lot of movement going on currently and it has been hard to follow and keep up with. The sadness and depression has been hitting hard, and at times it can be crippling to feel enthusiastic when your mind and body feel like they’re on the verge of collapse.

I have learned that during specific important moments in my own life, that when people start leaving, or, begin to transition into new areas within their life and projected path. That it is imperative that I pay very close attention to what is going on around me. It usually tends to mean that something huge is about to happen down in physicality. This has been the case for me lately as The October 10/10 Portal has approached; I have just been experiencing these constant feeling’s of separation. I am feeling like something is going to end, but not quite sure what is about to end, and, if those end feeling’s also include me or not?

While on the path; I have spent many years actually working at different specific locations and have had to earn a living. I have always hated it. I hate money in general and I find it insulting that I have to waste my time going somewhere, to do something, and work with people whom I dislike – in order to obtain numbers that magically get deposited into my bank account. It really has gotten in the way of me doing my  work that I know I must do here in this physical plane, because there is so much that needs to be confronted. At this current job that I’m working at, there were two co-workers whom I knew, would be moving on and leaving us. One left just before the September Equinox energies, and the second is soon to leave as well. I can feel it. In the case of one of these people; I have seen and felt the specific situation with this specific person, prior to the event happening, which sometimes happens for me. There will be a sharing of certain information between specific souls, especially when I meet people and when I am near them. Information, which includes life events. Information involving events that will happen to them. It’ll be brief. However, at times it’ll be just what I need. I’m not at all, all that surprised that this is happening to me during this Portal. The lead up to it is usually always extremely strong and I’m feeling and seeing a lot of thing’s ending. 

October 2019’s 10/10 Portal: Moving Into New Directions & Transitioning Away From Cycles Of Karmic Distress.

When my sister and her kids arrived back at the end of May. I sort of felt that it was a strange coincidence to be experiencing them entering my reality. I wondered what the big picture was for it all and why? Now, I’m wondering the same thing for the changes that are going on in my workplace. I’ve realized over the years that it is important to notice who is arriving and going in your life. It’ll tell you just how big of a life transition your experiencing. 

I have felt a lot of Personal Soul Connections while working at this specific place of employment, during, my almost four years that I have been here. I have experienced past life connections, high energy events, multiple timeline changes, met familiar beings from my soul group, ones that I remember and at times I’ve needed to remove myself from them and those life experiences we shared from the past. Some I have strong connections with. Some other beings I don’t know at all, or, even remember, neither do I have any karmic ties with them. They’ll always surprise you with people that you just have no connections with, but the connection is with someone else. It has been a similar setting with a full range of people I both know, and some I have never met in any lifetime. All of this in the last three years, I have had to quickly finish up whatever karmic ties and issues I had with these people. So, that I could just move on. This has always happened. Which is why when it started happening again; I really started taking notice of it. It just means that something new is going to enter my life and because of that, something would be ending quickly and fast. Which has begun to happen, with some people who have exited my life. So, if your finding yourself in the same situation where old people have left and if there are new ones who are entering. It just means that you are cutting all of your karmic ties once again with certain people. That is completely appropriate.

One thing that I have noticed recently with the approach of The 10/10 Portal Opening, is that I’ve been seeing many signs that a serious ending and closure was going to happen on a global scale. I remember experiencing these familiar feelings’ during the beginning of this year, and I suspected that I only had a limited time where I would be doing exactly what I’m doing right now. With these people. I always knew that I wouldn’t be staying with this job and these people for a long time. The only issue that I have had, has been in sensing just how big this closure or ending is going to be? Is it going to be personal or collective? I have a feeling it’ll be both simultaneously. I’m just struggling to understand how and in what areas these endings are going to take place. I have sensed for a long time now that our store and location would be closed down, shut off, removed and released permanently from humanity and no longer would it be a viable organic service. That it would be going extinct, like many other jobs have already and many more that will be extinct in the many years and decades to come. Which brought on a moment where I felt like maybe my time here is going to end very soon. That my work is going to end. That my light work services at this specific job, and at this location would end permanently. 

We’re a few days away from The 10/10 Portal. I have been feeling more massive headaches due to brain reunification, head pressures, different bodily pains and aches, movements inside and out of my head again. There are moments when I am walking and vibrating internally full of energy. So, I’m walking and vibrating and or pulsating all over my body. This is out in public and it can be very hard to distract myself, amongst people who I know are not doing the same thing that I am. Prepare yourself because I think this is going to be a 10/10 like no other. We still have November’s 11/11 and December’s 12/12 Portals as well. 

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