Introduction To Negative Human Doorways 101: Human Beings & Negative Entities Who Use Them.

Introduction To Negative Human Doorways 101: What Are Human Doorways, LowCon Behavior & How Consciousness Can Be Hijacked. 

Over these last few years; I have had to deal with certain situations that prior to becoming physically activated that I never did. I could never understand how I missed these small moments, because after I became aware of who I was and what was happening around me. I pieced it all together. How certain parts of my life always ended up the way they did, how people behaved around me and the reasons why. When you are a willing participant within the Ascension process, there are likely to be situations with people where they will unfortunately – not be fully conscious of themselves and what they are doing. 

I call these people LowCon people. Despite that, in this article I am going to call them Negative Human Doorways and that is usually what they are. This article is going to be all about specific people who are so low conscious that they have no idea when they are being possessed, when they are not being them, when some demonic entity has taken over them, or, when they allow one to take over willingly. It’s a heavy topic and subject to discuss, but I’ve experienced it so many times and even until this day. It’s necessary for those who are beginning their Ascension Process to understand that not everyone is on the path, that you will be tested, and that these people along with these situations will show up eventually.

I usually tend to write about the energies, the portals, various gateways, and multiple access points from various cosmic, universal, planetary, solar, and every other place that we can receive light energies and codes from. So far this year {2019} has been a really strong one, with a lot of stuff that has been happening left and right. At times I’ll focus on these energies, and for brief periods there isn’t much that I feel that I need to mention. This week, all of these energies are still feeling heavy and unknown. It has felt this way all of October, at least it has to me. Ever since June of this year; I feel like I have been targeted much more often and so I have decided to do an article just about: How To Deal With A Consciousness That Has Been Taken Over. I feel that it is necessary for me to write this now and share this information. It might help other people right now understand what it means to be involved in a situation, with these types of lower conscious people. How frequently it can happen. Why it happens to those who are spiritually gifted and experiencing a specific lifetime, where they are called onto embody as an evolutionary participant.

The information that I am going to share is a little bit darker than usual. It will sound like I am crazy and unfortunately I’ve already noticed, that a few people who have read my material have seen me in this specific way already. It might not make total sense to you right now, but it might some day. It might make sense now to a few of you who understand what I am talking about, because it very well could be happening to you and it is what your experiencing right now with specific people. I’m talking about Demonic Possession and Lower Conscious Human People.

Negative Human Doorways: This is a term that I use for people who have and carry a lower form of consciousness. This generally means: someone who is unable to think, feel, sense, and be conscious entirely of what they say, or, do for most of the time that they are alive and living their life. This happens for obvious reason(s,) being that they are not in full control of their consciousness.

This lack of awareness is because it is at such a lower level that Demons, Negative Entities, Negative E.T Aliens and much more are in control of them for the majority of the time. 

This is something that I have personally known and have had experiences with, for about the last five years now. While I have lived and walked my path all by myself during these last few years. I have also dealt with these Negative Human Doorways and they have been just about anyone, anywhere, doing anything, and everything, that they could to stop me from living and doing – what I need to do here on earth. I started having experiences with possessed people, demons, and the dark the very second that I was physically activated and I already know that I will continue to until the day that I die. I’m not the only one that experiences this either. There are many of us who are (psychics, seers, sensitive beings, blue rays, indigo’s, crystal beings, light workers etc.) What ever you want to call us. We have dealt with these sort of people. So, if your reading this and you have started to experience this. Your not alone with what you are going through. You will have to deal with these types of people and they can be anyone you know, to any random person as well. They will just seem to be in the right place, at the right time, in order to provoke and prevent you, from living life and doing what you KNOW that you need to do or what you should be doing. Over the last five years I have experienced two types of these people.

Introduction To Negative Human Doorways 101: Negative Entities, The Negative Agenda & The War On Consciousness. 

The Everyday Person: The first group of people are carriers of a lower consciousness. They have no incarnational memories in regards to Ascension and Evolution and what is going on presently. They are here to experience their specific lifetime, their marriages, have their children, and do what they need to do while being and agreeing to not fully remember any of this. These types are the ones who from time to time get used, abducted, hijacked, consciously by anything for up to a few minutes and even longer. Then they forget entirely what transpired and what happened. 

The Merged Person: The second group of people are carriers of a lower consciousness and they are merging with a specific entity. This group of people are similar to the first group, the slight difference involves a merging. This merger involves them voluntarily allowing an entity to merge with them inside of their body. As well as their consciousness. This group is more willing to allow demons, entities, and other beings into their consciousness. They tend to remember and willingly work with entities to behave, state, attack people or groups of people. 

Here are some of the key signs that you are dealing with someone who is possessed or demonically being used. These people in the best sense of the word are victim souls. Light-Workers are sufferer souls, but we are not by any means victims. We are NOT victimized by aura/consciousness/body possession – we understand these concepts, but we are not plagued by these influences on a personal level. We do however suffer because of both those who are doorways and the entities that use them. There is a very big difference. I have suffered attacks by such people and entities, but I have never been possessed by any of them. At times I have felt disgusted by these lower conscious people, even disdain for their existence – but they are here to experience their own life, so, hopefully they can grow and move beyond the three dimensional energies that they live in.

Key Signs Your Dealing With A LowCon Person

  • These types of people are for the most part irresponsible, they lack self control, and generally will do whatever they want. When they want to do  it. They have no ability to discern right from wrong. No ability to respect and understand boundaries with other people.
  • They lack the ability to hold various emotions in a healthy way, they lack understanding, compassion, and empathy for people in all walks of life.
  • They have an unstable quality to them, either in appearance or mannerisms. They are loud, they yell, they scream, they self talk to people who are not their and it sounds negative. 
  • They do not care about anything or anyone. They will lie, cheat, steal, in order to get what they want and are usually self-centered and hold traits of narcissism. 
  • They cause disturbances. They are usually loud and noisy. They incite noise and chaos and if you have a neighbor or neighbor’s like this, than most likely they are being used. 
  • They are immoral. Drink and do various drugs. While also have a lot of sexual encounters with various people. Lack of concern for other people’s energy, siphon, steal, incite aggression and violence.

Over the last few years; I have had some of the most horrible, most difficult, extremely disturbing, and unbelievable experiences – with both people who are negative doorways, and the negative demonic entities that use them. I have experienced many attacks from family members alone. In my youth and during my teen years prior to physically activating, I was being attacked then too hard and just didn’t realize it. I have had etheric entities scratch me during my sleep, and during awakened states. They have left physical marks, and cuts on my skin. I have been disturbed through my dreams, dream states, some have tried to attack me while {OOB} out of body. I have had objects break (like the glass table in our living room this past September.) I have had people act one way with me and flip their personality, {and you can see the demon} using them. I have had death threats. I have witnessed people doing insane things to other people. I have been harassed, sexually harassed, threatened and bothered by people using me for my natural born skills. I have been abused in the work environment, threatened by people in the Ascension community who claim to be light filled. I have seen it all. I have experienced it all. It is all a bunch of nonsense that I have experienced with these folks and these entities.

We just moved through an important Portal and energetic stepping stone this past week. Which was The Double 10/10 Portal and those new light energies that were being released. There has been a huge connection between this portal and it’s energies, to the spikes in tons of people being used more than ever before. We may have entered a new earth space in January – but there is still such a big split between people and the realities that they live in. People have been getting more determined to belittle me, put me down, abuse me and use me for their own purposes, or, to just try and make me feel lower than dirt. This started to spike in September and reached it’s peak in October. The connection is that as we move forward and we continue to move through higher light energies. A lot of these entities will come for those of us doing most of the work, working with light and creating the new earth. The 11/11 Portal and The 12/12 Portal will usher a new stage within the Ascension of earth and humanity at a new level.

This article is a reminder to be aware that you are doing a job. Your are here for a reason, despite the average Joe’s and Jane’s being used and all of us being attacked by dark forces. This is the reality of our life and the reality of how hard our work is. You will deal with these issues every now and again, but it does not have to define who you are. While unbelievable things have happened to me (which I have already listed,) I have gotten better at seeing it before hand. I have gotten better at managing it when it does happen. So will you. Take care during these highly difficult times. These highly difficult end times of everything negative.

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