Multiple Timelines & Realities: We Are Existing And Working Within A Multifaceted Fabric Of Reality.

Multiple Timelines & Realities: Timeline Work Within The Fabric Of Reality, Jumping Timelines & Free Will To Change These Realities.

I feel the need to skip out on the usual articles that I do, which are about the energy updates. It’s just that there are many subjects, topics, and specific article content, that I want to write about and today is one of those days where I want to write about something different. This might happen a lot with me over the next few years, and if your reading these in chronological order – bare with me if your more interested in receiving those energy updates.

However, this week I have decided to write about Timelines and Multiple Realities. I feel that these topics are important right now, because of what is happening with the world and the collective. Everyone, is sort of living in multiple realities with different energy frequencies. There are also a lot of timelines, especially changing around within the collective. It feels like a good time to discuss both of these topics and delve deeper into what they mean. 

It has taken me just a little over five years, to finally realize that not everything is what it seems down in physicality. The Earth and what this planet is exactly, is not what many people believe it to be. Although, there are many who would tell me to my face that I’m dead wrong and that they are right. But, I don’t care. I don’t care about what they think they know over what I already know. I have learned in a short while, that it is much better to trust self and my instincts over someone else. I don’t need to go somewhere else, or, run to someone else in order to figure out what I have always known deep down inside. That includes specific information about Ascension and Evolution.

There is a lot going on here in physicality and I have a better understanding of why; I brought with me into this life and incarnation all the many aspect(s) of me, memories (to an extent), gifts that I learned from other lives, and knew that I needed to take with me if I came here this time around. Which I did. So, here I am. However, I can understand why there were some things that I did not come here understanding at first. Like Timelines and Multiple Realities just to name a few. I am already very familiar with the dark forces and how they maneuver, as well as, function on this earth. As I already know that this planet is pretty much a hell reality, that is dominated by these negative beings. There were reasons why I didn’t know that the world functioned in this specific way at first, then there are other reasons for why I agreed to then be physically activated and then slowly remember it all. That Timelines and Multiple Realities along with everything else are a normal functioning aspect of this three dimensional way of life. That we can move into different directions and be on different energetic frequencies, based off of our level of awareness. Whatever that level is.

There were reasons why I didn’t know some of these thing’s after I was born and why I did know them before I did incarnate here. Then there are other reasons for why I agreed to then be physically activated, then slowly remember, then learn, about these Timelines and Multiple Realities along with everything else. Knowing specific higher information and knowledge can drive anyone insane early on in any incarnational life, it can seriously hinder all of the directions that you are supposed to take, and prevent you from meeting specific people who you are suppose to karmically clash with. It can be too much to handle! It would have been too much to know, too much to deal with straight away. When my physical activation began, as a then 24 year old, it was a lot easier to freak out over these things as an adult. It was a lot to take in. I did feel like I was losing my mind at times, but not in a way where these things didn’t make sense to me. They did. After a certain time. Which is why it has taken me years to fully understand these things. You just have to live it first. 

What Is A Timeline?: A timeline is a direction that is in movement in which people and events take place. At times it can seem to feel like this timeline, is moving in a chronological order in which it feels like things are making sense, but then at other times it seems like events and people are all over the place in a dis-organized order. Linear and Non-linear time and movement can occur in timelines, where you think your in one place and time and then in another. 

What Is A Reality?: A reality is an area, or, a space in which an energy, or, level of consciousness is living in, existing in, and or having an experience in. So, when we have multiple realities there are more than one space or area, more than one level of energy and consciousness that is residing in each of those different realities. 

These are the basic definitions through my own view-point, of what Timeline(s) and Multiple Realities are. It can all be extremely difficult to understand, and for many people who do not know it, or, who are not consciously living it within themselves personally. It can be confusing to them, or, even shock them severely, especially if they had any kind of conscious understanding of what timeline they were in and in which reality too. It is not so easy for these younger souls, who think that they are experiencing only one life and that is it. Then to suddenly be shown, learn, figure out, that they are not just living one life and then you die and that is it.

I still remember the first time I experienced a timeline shift, in which I changed my entire timeline, and in which I also realized that I was witnessing myself, in other timelines from the past and current future. This excerpt, details a few paragraphs about the time I first realized that I was in a Past Lifetime Timeline all the way back in Ancient Egypt as a female incarnated being. 

Multiple Timelines & Realities: The Fabric Of Reality & What Makes Up The Fabric Of Reality. 

When I first activated physically; I also had to deal with a Past life death that could have killed me during the time of my Physical ascension activation in this life to. I instantly over time remembered this Egyptian past life and how I had died. The same area in where I hurt, was where I had been shot with two arrows. In my leg and back. 

I had not been feeling well the previous months and we had just moved houses, as I and my family had ended whatever karmic ties and contracts to that house, that location, where the house was and the people all around us who were our neighbors and generally that lower energy which was no longer a match for us. I started shifting into a timeline, not knowing I was doing it. In this timeline it moved in a non-linear movement and nothing seemed to move from the past and end up in my future. I would shift back and forth from that lifetime and into this present life as Energetic Earth. I was going back and forth in this life, watching the same thing that killed me in that Egyptian lifetime almost killed me in this one. Why? Because it was all simultaneously happening, that timeline I entered was back in the past and to the future continuously. It was a serious leg issue, that later on caused me to not walk for 6 months and I probably needed a cast. I Never got it. As I never thought to go to a doctor and get one. It eventually did heal. 

The back and forth from the past to the present left me feeling very disoriented. It took me months to heal, but years to understand what the hell those flashes, visions, simultaneous pains, and reliving of my death in that life meant to me. 

Just as I was understanding that I was jumping timelines, changing timelines, shifting timelines, and changing directions, and movements into the future from the past and so on and on. Understanding, that there were multiple realities(s) which were filled with different levels of people on earth, living in them, while holding different energies and consciousness, most all of them lower levels of consciousness was terrifying enough. But, when I realized that I was living in another alternate reality because there are so many different kinds of them. It got even more scary and frightening. Until it didn’t.

We experience these things because guess what everything is simultaneous and everything is everything. Literally. It does not matter which life it was and at what time period, neither does it matter who you were and what you said or did. It is all happening simultaneously. It’s happening at different levels of reality, in different timelines, in different alternate dimensions, where your still you but your life is totally different. Because, that is another aspect of you doing that in that place at that time, so you can be the dominant you in this time period as your incarnated as you. There are multiple levels of everything and in this life as this person, you are having to live all of them at a greater level than you did before. Your in the Ascension Process and this is evolution at a greater levels than ever before. When I realized that this was what I was doing, it was exhausting to think about let alone live it fully. 

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