Future Vision(s) Of The Energies: Major December Shift, Pushing Us Towards A New Ascension Cycle.

More Visions In Late October

I mentioned it before. However, I’ll state it again. I often times can sense future energies, and not only can I sense it, but, I’m receiving telepathic imagery of various kinds of events involving these energies. This happens quite often, often enough that I know to pay attention to this specific information that is coming in. Recently, this has been happening again for me and I felt that I needed to write this article, because it felt different. So different, that it almost felt like we were about to move into something seriously bigger and better than where we currently are now. 

This bigger and better period is what I sensed, and it feels like it’ll happen during this December 2019 Winter Solstice period. I got the feeling that we were going to move into a new Ascension Cycle even. This and much more. The visions and telepathic imagery have been very revealing to me lately. 

At times throughout the next few years I know that I’ll be called on, guided to write, about some of the important thing’s that I am psychically sensing. As well as, what I see and receive in terms of telepathic imagery in the form of vision(s.) This is what I have been doing this entire time and since I first started this website. It was to write down what I saw in regards to the energies and when they would be arriving. I wrote about vision(s), images, information that I received that was similar in another article titled: A Vision Of The Future Energies: A Huge Energy Shift Is About To Take Place. That article was about the vision(s) that I received about the energies that happened in August into September. I’ll also be leaving the link down below for those who want to read that article. That happened for me in June. Once again, Since September and into October this has happened again, and this has been happening for years with me. It is all part of the gift and it is all part of the process. 

When I am receiving a vision or a strong interior knowing which is basically the gift of Clairsentience. I have a clear feeling or sensation that what I am seeing Clairvoyantly, is near, but still far away that I cannot fully “see” or “feel” it. Not in it’s entirety. However, the image(s) are coming through from a different realm and at a higher frequency than what is presently being felt currently on earth. It sometimes comes through so that I am aware of the fact that it is coming. At other times; I receive what I do so that I can write about it and share it. I don’t really talk much about this aspect of my life and because it is extremely personal. I’m also a very private person and I like my space and not needing all of my business spread out online. However, this situation is different. It isn’t about me needing to be quiet and silent with this information. It is about sharing it. It is about full disclosure right now. I feel guided to share this information. It is a completely different thing all together. 

There are some important dates that I feel I need to share before I continue on with this article. It will make more sense if I lay everything out this way, so that you can see how everything looks. Especially, in regards to the Vision(s) that I have received, and a clear image of, and a strong feeling for what was going to come our way during the month of December. Then, I will share what has been happening for me and the vision(s) I have been shown about the future energies in December.

Shifting into A New Cycle Of Ascension

November 2019 Energies: In November; I saw The Double 11/11 Portal and those Codes, light’s and energies. The Full Moon occurs on the 12th and the New Moon on the 26th. There are two other days that I matched up, as being two extra 11/11 energy gates for more codes and more global awakening to happen. Those two dates were Nov 20th and 29th.

December 2019 Energies: In December; I saw the Double 12/12 Portal and same day Full Moon along with those light’s, codes and energies. Then the Solstice on Dec 21st. Then the big energy shift that I saw on Dec 26th with the Solar Eclipse and same day New Moon. Those are some big events with the 12/12 Double Portal sharing a Full Moon and the New Moon falling on a Solar Eclipse. 

If you look at the two paragraphs above you can clearly see how strong, powerful, and important those events all are and how they align with the phase(s) of the sun and moon. The most important period is obviously that Solar eclipse and the initial transition into 2020, because I sense this is going to be bigger than what most expect it to be. 

My Future Visions

In the Vision that I received. The time period that I saw was specifically for the end of December. More importantly, it focused only on the Solar Eclipse and same day New Moon on the 26th. The only image that showed up was a “December.” That is what I physically saw come up in my mind. A huge banner of the word December planted on it. I did not feel very much of anything, other than a huge rush, a feeling like something was going to end. The sensation of greater and more powerful energies were going to happen during that time period. 

This has happened more and more since the end of September. It has gotten more pronounced, the vision(s) have come on more and stronger. They keep showing me the same thing. In late October. This specific date is still the focal point. Something big is going to shift us into a new level, or layer, area or space, in December. Especially, with that December 26th Solar Eclipse and same day New Moon. A new level to begin in the Ascension Process. I did not see anything else. I did not feel anything else. Just, that there was an enormous emphasis on that December date and that Solar Eclipse. 

I firmly believe that we are going to experience a bigger shift than when we did in August and September. I also believe that the Ascension Process is going to reach a new level, a whole new cycle, that we have never experienced before. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Energies like we have never felt before. Like we have entered a new stage entirely. 

This is what I saw and felt in those vision(s) and that is how I placed the dates, energies, and hopefully you can see how they really seem to evolve. How they seem to climb higher and higher. Culminating in a big climatic event with that Solar Eclipse and same day New Moon. The rest of this year is going to be hard. It is already feeling so lonely, isolating, difficult physically. More lighter and brighter. However, take care of yourself and really watch those dates closely. 

A Vision Of The Future Energies: A Huge Energy Shift Is About To Take Place Down In Physicality.

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