My Ascension Body Activation (5): It Lasted 7 Months Straight. I Was Negatively Interfered With While I Was Activating.

My Ascension Body Activation: Negative Interferences For 7 Months Straight, Harassment & Spiritual Anxiety While On The Path.

This article is probably the most important one that I am going to write about, in regards to my awakening and all that happened to me during that time. It is a continuation, of all my other article(s), in the series of multiple article(s,) that does discuss the events of my awakening. I personally think that this article is the most important one, because it shows you what any person can go through. It shows you what can happen when you become more aware. When you become more aware of what is really happening on this planet. Who you are. What you learn about yourself. What your role is. It tells you just who knows you, even when your still figuring out who you are yourself. 

I also went through a horrible time during this period in my life. There were a lot of stuff that happened to me. A lot of stuff that needs to be mentioned separately. It is possible that a lot of people are experiencing all of these specific events, and they just cannot get their mind wrapped around everything. So, these articles are a way of showing everything separately. One piece at a time… like multiple chapters in a book.

This week. My article is going to be another personal article, filled with personal information, about what I went through during the time of my awakening. In my previous article and everything is in chronological order. When you click on my category Energetic Earth: Personal Stories, it shows each article detailing each separate event. This one follows my last one. In that one I wrote about the psychic gifts that I experienced, new and old ones each combining. This one is going to focus on what transpired while I was dealing with all of this. What I experienced, while dealing with accessing a new higher consciousness. Accessing a new higher aspect of myself, that I did not understand or know previously in this life. It is going to focus on my awakening and everything that I went through. While, also being harassed by a Negative Female Human Being at that time. Who did interfere on multiple occasions, as I was going through this intense process. 

It is not an easy thing to write about. It was a very traumatic time for me and I have suffered {PTSD,} in regards to my OOB and NDE Experiences. As well as everything that I have lived through and been through. During that time period. I’m sharing it because I know I need to. There are a lot of people who have gone through the same experience, who are currently going through it, or, who will be experiencing an awakening on a physical level. They need to know. Which is the whole entire point of this article. Also, these interferences and harassment have continued five years later. So, it’s been a continued theme in my life. It also happened to me before I physically awakened. Which was interesting to look back on my life, all of those experiences, and with those people involved and see how they did in fact interfere with me and my life.

I physically activated to begin my Ascension Process in this life, at the age of 24, suddenly on March 1, 2014. The months that followed were intense. I nearly died multiple times. I moved from my childhood home after 24 years. My physical body kept going through intense physical changes, symptoms etc. I was psychic from birth, but in the months following this physical activation. These psychic gifts grew even stronger than before and new ones became more accessible to me. I experienced everything from: clairvoyance, clairaudience, Clairsentience and Claircognizance. To electric disturbances. Headaches beyond words. Ear ringing. Jumping timelines. Weird reactions from animals and children. Experiencing, past life events and death(s) and how they were connected in this current life. The most important event that occurred for me during this time. While experiencing all of this. Involved being negatively interfered with, by an older Negative Female Human Being.

My Ascension Body Activation: Harassment By LowCon Female Being, Consciousness Possession & Interference On My Spiritual Path. 

This Negative Human Female Being had harassed me and my family for 7 months straight. Mainly, it was aimed at me. It started in July and it did not end until February of 2015. During these seven months. This woman generally made life miserable for me. She showed up when ever she wanted. She interfered where ever she could. She carried such a lower consciousness that it made me, physically ill, just to be anywhere near her. She was jealous that we bought the house. She wanted it. She knew why she wanted it to. The most important reason why she started harassing us, me, was so she could prevent me and knew that I was physically awakened. That I was becoming physically aware. The Demonic entities using her also were aware of this too! They wanted to both get at me and prevent me from physically doing it. It was a Negative Human thing. However, she was also under the influence of negative entities. She had motives for her harassment. The entities knew it and encouraged it. 

I didn’t write that last paragraph to frighten anyone. Neither, was it my intention to. It was purely to educate. I have been psychic my whole life. I knew about the Christ consciousness. I experienced visitations with that level of consciousness. I felt specific thing’s from people. I knew thing’s about people. Living and those who once lived. One thing that became clear to me after my activation, was that life on earth was a lot more different than what I knew it to be. What I understood it to be. It wasn’t just about life and death. There was a shift happening. A real shift. This shift involves returning this earth back into alignment. I realized how messed up this earth had gotten from my previous lifetimes. It got more dark. Much more twisted. I learned there was more happening than what the majority of the collective population knew. There is a negative plan in place on this planet. A negative system. There are thing’s that are extremely negative. Thing’s that are living here. Negative entities who have been trying to take over this world. Among other atrocities. All of these memories came flooding back. Memories of earth. Memories of my past lives. Memories of home dimension before I even got here. Memories of agreeing to come back here. To help with this shift. 

I became aware of this Negative System and because I was psychic, it made it all much more worse. I could now feel it. I could feel how heavy it was. The density. That negativity. I understood it. I saw the bigger picture. I realized more of who I was, what my role was, why I was here and what this planet really was. These entities realized that I was becoming aware of this. That I was understanding myself more. That I suddenly knew more about what my role here was, which is and if your also aware that your on your Ascension Process. It is to stop this negative agenda and replace these negative constructs. To embody light energy into your being, because you can. Which is a little bit of why we activate. This specific Negative Female Human Being was a means to an end. She was, is, and always will be a vessel for these negative entities. To use. For their purpose(s) and she will not know why, or, what is even happening to her. There are many people like this in the world. Who do these thing’s to those who are activated, psychic, light embodier, seers, awakened and on the Ascension Process. Which is why I was harassed for seven months straight. Here is a detailed outline of what transpired in regards with this female being.

  July 2014 —

We moved into our new house at the end of July, after putting our house up for sale in March. The previous homeowner was a very special being. The female. She was gifted herself. Her husband not as much. When she died, he got ill with dementia and needed to be moved into a home for the elderly. He died eventually. 

The first few weeks we did the usual thing. We moved our boxes in. We cleaned the entire house. We began to organize everything that we needed. It takes a lot to move. During that time. This Older Female Negative Human Being, involved herself in our move. She randomly came over. She began to also move in. She started to tell us how to organize our home, and interfered in our new home. etc. I initially thought it was strange. She knew my mother. My mother knew her. I knew of her. I did not have any connection to her.  I never spoke to her. I didn’t give a shit about who this woman was. 

My NDE happened. Then my next experience occurred and that is when I left my body. I became paranoid. I was Scared. I also became extra sensitive and was for months by that point. I also had strep throat and I got the antibiotics for it and it cleared up. I essentially chose not to take an exit point. It could have gone that way. However, this woman just kept coming. Throughout all of the psychic experiences I was having. The Ascension related symptoms that I was going through. The past life bleed throughs. The left leg pain and not being able to walk for months. The NDE experience and OOB experience and everything. All that was hitting me all at once. Then this woman decided she need to be jealous, needed to be pissed off, need to come over and wish to have the house that we had. Had to allow herself to be used by demonic entities. 

In August,  I experienced a negative attack while sleeping.  It rattled me for weeks. It was the entities that left her body and consciousness, which she brought into our house.

Then the previous deceased female homeowner of our now house, continued to visit me as I was awakening and watching over me. She was protecting me as much as she could. That same month, my heavily religious parents called their parish priest and his visit along with hers made me ill. I’m not religious and I do not practice, or give, my energy to that specific belief system and that old negative system. The priest was gifted like me and I sensed it. He had a calling, he followed it, but, he was drenched in lower consciousness and lower conscious old ways. He was very Piscean. Wonderful for him. She worked for him. They both tag teamed me, told me I needed to go to church more. I instantly realized that they could not control me and were trying to. He blessed our home and she tried to interfere. He sensed it and kicked her out of our house, (later – I had to re-bless my house and set up a portal of light.) To undo the blessing he did that did not do anything. Because she kept coming back. 

In September, October, November: There were periodic visits from this woman and her grand-daughter. They both continued to just show up here. Her agenda was easy to understand. She wanted the house. She told us if we had not bought it she would have. Her jealousy was easy to pick up on. Her ego needs were ripe for the picking. Her grand daughter, was not even ten. I did not understand her part in all of this. 

One time in December. She came over and I knew on instinct that I needed to get out of the house and away from her. I stepped out and walked around, until I clairvoyantly saw her leave. While I was out of the house I was so rattled by her visit. I could feel her negativity even while away from my house. She was there. Polluting the home that I would need to come back to. I was in really bad shape, the further I got the more I could still feel it. I was having full on panic attacks. At night. It was cold. I was alone. Walking through trails in the area I lived in. I was so frightened by the negativity that I felt, when two random strangers walking the trails saw me. A father with his son. They saw me in the distance and they were scared as they watched me, unsure what was wrong with me. Meanwhile, I was experiencing a panic attack because of too much negative energy. I was feeling too much all at once. 

I crossed a bridge with a small pond. When the center of my forehead began to hurt like crazy and a being of light appeared. I know who this being of light was. After what seemed to be a while of this being appearing to me, in this splendid light, the being left. I felt better. More calm. I knew at that point the female was out of my house and that I could go home and I would be fine. When I got home. She was gone and I was exhausted. I was psychically worn out that I passed out. 

In January. Her visits were becoming more sparse. Once she started realizing that she could not have the house and that I was beginning to understand how to protect, cleanse, clean the house and the energy in it. It took me a lot to learn to do those thing’s. She came over one time. Wanting to speak to my mother. She was not home. So, she sat there and waited for her to come home. I knew that I could not just tell her to leave. I sensed that she would get angry, riled up and likely to do something. I was in no mood for a physical confrontation. Neither was I in the mood for another psychic attack. She eventually left on her own. Never spoke to my mom. I knew what she wanted. What she was there for. To rile me up. To scare me. To interfere. 

Her last visit was in February of 2015. I was fully activated and completely living and existing in that new frequency range, without struggling, without the physical pains being to brutal.  I was less sensitive, but my psychic gifts were easier to manage and deal with. I soon after that began a new job. I never saw her again. She never returned. I soon learned how to cleanse my house. I opened up a portal of light and the house and me are protected. It’s been five years since this all took place; I don’t get very many visitors to the house anymore.

This was my experience in regards to my physical activation and the harassment that I experienced. It sounds like a lot to take in and believe me I know. I lived it. I had to experience all of it. Every horrible, scary, idiotic, strange moment of it. It does not sound like it is that scary which is surprising. However, it felt scary. It felt dark. When your psychic and have had some experiences. You get used to the process of it. When your experiencing psychic phenomena for the first time, it can drive you to the brink. It can be hard. You will not feel normal. I am sensitive as well. However, there are people ten times more sensitive than me. If you’re an empathic person. My goodness. It’ll be harder to manage the energies of course. This is the majority of what you can expect during your awakening and activation. It isn’t just the physical symptom’s, the psychic gifts coming up, it’s also people, the people around you start to act different. You’ll have to see it, feel it, understand it when it is happening to you. 

Those of us who have experienced this. We know it and we know why it happens. If your new and or just becoming aware. Becoming aware of these kinds of people. Your going to have to learn fast how to handle these types. They never stay around for long. However, new people will most likely step in during different phases of your life, during different phases of your ascension Process. During that time. It was that Negative Female Human Being. It was not an easy experience. However, I made it through and so can you. You will. 

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