The Non-Physical Ones: I Had To Overcome A Lot Of Attacks. Both Awake And While Out Of Body.

Non-Physical Entities And Their Attacks

This article is going to be another continuation piece, which chronicles the experiences that I have had during the beginning of my Ascension process and physical activation. This article will detail the many attacks that I have experienced, while awake, and out of body in my home as I experienced them at that time. What it was like. How I handled them? This includes during my physical awakening, after the physical activation. This includes during the physical symptoms. The embodiment process. The past life bleed throughs. The Negative Female Human being who attacked me constantly. All of this and so much more. This article discusses the very many attacks on me, made by non-physical entities while I was both awake and asleep. It was the period of my Dark Of Night Soul. It was not fun, but it was necessary.

A lot of us who physically activate, and find ourselves beginning to move into a higher calling in this manner. We tend to experience very specific polarized situations like this, I’d love to sit here and say it’s all negative. While it can be and feel negative, it doesn’t always need to be seen in this way. The dark side and negative entities do come for you, and when you reach this level in your own personal development and evolution it can feel extremely negative. The truth is, it’s just where you are. Also, it’s just that you can see the bigger picture and what this earth realm is really all about. While it is a negative and very much lower density reality, there are a lot of lessons for all of us to learn by being here. Whether we like it or not. Whether we want to admit it or not. There are positives about these more negative experiences, whether we chose to face a lot of them as opposed to the more positive ones all of the time. Living and existing with polarity consciousness is a major part of learning for many of us who decide to come here. 

This week. My article is going to be another personal article, which discusses more of my physical activation, and what I went through during that specific period where I physically activated to begin my own Ascension Process. I wrote about the actual activation. I wrote about one of my past lifetime bleed throughs which almost killed me, which caused my NDE and OOB experiences. I wrote about what personal ascension symptoms that I experienced, as well as, how I was growing and all of my personal spiritual gifts. Then there was the negative attacks from the Negative Female Human being. This article is going to be about all of the attacks that I suffered, during the entire time I was making that energy change. The energy change over from a more lower energy with a matching reality, to a much higher one. It chronicles all of the external attacks on me and it also explains how negative attacks are not from within myself. How negative attacks are not from within people, and this is so important because I really want people to differentiate between both of these. I want those of you who will read this in the future to tell the difference, between self hatred and when an external negative entity is actually attacking you personally.

This specific period discusses the negative (external) attacks, made on me and my physical body from non-physical, negative demons, entities, devils and all of the such beings, from the month of July 2014 until December of that same year. 

This article is not an easy article for me to write. There are a lot of aspect(s) about it, that I know and can sense already, that will not be easy, for the majority of those reading it to understand. There will be many who do understand the topic and mainly it is because they have had those personal experiences. So, they know all about it. They know what I am talking about in regards to those Non-Physical Negative Entities. There are a lot of you who are here reading this article, who do not believe anything that I am writing about and I can already feel you. Yes, you who thinks I am insane and you who is questioning my sanity. You who do not believe in any kind of negativity. You who do not believe in being attacked by negativity and devils, entities, monsters, darkness etc. You who do not believe that humanity and consciousness is most definitely, under attack and hijacked by these negative non-physical entities. I know that to be true because of all my personal experiences. It is what I have experienced on and off for years now.

I also cannot even begin to write this article, without first mentioning the fact that there are those who do believe, those who experience negative attacks, are somehow attacking themselves from within. That there is no such thing as negative attacks that come from the external, that come from non-physical negative entities. Why? because they don’t believe in Non-Physical Negative Entities. It’s easy to not see what you haven’t experienced yet. If that is what you believe that is your opinion, prerogative, and good luck to you on your path. However, the entire point of this article is to show, just how many times I was attacked while asleep and out of body. How this repeatedly happened to me during the beginning of my physical activation. To share my experiences with regards to these attacks, how I handled them and what that meant and what it could mean for you. I want to start off by writing a few experiences that involved me alone and that involved other people. The first section will involve how thing’s unfolded for me on a personal level and why they did. 

As you well know (if you have read my previous articles;) I activated as a Third Waver to begin my Ascension Process and to help humanity, the earth, as it continues to transition into a higher resonating planet within our galaxy. This began in 2014 for me. While having gone through almost anything and everything, (which you can read about in those articles.) There were a handful of events that transpired for me, to me, during that time. One of the very many thing’s that happened to me, involved me having to consistently warred off, avoid, and flat out deal with, negative attacks, against my evolving consciousness and my physical body at times. This was one of the most frightening, intense, challenging, annoying, aspects of my Dark Night Of The Soul

Negative Attacks After My Physical Activation

The months after my physical activation were challenging, because I had set it up that way. It was set up this way when I agreed to return here to earth. It involved physical pain, change in consciousness, switching to a different reality, experiencing past life events and lives simultaneously, dealing with possessed people and generally feeling like I had briefly lost my mind, due to all of the combined events that happened at that time. Add to the list: increased psychic abilities and constant daily negative attacks on me, my consciousness and physical body. All done by the negative entities and forces on this planet, who have taken over it and all of humanities consciousness. 

One of the reason(s) why I agreed to have my physical activation happen this way, was because there really was no other way to do it. I had a choice. I either physically activated or I didn’t. I and many others knew that they would come after me, you, all of us, because they knew they could not access us if we did it. They could not control us. They could not hide themselves and their negative agenda from us. Understand that if and when you physically activate and your consciousness begins to understand these concepts, it will play out this way, whether in some of the ways I experienced them, or, in just one way for you. Depending, on what you agreed to prior to incarnating here, as you, in this lifetime. No ones path is ever the same. It just feels the same at times. 

The few times that I experienced attacks against me, by negative entities, was because they knew who I was and I was now understanding them and what was really going on. They did not like that! There was an issue with me getting out of their frequency range, which is to exist solely at that 3D level. They wanted to keep me disillusioned, disengaged and easily manipulated by them, for them, to do and think whatever they wanted me to about 3D earth, when really I was meant to help create the 5D new earth world and be rid of them for good. 

A few times their form of method, of attacks, involved direct attacks against my physical body and me. Then some times they tried to mess with my mind, my consciousness, to try and drive me insane and to the brink of insanity. Then there were times, where they could not reach me, so they used other people, hopped on for the ride, then they entered my house and attacked me and my body. 

This first incident explains in full detail what happened to me one night in November 2014, when a demonic entity hopped into one of my uncles. This demon then entered the house and attacked me. The next few incidents happened during sleep, where they attacked me just as I was sleeping. Or, when I was about to enter my physical body. 

They Came In Through My Uncle

The first few incidents that happened regarding my physical activation, reaching and accessing a new reality, the 5D timeline and being attacked for it by negative entities. Involved, multiple attacks on me while I was asleep. The earliest, was at the end of July 2014. While being asleep and then all of a sudden I felt an oppressive, dark, heavy, dense, energy, on my back, pressing down on me, while practically paralyzing me. This negative attack lingered for minutes and it would not let up. It frightened me beyond anything that I had ever been afraid of all my entire life, up until that point. 

The weeks afterwards. I could not relax. I could not sleep very well. I was traumatized to the point where, I dreaded night time the most. I slept maybe a few hours each night. I also called out to a few higher beings of light for help. I also had to switch rooms. As I was in the basement. At one point I was even convinced in the beginning of these experiences, that It was the room. To my surprise the same attacks happened at night in the new room, attacks on my body. I even woke up with bruises, aches, that I had no idea how I got. 

Another attack happened in November 2014 that sticks in my mind vividly. It was nearing the end of the month and I got a visit from one of my uncles’. He had something for me and my family. Well, that night I got a surprise visit from another demonic entity. Who attacked me again, after not having been attacked for weeks by that point. It took me a while to realize it, but this entity, entered the house through my uncle. It did this because it could not reach me otherwise. So, it hijacked someone else consciousness and body. 

That night I felt that dark, oppressive, heavy, dense, energy, figure, form, entity, familiar negative asshole energy, once again drop down onto my body. Onto my back. Just pressing down. Trying to suffocate me. I could easily sense, feel, just like all of the other times, that it was trying to personally kill me, remove me from my physical body. After, awhile I did not let it. There must have been something going on that night. I remember that moment being the first time I experienced an attack, and then not really feeling so phased by it. I had begun to experience them a lot at that point, I learned how to cope with them after they were done. 

Over the years; I have even experienced negative entities, who have breathed down my neck, while I can feel these attacks. I could feel their growls, their groaning at me while they hate me. As the years went by. The lesser these attacks got in my sleep, because they shifted for me in a new way. I was far away from them, so they could not physically harm me themselves. They did however, use, abuse, possess other people’s consciousness and I had to learn to be aware of them, in public, or, at work, while around those I knew who were being used by these non-physical negative beings. It changed in a different way.

This was my personal experience in regards to being negatively attacked, by entities, during the first few months of becoming an activated third waver. This was not an easy article to write. It also was not easy to explain, because not a lot of people truly understand what I have written about here. They have not experienced this. This is also not what most people experience. Most of us can and do feel the majority of this, however, everyone’s process and journey is so different. Many of us do not feel any attacks, a few feel some of them, another group will feel them heavily and my group of activated participants, well, we feel this constantly and more often than most. It all depends on what you agreed to go through, experience, prior to incarnating here, as the person you are. 

What you end up experiencing might not be as eventful, frightening, physically painful, as what I and other beings have experienced. However, if you have also experienced these personal attacks while beginning your Ascension Process. Just know you are so not alone and many other people have experienced this. How do I cope with this? I generally try to remain as calm as I can and then call on protection. Then I think about where it might have come from and why. Generally, if you are experiencing these attacks by Non-Physical Entities than it is because you are no longer in the same energetic range as they are. These are last minute efforts to reach you as you shift into a higher timeline, a higher earth reality etc. It is hard to go through no doubt, but finding way(s) to cope when it does happen will help you in times when it does happen. Staying calm helps. My suggestion: have a plan, have protection, say a prayer, most of all learn how to experience it and fight back. It might be easier said than done, but cultivating your own ways of coping will really help you in those times. 

Last but not least: if it does not feel right to you, than most likely there is something going on that is not right at all. Feel it energetically. Know it on instinct. Take action. Call on protection and be willing to do spiritual battle when you are called on to do it. 

It Lasted 7 Months Straight: I Was Negatively Harassed & Interfered With, While I Was Activating.

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