Removal Of Negative Template(s): Divine Sophia Is Energetically Re-Imprinting Her Entire Sequence.

Removal Of Negative Template(s): Divine Sophia Is Energetically Re-Imprinting Her Sequence On New Earth.

The end of February escalated pretty quickly and not just for me, but for the entire world. March has not felt all that better, despite having a few days here and there where physically I am fine. That doesn’t make up for the barrage of psychic intrusions, and attacks that I have had to endure at the hands of specific demonic entities. Yes, it’s going to be one of those articles. Mainly, because the world right now is still drenched in these specific entities and the negative agenda is really real. 

The Negative Agenda has been in play for a long time now within humanity, but it’s escalated quickly during the last two years. Do you want to know why? Because those in power have known about the Ascension process and so do the Negative entities and demons, that use those in position to create chaos and insanity. I always knew that there has been an abundance of distractions, going on during our entrance into Cycle Two of the Ascension process. I just never thought that there would be this much and so quickly. Think about the events unfolding in our world right now, and ask yourself do they seem almost planned? Doesn’t it look as if someone, or, a few people are organizing themselves and purposely perpetuating the old ways in order to continue to hold power. It kind of does and that is exactly what is going on! However, we’re in the new world and that won’t fly with me not by a mile. 

Since we’ve entered the Age of Aquarius; I immediately understood that as we transitioned into it – that Piscean themes and ways of life would remain for years and even decades to come. The sheer power that some groups, groups of people, organizations, religions, have on the collective is mind blowing to say the least. Why? It’s drenched in old world ways and views. Stuck and not advancing to a better level of understanding, not evolved enough for the current population of people who are not only stepping into our world. It’s also JUST not evolved enough to direct them into a better way. Who can function at such low levels? That’s right! Low leveled demonic entities and disturbed energy matter. The world is full of disturbed energy matter, matter that get’s collected and recycled throughout the earth when someone leaves physicality. It especially collects itself, when those specific people who physically exit earth reality who have been used, possessed, and hijacked consciously by the very Demonic entities that exist to feed off of people.

This has been happening more and more since 2020, and it got worse in 2021. In 2022, it is escalating to the point of where another world war is literally almost about to break out. These events are usually always demonically charged, as well as, fueled by the need to hold on to power by those who think they hold power. I’m not fooled by the recent attacks on those people in Europe, with COVID, the pandemic and everything else that is going on in world news. The news was invented to project all sorts of lower based emotions onto and into the collective, right out towards large amounts of people who are scattered across the world. Welcome to the Aquarian Age, where technology is being used to inject fear into the mass public and other injections to specifically trigger specific emotions.

Removal Of Negative Template: Negative Grid Lines Created by Negatives Within Other Realities. 

The Negative Agenda: The negative agenda is defined as a set of organized plans, that have been put in motion over time – to prevent the Ascension and evolution of earth and humanity.

This also includes: the need to falsify information, distract the public, keep information hidden, lie about their motives, use the news and technology to control people and their consciousness, not fully disclose information about the ascension process, or, in regards to extra terrestrial life and other races of beings. The list goes on and on. There have been large amounts of covert behavior that has been occurring with world leaders, groups, organizations, religions, that are all connected and yet act like they are not affiliated. 

The perpetuation of The Old World by specific people, and negative beings, has been a theme for as long as I have been alive, and that’s just in this specific life. The truth is that it’s still going on today. There are so many people who are constantly repeating old Piscean Age habits, behaviors, and projecting those ways of old life into new earth. This perpetuation has been ongoing, but it is even more perpetuated now than ever before. This will continue to happen as we get past this transitional phase, and head deeper into the Aquarian Age for sure. There isn’t anything wrong with having to re learn lessons of the past, but people don’t realize that we’re existing on a whole new earth world now. The instant lessons that we’re learning now, they are coming on hard and fast. There have been many times in the last two years, where if I thought I would get away with anything that it was clear that I wasn’t going to. I had to fully deal with it, and take ownership of my emotions and feeling’s and actions.

There is a specific theme where people continue to {act, think, feel, express and share,} how they used to do these thing’s in the same exact way as before. The only problem is that those ways of doing thing’s are not compatible with the new earth we’re living in. Those tools don’t work and I have been stuck in this myself as well. My actions (at times) and the specific tools that I use are very outdated ones, and I’ll catch myself doing the same things at times. Reacting in the usual ways that I do. It can be difficult to remove the brainwashing, mind control, that has been used on me and on many people. When your living on New Earth, it’ll get brought up really quickly for you to notice and quickly take action against. The only way to stop perpetuating the old ways on new earth, is to acknowledge your patterns. YOU have to become hyper aware of when your in your feeling’s and indulging in toxic habits. What were the triggers? What happened when they started to come on? Was it an accident? Did it feel almost intentional by specific demonic entities? Was it an intentional maneuver to side track you and leave you consciously spinning to figure out what is happening? That hard work and dedication to constantly reclaim your consciousness, is the only way to live on new earth and stop perpetuating old ways of life.

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