Equinox Build-Up For 2022: The Spring Equinox Looks Disparate From The New Earth Viewpoint.

Energy Build-Up Before & After The Equinox

As is the case during these points of energy; I and many other sensitive beings begin to feel the build-up of energy, whenever the four points of energy happens during the year. The Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter points of energy are what I am referring to. Well the Spring Equinox build-up for 2022, has been extremely intense and that is for sure. 

I’m not sure when this build-up began to get stronger, but it happened for me around Monday (14th) and it hasn’t stopped ever since. It intensified Wednesday night (16th) and lasted all day into Thursday (17th.) I haven’t been sleeping well, due to an increase in energy embodiment. Aside from that, I have needed to sleep as much as possible. Half of my body is feeling tight once again and my scoliosis has kicked in. It has been difficult to walk during specific moments, almost to the point of limping. My mind is exhausted with fighting off intense negative projections and mind altering simulations. Many which I have had to notice, fend off, and acknowledge as a blatant attack on me. Another past life, has begun to unravel and unfold for me – which involves certain NEW people in my immediate day-to-day environment. Those memories, mixed with those interactions, with those people, have been traumatizing and important. All of this, while trying to maintain some semblance of normalcy and stability. It’s been hard for me, as I am sure it has been for all of you. 

Well, the Spring Equinox has long past by and I NEVER managed to finish this article. This tends to happen. I don’t know how many times I have felt pulled to write something about what is going on for me, only to then have thing’s change on me last minute. Experiences happen and life tends to change because of it, It’s worked out in my favor, because now I have a slew of even more experiences that I can discuss and write about. The last two weeks have been filled with physical experiences that I will be sharing, but I have also been in a hyper-aware state during the last few days. Mainly, because I’ve had to be extremely careful with the people around me, as everyone is slowly getting shifted and sorted into their own directions. I have had to avoid, to discern, to sense, and to see through people and their motives right now. While also allowing them to be and do what they need to do, it’s like sitting down behind a specific veil in another realm and it’s usually best to observe and not get in their way. All this while dealing with my own unique challenges. It’s been intense as I’m sure you have also gone through similar experiences yourself(s).

One challenge that I have had to consistently face this year, was the fact that I’m once again out in the 3D world and yes it is still there. The 3D world is very much there, with all of those lower realities still existing (for now.) The only difference is it’s vastly damaged, separated, and ultimately on the verge of no longer existing any longer. As this is the case for me and yes I do still need to go out there to still work, to provide for myself. I’ve had to balance the challenges of my embodying duties and play the circus game that is still going on in the world right now. It’s not something that I have enjoyed at all, and it has made thing’s increasingly more difficult when something big hits. My first immediate reaction is to run out of my NEW work environment, and get home as fast as I can so that I can suffer in silence and drift off to sleep. This was the case during this year’s Equinox Build-Up and the aftermath of it.

After The Equinox Build-Up

The Spring Equinox and this energy point was on Monday (21st.) This entire week; I have just struggled. This section is part of my experiences for this years Equinox, it details everything that happened after the fact. 

Most of what I experienced and over this week, it has all been on a physical level. I have had intense migraines, sinus pressure, sinus pain, difficulty getting enough sleep, while sleeping way too much. It just happens to be that what we are embodying is extremely intense, so I have not acclimated to these new codes which I will be writing about. Monday (21st) and Tuesday (22nd,) I was just burned out and any chance that I got I just thought about sleeping and being asleep. While feeling tired, the intense head pressures, sinus pain was also messing with me. 

Tuesday was the worst day. There was a Solar Flare which almost took me out with how intense it was, and there has been lots of solar activity going on lately. It was impossible for me to go home, because I’m now working outside in public again. While my entire body and nerves were just erupting in aches, pains, along with my Scoliosis and my neck/spine feeling out of place again. I spent most of Tuesday morning for about an hour or two, with my shoulders, and my shoulder blades aching and feeling like they were being ripped apart. Wednesday, thing’s began to shift off physically for me. Today as I write this I feel so much better. 

I decided to write about my experiences in terms of the Aftermath of this years Equinox Energy Point and that transition first. It’s more recent so what I might be experiencing, might be what you are also going through as well. This aspect of this transition was definitely more physical, where as my experiences during the build-up before this energy point was all karmic, past life, and more mentally challenging.

Before The Equinox Build-Up

The week of March (14 – 20th,) which was part of the before aspect of the Equinox Build-Up was not a physical issue for me. This period was more about the mental struggles I faced, the sudden and NEW past life that came up, the altered states of being there at that time and the strange events surrounding my area.

At the start of the week, the people around me had been shifted out of my immediate area. The usual people that I had noticed, while other people became the focal point. When the build-up was in full mode and as we were about to make the transition, some strange events happened in my area. For two straight days there was a mist and fog that just swept through my area, and it looked liked I was walking around in a haze. I’ve witnessed this light mist but when the veil is coming through very strongly. However, this was a two day event of this actual weather. I’ve seen both of these mists and transparent hazes, in both this earth and the spirit world. If you also have noticed this mist and fog, or, either in the world and in the spaces around you – just know that you are not the only one. This was the first part of the initial transition. 

As the days went on, a past life had continued to reveal itself. Specific players began to emerge and these were people that I clearly and quickly realized I had a lifetime with. There was one person who appeared three times in one week, and I had already noticed this specific being and our connection. Thing’s are always tense with this person. Thing’s escalated a few times and there were some nights, where in an altered state of consciousness I was taken back to that lifetime. It was revealing, exhausting, painful, very sudden, and it made a few thing’s very clear for me in how I was feeling. There is still much to know and learn. 

It is now March (26th) and while specific thing’s have calmed down, there are still a lot of things happening and they will continue to. This is what I personally experienced during this Equinox Build-Up and you might have experienced some similar situations as well. Take it for what it is: it is all just an experience, whether you perceived it as positive or Negative.

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