New 2022 Geometric Light Codes: New Earth And The Embodiment Of New Light Codes.

New Geometric Light Codes

I have been exceptionally quiet for the month of March and I haven’t had much time to really discuss a lot of the experiences that I have had, that’s just because I’ve had a lot to experience on a personal level. It has been a big month and lot’s of changes, dismantling, revelations, truths are continuing to come up to the surface, as we get deeper and deeper into the Aquarian Age. 

One experience that I have had this month, involves NEW Light Codes that I had witnessed one day as they were being embodied into NEW Earth. I have been meaning to write about these codes for a few weeks now, but, with all the solar activity, with all of the changes due to the Equinox. I spent many of my days at the mercy of physical discomforts, which needed my immediate attention. This article is about the NEW square, triangle, and circle, transparent sharp edged, crystalized glass-like light codes, that I saw early on during the month. 

Over the almost last decade and I can’t believe that I’m writing that. I have had countless experiences where no matter where I am, or, what I am doing; I’ll have a psychic visual of the specific light codes that happen to be arriving on earth at that time. I’ll usually see these Light Codes while I’m at home and in my own home space, but there have been times, where I have seen them out in public and while out at whatever job that I have had at the current time. They are all always individually unique, different, never the same shape and neither do they ever hold the same level of energy. So, for me it’s been almost ten years of seeing various different types of energies, lights, and that is because the earth is always embodying different light and energy. The perks of evolution is that nothing ever stays the same, and this can be applied to any level of energy that is arriving down here on physical earth.

The Specific Energies and Light Codes that I have been seeing in March 2022 are pretty NEW in the sense that I have not seen them yet. This doesn’t mean that they haven’t been here for a while, it just means that I have not seen them personally myself. Not until recently. This tends to happen quite frequently, where timelines and exact dates can be unknown when specific light energy arrives on earth. Each person feels and senses them differently, and within a span of a few days or weeks. Everyone sees and feels these energies differently, and there is no right moment where this is going to occur. It happens for all beings and people in their right time.

The three images up above are similar to the new energies and light codes that I was shown and what I have seen. I would have loved to have found an animated image, but I couldn’t find anything that was close to what I have been seeing. This is the closest that I could find. These codes were actually shown to me by my current guides, guardian angel, and my light team. It was shown to me because I had asked to see what was coming in and I wanted to know prior to the Equinox Energy Point. This is exactly what I experienced during early March 2022 and everything that transpired between me and my light team.

Early March Psychic Experiences 

Prior to the Equinox Point; I had one specific experience while out in public. I have had many moments while I have been out in public, and around other people, where I have seen specific energies, events, realities, and various supernatural phenomena that other people just are not aware of. This happens quite a lot. It just means that not everyone can see this, and not all people are meant to do this. 

On this specific day, this had happened while at my NEW job out in the 3D world. This NEW place that I’m working at has a somewhat positive vibe about it, so naturally, I was amazed at how good I felt and it felt. Which made it possible for me to sense and perceive different events, timelines, realities, all of which I have been able to do in this work location. The first thing that I have to mention is that these energies did not reveal themselves to me, I had to ask my light team to show me what was happening around me. Which I felt like I was guided to do, which they communicated with me that they would show me but for only a brief moment. 

During this brief moment, I was suddenly surrounded by these Square, Circle, Triangle, Geometric shaped Light Codes. The best description that I can give of what they looked like, they were these sharp edged crystalline glass-like, geometric shapes, that were rather connected with one each other. They fell and embodied into earth at a rather slow pace, and they glowed brightly. This view lasted for just only a few moments, and just as fast as it was revealed it went away. There were further discussions about what was transpiring, and what was going on around my area. Then it stopped and life continued normally. 

These experiences happen to me more or less often than not, and the majority of the time they happen at random. When they happen the reaction that I have can vary, it can be an intense experience or a very normal reaction. If it’s something that I have never seen before, and this has happened to me where I am looking around all over the place. I have had to watch how I looked while out in public, most of the time every-day normal people will think that I am crazy. They probably already do! So, I take my capabilities and abilities very seriously. 

These are the NEW light codes that I have seen and experienced in early March 2022.

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