Divine Mother Template Infusion: A NEW Wave Of The Latest Light Codes & Multiple Strange Events.

Early April 2022 Strangeness

Early April 2022 has felt like all of 2022 combined in the span of five days. It’s been insane, and yet all so oddly calming at the same time. However, there have been some strange events happening that have left me in specific states of awe, shock, and just down right exhaustion. I knew immediately that this is connected to the changeover that we experienced, when we past the Equinox Point in March. When we open one door and enter a new space, that new space tends to hit us and very quickly. Think of this as if you were in a building, your in the staircase going higher onto a new level. The door you access goes to that new level, but only that level. You can only ever go back down, but you can not move any higher than that level you are on. This is what has been happening. 

I’ve realized that we’re shifting into another place, a new space entirely, and even time, because that usually tends to happen the further and higher that we get. I’m not sure where in adjacent we have shifted and moved to, but we are not positioned in our solar system like we used to be. A definite movement has occurred. 

A Very Strange And Eventful April

April 2022 has started off in a very strange and eventful way. Then again hasn’t 2022 been eventful and strange in so many new ways? I think we can all agree that it has. I can only speak about my own personal experiences, and often times I do. I know that this will be the case, but it isn’t going to be done on purpose. This article might read like there are too many thing’s going on all at once, and I’m going to try and organize it all so that it makes much more sense for all of you reading it. There is just so much happening, that I feel like it’s all connected. Usually, that tends to be the case. 

This month so far we’ve moved. I’m referring to another physical movement for humanity and earth. All that I can sense and feel is that our position has moved in the solar system. We’re not where we used to be, and my body has felt this too. If I were to describe exactly what I am feeling in detail it would be, that I’ve been experiencing this upward motion taking place. I feel my body reacting to this change in positions as well, I’ve randomly become nauseous at times. I’ve felt this sensation of almost being pulled upwards and downwards. Like when someone shakes a box full of toys and they scatter upwards, only to fall quickly back down to the bottom of the box. It’s felt like the earth itself is rising in a (Vertical) motion from it’s current location, not moving (Horizontal) and (Diagonal). I’ve had an awful week with this, and while this has been happening the earth has moved into this new area. A new area where a Wave of NEW Light Codes has been showering down on all of us, I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been hit with these latest new patterns and codes. Most of us in our household including me have been hit, bothered, effected by these new energies and this wave in our own ways.

This New Light Wave

I began feeling this New Light Wave hit specifically on (Apr 2nd,) but I am convinced that this began taking place a few days before this. I immediately got hit with a wave and needed to immediately leave my physical body. As (Apr 3rd) arrived, it was like world war III in my house and I knew something was not right with some of my family members. I knew that I was feeling specific thing’s physically, but that they were not capable of handling this movement mentally. As Monday rolled by, I was physically unable to even work while at work and there were some other events that I have to share, that happened that need to be placed in a separate paragraph.

 Meeting With A Higher Dimensional Being

On the night of (Apr 3rd) into (Apr 4th) I like any other night, on those specific occasions, left my physical body and was off in a different place altogether. This experience is not new and I’ve experienced these travels many times; I have found myself in different dimensions, with many different higher dimensional beings. What we do tends to vary and many times, what I experience with these higher dimensional beings tends to be work related. I’m working with them. They are sharing information with me, they are also assisting me with my current Ascension and evolution in this life. How we communicate varies as well, but on this specific case and on this specific night. I met up with a higher Dimensional Being, who began showering me with the current Light Codes that I have been embodying right now. He seemed like he enjoyed helping me, and he even giggled at me because I asked him to adjust the amount of light that was going into me.

Think of it as my Soul Body embodying the latest NEW Wave of Light Energies and Codes first, but with the help of a higher Dimensional friend who can help me embody the correct amount of light that I need. Part of the work that me and him (yes it was a Male being,) were doing, involved trying to figure out what amount of this light that I would need to sustain myself. After he helped me embody and adjust it, I finished my work with him and I spent some other moments in other dimensions and then returned to my physical body.

Next Morning Physical Embodiment Hell

At 9:00 am on that same exact day (Apr 4th.) I arrived early Monday morning for my first shift of the week, at work, only to experience an intense body embodiment that lasted the almost 4 hours that I was working. Now, to an outside person they probably would have thought that I was suffering with Covid. That’s what the public has been told to believe, that any kind of illness is infact the illness that is related to Covid. I was experiencing an intense Light embodiment experience from hell. 

Within minutes, I went from being fully functional to not being able to even stand. I had the worst stomach aches, sensitivity, sensitivity to people, to energy, to whatever was going on. I was nauseous and that hit quick. My shoulder blades were being torn apart, and I spent a good few minutes having to sit down and waited it out. I hadn’t felt like that since the summer of 2021. I had no idea that I could feel that way, again, and when trying to figure out what was going on. I remembered the dream a mere hours earlier where the higher dimensional being was helping me embody these new codes. I put two and two together and I still wonder even now, if he hadn’t adjusted what he did if it would have been worse off. 

  Experiencing Different Time Anomalies

While all of that was and is going on, still is currently. If you’ve been following well then I’ve managed to actually write this in a way where it’s been readable. Another strange event that has happened in early April, which has me thinking that this could be the most zany month yet. Involves experiencing Different Time Anomalies. I have experienced timeline shifts, moving from in and out of lower realities, and this phenomena from time to time. However, I never experienced it at this level before. I noticed that on (Apr 4th) my phone had been out of sync with every other clock in the house by four minutes. That is a weird thing to experience, and that rarely happens to me. So, when it happened it only verified it for me that we had changed physical positions once again. It was as if the movement caused time to change and I found myself in a reality, a space, a place, where even time was able to be bended and distorted. It was like time didn’t exist. The truth is the concept of time isn’t real, but we create time in order to instill some form of order amongst the chaos.

I ended up resetting my time to the correct time, and then I moved forward. Today I experienced nothing but pure rage and I was releasing lots of emotions and vent up traumas from my childhood. It was very healing. At the same time tiring. This is April 2022, so far and if more strange occurrences are going to follow like this, and as we build up to the month of May, where the eclipses, and the Pleiadian Gateway opening will happen. Then, we’re in for a real shift and huge change because this already feels so unreal.

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