The Extinction Of Lower Realities: So What Is Really Going On With The Lower Worlds?

The Extinction Of The Lower Realities

Ever since 2020 began; I haven’t had to deal with so many aspects of lower dimensional crossing and all that it entails of me to experience. Not like I always have. My area experienced a tremendous amount of lockdowns, and I didn’t need to experience the changeover outside of the comfort of my own home. What a changeover it was. All of the more negative, lower, and lower realities, just wasn’t apart of my life at that point. I’m fully in that gray area again, where I am having to deal with it now and I have been since the end of 2021. 

There is so much going on right now with the world, the lower realities, and the extinction of these realities – that the entire world is seeing it for the first time. I needed to share this specific article because I wanted to discuss this, the lower realities are almost all extinct, and all of these multiple people and events, are rippling and bleeding through into New Earth. It will be apart of this new world and then purged from it. When something has no place to hide, it sticks out like a sore thumb and eventually it vanishes. This is more or less what is going on, with these people and events. 

Extinction Of The Last Remaining Lower Realities

Yes, I said it. The remaining Lower Realities that are still held in place on New Earth at the current moment, are on the verge of collapse. This is a very exciting thing. However, in knowing that, there are of course a few thing’s that tend to happen when a lower reality becomes dismantled and permanently removed. Which is why I am writing this, because people seem to be confused that just because we have made it to new earth. That all of a sudden the old aspects, people, places, realities from old earth are all just going to vanish suddenly. That rarely happens, and there is a process that we all go through with this. These people, lower realities, are still very much with us, on the verge of collapse is different than they are already extinct. This has been happening over the last couple of decades, which is why many people have suddenly seen how chaotic a lot of the events on earth have been. 

The last almost decade since I have physically began my physical Ascension process, I have had to endure these Lower realities and some of them I have been a big part of in removing. I have had my fair share of Lower Dimensional Crossing. I wish that I never did, but I’m contracted to do multiple thing’s in this life. Moving from higher spaces to extremely lower spaces is a little bit of the work that I do. Which is what Lower Dimensional Crossing means.

Lower Dimensional Crossing: This is a term that I use to describe those specific moments in my life, when I am moving from a higher reality, dimension, or, space, into a lower one. Dimensional crossing is something I have been doing since 2014. At times it has been painful. because it’s painful to occupy those spaces that hold such lower than normal frequencies and vibrations. 

Chaos Is Everywhere On New Earth

I don’t need to tell anyone who is currently physically incarnated on earth right now that there is chaos all around us, we know it and we live it on a daily basis.  If anything it continues to get worse. However, the increase in this chaos has been extremely noticeable. It’s so noticeable that a lot of people who weren’t paying attention to the chaos, are suddenly now realizing that this isn’t normal. That what they are witnessing and observing is not normal at all. This is a such an important thing for me to personally mention, because there is more to this and for serious higher reasons. To simplify it; the majority of the current human population is now Living on New Earth. They will continue to the further into the next few years that we get. This is the first time that so many people have all been living in the same higher reality, and when you finally make the energetic push into where the forerunners are now. It’s noticeable. There is one thing about this that I need to elaborate on and that has to do with, why so many people living on new earth: look, feel, act and pretty much are chaotic.

The current events unfolding with specific people and every-day people, who are suddenly now forced to live, and exist, amongst the majority of the rest of us on new earth – has to do with the fact that many lower realities have vanished and they are all now living in the higher realities with all of us. If it looks bizarre to you; it really just is that so many lower realities are no longer holding those lower frequency people anymore. If you’ve been observing people who have been exhibiting unbalanced, strange behaviors, or, views, if you are noticing people acting like they are having a challenging time. If they are becoming violent and a danger to the human population, they are no longer able to hide behind their reality. They can NO longer hide behind anything anymore, and most people will in fact see them for what they truly are and who they have been this entire time. It looks chaotic, but there are higher reasons for this. When they entered New Earth they could not act like they did in the lower worlds and realities that they resided in, and they either acclimate to the new earth or eventually down the line they will disappear from this earth world. They have to make that choice by changing their behavior.

There are reasons for this. A lower frequency person who is not embodying any light, cannot acclimate into new earth like those who do. Which is why we’ve seen so many more people in humanity embody new light codes, and enter new earth. The work had been done by many of us forerunners for decades, which allowed this event to unfold for humanity. Lot’s of people have acclimated to entering new earth, while many have been forced into it and are not a frequency match for it and boy are they struggling.

Continued Chaos Will Unfold

I hate to be the one who says it but expect further events of chaos to continue to unfold. It is going to feel like the world has taken one, two, three steps backwards in it’s evolution. This is just what you haven’t seen, all of that which was always buried deep down in the belly of the beast so to speak. It always seems to be that we have to take one step forward and two steps back, especially when it involves the evolution of humanity. We’re all at such different levels of evolutionary development, and those people have a right to learn just as much as we have the right to understand what they don’t as of yet.

This past week, due to the catholic rituals (which I do not follow,) and I do have my own personal issues with all of those religious beliefs. I was raised as a catholic and I knew I was here to dismantle those belief systems, bust the system and all systems which is what we’re here for. These weeks are always the worst kind of weeks for me, and it’s been this way every year since I was young. When ever it got to this week, and as they refer to it Holy Week my body and the events around me would just be so draining. I could never handle it very well, or, I would be embodying something, or, transmuting – because it’s a lot of emotions that are swirling around. This year was no different, in fact this year seemed to be the worst. I was caught (towards the end) of a bomb scare event in my hometown, and it was all so exhausting to be apart of. While the event was awful, I experienced the last few days in total peace and quiet. The usual attacks, physical pain, transmuting, did not effect me on the more intense days. Here is a small description of what I experienced on Wednesday of last week.

Bomb Scare Event

I had just finished my shift on Wednesday April (13th,) and because I take public transportation ended up at the specific bus station I always go to on my way home. I was immediately told upon arriving to the bus stop closest to the station, to get off, and stand with a small crowd of people who were already waiting for other buses to arrive.

There were tons of police officers, paramedics, fire fighters, all of these emergency services that were on the scene ready and waiting. The roads were blocked and after having joined the crowd of people; I looked on trying to sense what was going on? My primary soulmate (who has died,) began acting very strange, he was allowed to stand right behind me and my guides and light team had no issue with it. This is strange, because when out in public he and they make it a point to stay as far from other people and me when I am out in the public world. This was not the case at that moment, he stood behind me and I was made to feel safe and protected. 

A short while later a patrolman approached directing all of us; I inquired what was going on and he told me that there was a bomb scare in one of the buildings. They did an investigation for almost two hours but that it was just a scare and based on misinformation. At this point I understood exactly was going on, who and what was behind it and why. However, there needs to be an investigation with anything like this. It was the worst event that I was involved with, and mainly because everyone around me was confused. To make matters worse a truck also almost got into a Collison with an even bigger truck, which was prevented by both light teams of both individuals involved. Which would have added to the chaos and confusion, which was already all around everyone. I knew who and what was behind this. 

I quickly watched as everything returned back to normal after half-and-hour, and then proceed to get on my bus, where I made it home absolutely tired and drained from the entire event. 

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