The Preparation Into May 2022: Step One, Step Two, & Step Three All The Way Into New Earth.

Moving Into The Next Energy Space

I’ve noticed in April 2022 that there have been small periods where I can feel myself, along with everyone else ever so slowly moving into an unknown big space. I have felt myself moving toward this new space, and I have had a lot of things happening around me (in my personal life,) that is showing me that we’re moving somewhere unknown now. I have never felt more on my own than I have in the last week, while also realizing that there is more coming that is connected in so many ways. 

The end of April was challenging and difficult for me, because I was stuck having to do serious Lower Dimensional Crossing. I was in/out of lower and higher dimensional spaces, within a 48 hour period and that left me absolutely drained, exhausted, physically unwell and the amount of transmuting that I was doing was just so intense. It was necessary and I was in many ways contracted to go where I was needed to. This past week has really been a gigantic struggle and you can feel that thing’s are being shaken up again, the amount that I have been embodying these last two days has me just reeling. I can’t keep up and all I want to do is just get out of my body and catch a break. 

Transitioning Into A Higher Space

As we move into the end of April 2022 the intensity of what it means to be an embodier, who holds light, in the newly first-steps taken Aquarian Age that we find ourselves in. Well, it has been unlike anything that I have had to deal with. I have not known any kind of experience like this, because I haven’t had any kind of experience like this prior to it. I am learning along the way, as much as all of you have been. Those of you who are reading this in the far future, this applies to you as well as to those who are reading this today. Your not from my time, but your learning in your own time period. This is the article that I have specifically been wanting to write, because I knew prior to even starting this article that I was going to write about this transition. It’s so important to mention that we’re transitioning out of another layer of energy, moving into a new space altogether. If you go back to the beginning of this month, I had written about first entering the shallow ends of this brand new space. At the time it was the very first step that we had made, that I had made into this new space and level along with the other forerunners, and embodiers scattered around the world right now.

We are transitioning into this new space and we will finish the movement into it in May and we will move even further into parts unknown in June. Down below; I have decided to use as my visual representation, two pictures of foot prints, and the movement of the lonesome embodier climbing up a flight of stairs, to show our movement into this next level that will be available to us.

This depiction is exactly what many of the embodiers and forerunners have been doing all along for decades, both in cycle one and in cycle two of The Ascension Process. Many of the forerunners and embodiers who have been doing this for years, are going to once again quickly step onto the next level and layer. Which will leave it open for everyone else to move into that space in the future. We leave behind our foot prints along the way, so that others know the way. Think of it as Illuminated Light Foot Prints because that is exactly what they are, it’s exactly what we are doing. Once we reach the month of May, and step into those two eclipses and then begin embodying those Pleiadian Portal codes. Everything will make more sense and yes we will feel the difference in a months time. However, we are experiencing our projections and movements towards this and all of the events that are slowly unfolding. 

We’re Getting Hit Big Time In Late April

Ever since last week; I have felt an increase in specific light codes that I have been embodying, and in general my physical body has been much more sensitive than it used to be on regular days where I am not. Yes, we are getting hit bad right now. The escalation is only going to continue as we enter the month of May. However, some of the physical stuff that I have been experiencing is so intense and I’ve had to do deal with it in public. It is starting to feel like what I experienced, at the beginning of April when we first started moving into this shallow end of a new space. Here are some experiences that I had since about this past Sunday and onward.


I had a very challenging day this past Monday which isn’t new for me, but, it did lead to some very physically painful moments. Like every other part of my life while living the Ascension Process, this was how it usually goes and there was nothing that I could do but deal with it as best as I could in the moment. From the second I woke up on Monday; I instantly got hammered with energy wave, after energy wave. It hit me right in the center of my forehead, right in between my eyes and then it travelled upwards into my head. Then it moved all around my head and down into my neck. After a while, I felt my scoliosis kick in and it felt like parts of my right side were dislocated and out of place. It was like this for hours on end and it would not let up. It was from 9 am – 1 in the afternoon. Constant energy swirling around for hours on end, and I had a public event to attend that I didn’t want to. 

On a positive note, I have been having some of the best sleep that I have gotten in years. It is a really intense and deep sleep and of course there are reasons for this, because the older I get the more nap times I find that I am needing. I have to take a break and step out of this intense place, and where I’m at when I am getting plastered by these energies. 

Witnessing Multiple People Trajectory 

As is the case with some of the work that I do, I am considered a transmuter and all that means is that I am clearing vast amounts of literally dead energy. Dead energy from people. Dead energy from specific locations and spaces on earth. Dead energy from deceased beings and past events that happened on earth. As a transmuter; I remove this dead energy through me and send it back to source where it cannot stay here. While I have not been transmuting since 2020 all of that much, I have noticed a slight increase in this type of work again by me this year. I’ve been involved in one of these jobs and it happened on Sunday evening. Then it happened again for the majority of Monday morning. However, one of the most intense events that I have experienced happened to me on Monday morning, and I call this event the witnessing of multiple people trajectory. It is exactly like it is written. 

There is a slight component to this as the event happened for me while I was transmuting.

This event takes place surrounded by a large group of family, extended family, and during this event I was transmuting all of our collective energy. It seemed to me that the more I was transmuting, the more I was being shown very specific imagery and visualizations of what was going on in that moment from a higher perspective.

It’s not uncommon for me to get placed in positions where I will work around people, and this time I was around certain extended family. As is the case, I was surrounded by a whole group of people young and old. In physical human age and evolutionary evolution. As I am who I am; I was shown multiple events that were happening within events. I was witnessing multiple people moving into directions. I was being shown multiple people trajectories, and it looked like to me on that Monday morning that everyone had a clear transparent line attached to them. These lines were attached to every single one of those people, separate individual lines, and I could feel them being pulled into their own specific places. I received the opportunity to witness this from a human perspective, but I also got to see this from a spirit world perspective. It was like I was out of my body, being shown where the majority of people were going to head off into. It wasn’t just psychically seeing it in that moment, but I felt it inside of me. I had never felt anything quite like that. I also had never had the opportunity to see all of these multiple lines on a psychic level like this before either. 

Coming Back Full Circle

There are two days left until we transition into the month of May, and all of the next big events, shifts, dramas, life lessons, and of course NEW Energy Space. What once was a dip into the shallow waters of this newest level we’re moving into, will soon be a slow movement into the deep end and the full impact of life at this next level. Prepare to leave anything behind that doesn’t resonate with you any longer, prepare to dig deeper and find out more of who you really are right now. It’s always a full circle experience, as we start at point A and then magically find ourselves right back there. Only we have a new and fresher perspective to work with. I’m already preparing for the month of May and the next eclipses, not to mention the next Pleiadian Download and those new codes.   

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