New Template For Humanity: A Solar Eclipse Bring’s New Codes To South America & Antarctica.

New Light Template For Humanity

From time to time humanity tends to get thrown for a loop when a new light template arrives, with the intention of uplifting the world. We experienced this new template arrive prior to the Partial Solar Eclipse on Apr 30th. This happens all of the time and on top of experiencing timeline changes, closures, many people also choose to cross over into spirit again during these eclipse periods. There are always lots of thing’s being thrown into the air during these Accelerated periods of time. Which we just happen to be in at the current moment. An acceleration of life and all that comes with it. 

During the end of April things have escalated big time! It has not stopped either. I’ve been embodying more than usual. I’m transmuting again. I’m also getting hit with this new template and have been hit hard ever since Apr 27th. My body has not gotten a break from these events. I’m experiencing every single emotion that I can known to the human experience, I’m dealing with it and I’m not all at the same time. There are no rules. No guide books. There is no one to hold my hand or your hand when your living your own individual Ascension Process. It has been exceptionally hard, but there are good thing’s coming from it for all who are embodying these light codes and this new template.  

New South America & Antarctica Template

I want to begin this article by mentioning that South America and Antarctica received a New Light Template, during this latest Partial Solar Eclipse that we experienced on (Apr 30th.) This happens from time to time, where specific areas around the world do get bombarded by a new template specifically for that region. They embody codes first and then the rest of the world follows, and the most important part about this is that this specific region was hit once again. This also happened for Antarctica in December of 2021 and I remember thinking about those codes at the time, that were activating that area further for future colonization. Which will happen in the centuries to follow. This is all so symbolic, and just like my last article where I spoke about needing preparation for what was about to come this month. We are being prepared for the future, and so is the earth through her lands and waters. These are also all separate entities within themselves, and they are being improved for future inhabitants and current ones.

This also is not a surprise to me, because there are specific locations on our earth that have an almost spiritual and supernatural dominance to them. There are gateways in various parts of the world that allow for higher consciousness, light, energies to enter, and to be held in those specific places. If you have heard of Ley Lines then you know what I’m talking about, it just so happens that the one Ley Line in South America was directly hit. There is a lot going on with all of this, there are so many connections. Coincidentally, there is a similar event that will happen later on this year in Europe in October. The focus of the next Partial Solar Eclipse will be mostly on Russia. The majority of Europe will experience this event, and a new Light template will be placed there. New codes for humanity. To improve life over there. How people deal with this, is yet to be known and as it is still far in the future. Anything can happen, but I’m already being shown visions of that specific event. It is an important one that my higher team has been drilling into my mind. They are very focused on this, and have wanted me to be focused on this specific event as well.

Physical Materialization Of New Codes

I’ve embodied a lot over the course of the last Eight years while living out my Ascension Process. I’m used to getting hit hard when something big comes, but I wasn’t expecting the end of April and early May to feel quite like this. However, knowing exactly where we are I can understand the how’s and why’s behind it. I knew that May 2022 was going to be extreme for so many reasons, and yes it has felt difficult physically but this is a wonderful time that we are living in. The Physical Materialization of any specific new codes, or, a template pattern is a very important part of source and creation. When source is tossing down those lights, they always reach us and then they materialize into earth and into humans. Essentially, the purpose is to help us become the new humans of new earth. Which is what is happening, but, there are also very many people who are not going to become new humans of the new earth. For specific reasons that they chose not to do this and not at this current time period. Levels and we are all on different ones. There have been so many people who have been outright freaking out and fearing Cycle Two Of The Ascension Process.

It seems that whenever we have begun another process of embodying a new template, pattern, codes, lights, whatever it is that you want to call them. The specific people who fear it and the natural Ascension process begin to take it out on humanity, by trying to control people, enforcing rules and regulations, and down right try to control them from a very natural process. Yes, this is still going on in 2022. It’s getting much worse. We understand what this is. They don’t want the Ascension Process to Change them. They’re on a descending timeline and it keeps getting worse. I’ve had to deal with more of these people who refuse to have anything to do with embodying and ascension, they either get used or stay away from me. Why? They aren’t in the same space as I and that others who are embodying are on. Not everyone is evolving or ascending. 

Hit Hard And More Public Embodying 

The events that I am going to write about happened to me during the night of Monday (May 2nd,) and it lasted throughout much of today still. I want to write about this because you may also have gotten hit with this new template as well, and if your like me you have just gotten hit repeatedly one wave after the other since the end of April. 

This past Monday everything was fine throughout the day; I had noticed that I was rebounding from the transmuting that I had done at the end of April and the first small wave prior to the solar eclipse. Which I got hit with. All normal and all fine. Then when I went to sleep, I had one hell of a time that night because I instantly got hit and I got hit hard. I was tossing and turning, I was aching and especially was receiving throat chakra upgrades. I was in/out of consciousness and slowly felt myself get hit in various areas, with this new light template. As Tuesday morning arrived, I could still feel it in my body that this template was not yet done physicalizing into my body. The only problem was that I had outside obligations, and I couldn’t get out of it to deal with the current embodiment process that I was experiencing. 

Wound up outside in the world and was not handling it very well. It took all that I had to function and at one point; I was so tired because of all the ear ringing that I was literally being pulled to leave my physical self. Over the years when I embody; I always end up having to physically exit. I wound up sleeping on the bus ride to work, got to work, and was not in alignment with what I was physically doing with my body, and the obligations I had at work. It was excruciatingly painful being in a position where I need to publicly embody this new template, while being around a lower dimensional space filled with people who matched that frequency. I couldn’t be there for very long and left a good twenty minutes before my shift and made it home in time. While I finally got home, I passed out on the bed and just slept for a few hours. 

Later, Tuesday night. I was having serious hot flashes and sweating. It was hot. I was boiling all over and just sweating. It was the first time this year so far where I felt the usual heat like I did before, as of the last few years my body has gone cold. By Wednesday morning, I was back to normal and I could feel a difference, and sensed it as well too. There was alignment in my throat Chakra area and communication has improved on my end with other people around me. It’s easier. It feels lighter. 

Things are escalating very quickly. It is going to get more and more intense as we approach the Lunar Eclipse on May (15/16,) in mid May which is around the time that The Pleiadian Gateway opens up for this year. I have a feeling that it’s going to be an unusually intense gateway opening, and the Pleiadians are going to be sending us a download like we haven’t gotten in years. Things are going to change, again. Everything is always shifting and modifying. Keep yourself focused on what you want and your evolution, where do you want to branch out into and what do you want to learn right now? Self focus in these intense times and let go of whatever does not serve you.

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