Attacks On The Divine Feminine: Those Who Refuse To Accept That The Divine Mother Has Returned.

Attacking The Divine Feminine 

There has been a big theme that has been playing out lately, in regards to the Divine Feminine Template that has been installed into new earth and humanity. I’ve noticed since her return in early January that the ones who refuse to get on board with the Ascension and Evolutionary process, have been doing everything to discredit the feminine in every way. This isn’t new! The Divine Feminine has always been attacked, but it’s being attacked in a way where those who refuse to believe that she has returned are getting especially nasty about it. They don’t even realize that their escalation of attacking the Divine Feminine, has increased because she has been permanently embodied into earth and they just don’t see it. They also don’t care. Which is the truth, especially for those on the descending timeline.

The Divine Feminine includes: The feminine aspect of source returned, feminine energy returned, femininity in itself, both femininity embodied into both males and females. This is what we are taking about here, and it’s not surprising to me to see so many still go against that. Even more so, since the Divine Feminine Template was embodied into new earth earlier this year. I’ll be sharing a link to that article just below this.

Divine Mother Template Is Now Fully Physicalized: Have You Felt It Deep Inside Your Body Yet? 

The Divine Feminine Aspect Of Source Under Attack

This article was an article that I knew I was going to do, mainly because lately there has been a pattern in regards to Attacks On The Divine Feminine Aspect. It isn’t shocking to me in the least to know that after this template was inserted into earth, that many who were always against it to begin with have escalated their attacks on the Feminine aspect of source. I’m hearing it and seeing it more now in regards to Roe Vs Wade being overturned and before I continue any further, comments will be shut off for this article for obvious reasons. If you have an opinion have it, you’re entitled to it but I’ll be damned if your going to hit up my comments section. I won’t be writing about my own personal views on these issues myself, I’m going to leave them out of it and focus only on the Feminine Aspect of source that is being attacked. I also know better to not do this, and I’m very self-aware about how people can attack an opinion that isn’t exactly like their own. The only aspect of source that has been mostly present on earth has been the Masculine, despite this earth being a very Feminine planet. They call her Gaia for a reason. This planet and it’s natural energies have been distorted for a very long time now, the Masculine energy however has been something that has remained and even then that too has been distorted.

The Divine Feminine has been attacked mercilessly. Women have been attacked mercilessly. Men have treated women horrifically and I have many past lives where this has occurred to me as women. I have those memories ingrained in my very own template in this physical body in this life; I know what I’m talking about based off of what I have experienced as all of those women. This continues to be the case in this present time period, for those of you reading this in a far off future you might also be dealing with these issues still. In general, women are still getting treated awfully and it’s because they are the carriers of Divine Feminine energy. Plain and simple! There is a power struggle going on to find balance in this specific planetary realm, the Masculine keeps trying to overtake the Feminine leaving our world so unbalanced. That’s not a good thing. We thrive as a human race when we are balanced, and that includes having in our physical bodies an equal amount of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies. I’d also like to point out that there are of course other issues that are being brought up like: gay marriage, contraceptives, and all of these specific issues alike. They affect both males and females and especially those who have embodied enough of this template, that they are carrying both Masculine and Feminine aspects of divinity. It’s a serious issue for many people right now. Why? It’s about control for me and that’s why I’m pissed off. I and many women and men, we don’t want to be controlled and that’s what many people who are against the Divine Feminine are doing. Trying to control.

A History Of Controlling The Feminine

The Divine Feminine has been controlled for centuries on this earth and it’s almost like an obsession for those on the descending timeline who attack it outright. You don’t agree? Well most likely your not a woman then, or, lived a lifetime as a woman. If your a current woman physically incarnated in this life, or, have recollection of being one in a previous life but are a man now. Then you know how women have been controlled and told what to do for centuries, for millenniums actually which is down right exhausting to write let alone know and to experience first hand. Why? Because you recollect all of your experiences where you were controlled, bullied, harassed, and forced, into thing’s you wish you hadn’t been. I remember ancient civilizations that were highly advanced than what we are now, two come to mind and I’ve lived many lifetimes in both of these ancient civilizations. Until naturally, earth evolved and these civilizations ceased, and were removed to form new civilizations, for the purpose of helping specific souls evolve by living within those civilizations. Atlantis and Lemuria.

Life As Incarnated Women In Atlantis and Lemuria

My memories of both of these ancient civilizations are limited but I have remembered more and more the older that I have gotten, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t memories that I can access from my consciousness. I remember my Atlantis past lifetimes more than my lifetimes in Lemuria. My Atlantis past lifetimes are the most recent, my Lemuria past lives are much more ancient.  

In both civilizations, being a woman was revered and I was equal to men in most cases. There are a few memories with a specific male who was my primary partner in most of our lives, I was treated better in my Atlantis past lifetime then I was after those civilizations ceased. Every other incarnation after these two civilizations ended for the majority of souls incarnating, it got progressively worse to be a woman in my memory. In Ancient Egypt, it was pretty advanced; I find that my experiences began to shift then for some reason. It got worse and worse as time progressed. There is one specific memory that I have in one of my lives in Atlantis, that involved preparing to bring a child into the world at that time that I want to share. It’s very important. It’ll make much more sense once you get to read this article in it’s entirely, and if your smart you’ll make the connections.

The one thing that I remember vividly, was a past life memory where I chose when I decided to get pregnant and have a baby. I willed it. My primary partner at the time, and I say primary because this other soul and being is the one I work with closely in romantic partnerships the most. He is not with me in this life for reasons we both understand, he was with me then and he also willed it in that life. In the memory, we had discussed a family and that we were ready to build our family at that time. To make a long memory short, soon after we got pregnant. You read this and think, well this isn’t really all that astounding. It’s just like today. The truth is we’re literally just as powerful and advanced as we were during those ancient civilizations. So, why do we continue to forget this?

What makes this memory stand out, is that we were so synchronized that we understood that we were creators and we were creating. Creating life and making it possible for other souls to get here and have experiences. We also didn’t have governments, political control, people on both sides, anyone really, debating whether we should or could not have children. There was no involvement in that life, in that civilization in regards to control over any of the human issues we face today. There are a few reasons for that. The population was vastly smaller. The media and press did not exist. The internet and social media did not exist. There was from what I can remember politics, but they didn’t exert their agendas on people in anyway from what I’m picking up from my memories. There was a simplicity to my life with my primary partner, in that life, and the power we had to create. When we wanted children we had them and when we wanted to engage in sexual activity, without fearing having children we willed it not to happen. There was no need for contraceptives. I wasn’t on the pill and he had no need for condoms. They didn’t exist. We had highly advanced psychic abilities, we were in tune with the earth and one another. It’s not like today at all. We’re very shut off from our abilities and psychic tools. That is how advanced we were. That is how advanced we will get once again. 

You HAVE to pay attention, both men and women, to people in our world, who are fighting about your body, and the rights that they seem to think they have a right to claim ownership over. Who are using you as a means to CONTROL you, and that is what a lot of people who are being “Negatively influenced” are doing. There are a lot of negative entities who are so involved in our lives, to the point where they are busy using our own bodies as a means to control us. We can’t do this. We can’t do that. They want full control of our bodies and they are pushing it out there for all to see, you have to take the time out to see it. There isn’t anyone who can say to anyone else, what they think you should be doing. That makes no sense. We’ve gotten so far off the tracks, that we don’t even have a destination anymore. You cannot allow other people, beings, entities, highly negative ones at that, to control your body and how it is/was meant to be functioned. Women especially, and I don’t want to hear about another negatively influenced man who thinks he has the right to discuss women’s issues. Go take a nap somewhere. Why not check to see if your even in control of your own consciousness at this point, because I guarantee something sinister is using you for sure as means to an end. It’s happening and it’s real. The attack on Divine feminine has escalated, and sadly for those who refuse to accept it. Those attacks are going to end.

Divine Feminine Is Not Going Away Anymore

The Divine Feminine Template was installed into earth and her grid lines in January 2022. There is no going back. The Feminine aspect of source is not going away anytime soon, what we are witnessing is the push back against this. This is the push back against the feminine aspect of source, by negative beings who are using specific lower conscious human beings. They are going after the feminine and the masculine to, the body, the function of the human body, in both men and women, sexuality, sexuality within men and women, and the end game is fear. Recognize the power that you hold within yourself, and your physical body. You have more control in your life than what you think and where you are not strong in certain areas. Build strength, get aware, get in tune, and connect to your natural born energy and let that guide you in the right decisions to make.

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