Embodying Lunar Eclipse Codes: Integration Of Light Codes From Multiple Different Angles.

Embodying Lunar Eclipse Codes

All of May 2022 has been extremely advanced as we excavate further, into the unknown territory that can be classified as deeply Aquarian in nature. While it has been a few days since the Lunar Eclipse, the light codes are still very fresh in our physical systems. I’m still not entirely acclimated to what just happened for us, and as time goes on I’ll notice more patterns as they begin to take shape in new earth. 

It was a strange few days leading up to the eclipse and a wild ride afterwards. I dealt with everything from downloads that integrated into my body at odd angles, to sudden bouts of unexplained pings of wanting to go home while crying out in public. I’m not new to crying out in public when I’m transmuting something, or, if something has happened in my area that needs clearing. It’s not unusual for us to get hit with energies that cause unexplainable reactions, the kind that we just can’t physically control. So, this wasn’t new and if you experienced this too, don’t worry that it felt off or odd in anyway. This has been a very physically challenging month so far, with the eclipses put into the mix this is a whole new area which will only get more heightened when June arrives. 

A Wild Ride For The Physical Body

I want this article to specifically detail all that I have gone through on a physical level, since the beginning of this month up until this period. This entire article is going to detail all of the physical work that my body has been doing, what I have embodied, how I have embodied it, because it’s good to know, so that you can also compare your own experiences if you’ve also gone through what I have. I’ve been so strung out physically, that I am napping in public. I am napping while at work out in public. I am dealing with my own internal wounds, issues, traumas and emotional turmoil out in the public domain. The relentless light embodiment in various locations, (which I’ll go further into down below.) When I say that since the end of April arrived up until this point, that my body has been in agonizing embodying mode.  It has. I have not stopped embodying since about (April 27th,) which means that this is another Accelerated Embodiment Period. I know that I have mentioned this before on this Ascension Blog. What does that mean exactly?

Accelerated Embodiment Period: An accelerated embodiment period tends to mean that there is a time frame, where a light embodier is getting hit more with energies, light, and generally upgraded during a specific period of time. This time period can be between a week or a month, it depends on the advanced level of new codes that are arriving on earth for integration. It also has to do with your specific cycle as well, how long it is going to last for you. 

Hit From Multiple Different Angles

As is the case with me from time to time, I’ll usually get bombarded with tons of new light energies, codes, from various different angles. Now when I write that; I really mean that they have been entering my physical body from different angles, from different locations, and it can occur at any random moment in time. It doesn’t happen to me often though, which tells me that something was going on this month that was highly rare. It was highly unusual too. Most of all it was highly advanced which is why it has not stopped for a single second, but it has been such an important part of life for me this month. These uniquely brand NEW codes have hit almost like the animated picture up above, the lines of light that are spread out and angled at different degrees. They move in the exact same way, but the funny part of this is that the animated picture looks like it’s forming a crown. I’ve been well aware that I’ve had a light crown on and or around my head area for a few years now, I cannot recollect when this crown was first formed. I have been aware that I see a crown on my head that is illuminated and bright, transparent, and it looks very similar to the animated image up above on both sides. 

All month long in May 2022; I have experienced Light Embodiment of brand new codes enter into my head at an Acute Angle. These embodiment experiences don’t last too long, but they have been very frequent. They have entered through an acute angle all around my head, almost like they were piercing my very skull. I’ve not experienced this very much throughout the years, but I have experienced this enough times to know that this is what I am doing. I can see the light enter through that specific angle, on both the right and left sides of my head and into my brain. I have also noticed a difference in this type of embodying method, because usually I’ll embody light energy from my Crown Chakra from the top of my head right into my body. This is something new, and this month is proving that everything is happening in new and unique ways. Even the embodiment process is changing slightly, at least this month. Have you experienced this as well?

Lunar Eclipse Light Codes Embodied

The Lunar Eclipse and all of those Light Codes began sprinkling themselves throughout parts of, (North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe and Africa.) These were the areas where these NEW energies were spread the most throughout earth, and because of that thing’s got a little bit extreme for me personally. I experienced a lot of familiar longings to return home back in the higher dimensions, feeling lonely, weary of the volunteer work that I continue to do. I’m sure that you also felt the exact same way as I did, so let me share a few experiences that happened after the eclipse was over and done with. 

Public Transmuting As New Codes Acclimate

Acclimation. The thing about acclimating to something new, is that there is a small period of time where a transition needs to be made. This transition occurred for me during (May 16 & 17.)

Monday, May 16th, I spent the entire day walking around tired in public at work, my head was exploding and generally aching because of all of the acclimating my body was doing. At one point, I had a good 15 to 20 minutes to myself where I could just feel my body struggling to make that transition. A physical transition. There was a pressure that built up inside of me, and I could tell that it was an external force. A sudden, painful, loud weeping, began to come out of me, and I realized that I was transmuting a lot of specific thing’s both personal and collective. It was not fun. 

Tuesday, May 17th, I experienced repeated transitory connections, between fully acclimating the Lunar Eclipse Codes into my body and the Pleiadian gateway opening. Early this morning, It became real clear to me that there were Pleiadian Light codes, and information coming into earth, and my mind went straight to that realization. I became self aware all of a sudden that this gateway was opening and those annual codes were being distributed.

I don’t even need to really even inform anyone about the Pleiadian Gateway Opening, because it’s such a yearly event that most already know that this is an ongoing event taking place. What is interesting is that an Eclipse is happening at around the same time, so it’s extra heightened. If I were to say anything I’d go as far as to mention that, this years annual Pleiadian gateway is going to feel more amplified. Even more so than any other year. Which means that on a physical level, the embodying is going to continue and already I have been noticing the difference. I’m receiving a lot of third eye downloads, and I know this to be connected to the Pleiadians. I usually receive my downloads for the year in that specific manner from those beings. 

This is where we are at right now, and I know it’s all so intense because I have been through the wringer with these energies all month. It’s hard to embody, acclimate, work, deal with life all at the same time, while higher dimensional and planetary beings, sprinkle us with new information, in order to advance us as a species. Earth life, did you ever imagine that it would be like this when you volunteered to come down here? 

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