December 2022’s 12/12 Portal: The Return Of Some Familiar Physical Body Sensations.

Return Of Some Ascension Body Familiarity

When something NEW and big happens in physicality I become hyper aware of whatever it is, because it usually starts to happen within my physical body first. That’s usually how it all begins to unravel for me and my reactions are usually very typical. I’m either sitting or laying somewhere in amazement. These same reactions occur when some old familiar ascension physical sensations start to come out of no-where. I’m talking months-to-years of not having felt those old ascension body sensations run through my veins, and that amazement of having whatever current physical experience I am whether it is new or old is always there. 

This is what has been unfolding for me personally during December 2022 and with this 12/12 portal. It all feels very familiar and yet oddly NEW at the same time, mainly because it has been so long and it even kind of feels slightly different. This entire month so far has felt different, and while slightly more easier physically then November was. It still feels like I’m digging into the soils of the earth and creating a pathway deeper into the aquarian age even now as we’re about to enter 2023. It’s surreal and exhausting. I didn’t think I still needed to do this, and I bet your thinking the exact same thing right now. Walk the pathway first and then lay the concrete for others to walk on afterwards. It’ll be easier for them the more I carve into myself and then structure my direction. 

I personally think that December 2022 has been slightly less physically painful and much more somber. The isolation is already kicking in and this is only going to get worse once we transition into 2023, but it feels even more isolating than it usually does. At least it does to me. All of this is part of the new template that is falling like snow on earth’s grids, and divine mother template is definitely still the main template on earth. It is a permanent fixture. There is a lot going on right now and not all of it is looking linear either, there are things taking shape right now that are happening out of order. As is to be expected at this late juncture in the year, but there are a few thing’s that are very familiar to me that seem to be coming back into my awareness. There have been certain Familiar Ascension Physical Body Sensations that I have experienced countless times before, and it seems interesting that they all happened today during the 12/12 portal. 

Cycle Two Ascension Symptoms do not feel like cycle one ascension symptoms. I want to make that very clear. I haven’t been hit with those body changes since  2014-2019 and there are reasons for that, the work was less intense than it is now. We also were not where we are right now, this is a whole different ball game and so feeling those body changes now like we did back then is not needed as much by us anymore. When they do come on it is only for a short while and then we move on and feel something very NEW quickly afterwards, when these old symptoms do hit us once again it doesn’t always mean they’re acting as they did at the same frequency level. Even they evolve slightly. This happened to me throughout the night and into the early morning on the 12th, where I experienced those familiar body changes but they were at a whole new level. 

Familiar Ascension Body Changes

There is something to be said about Familiarity and how certain people, events, and situations feel. That is also applied to energies and what you are embodying as well. There is a recognition when it comes to energy, and that is exactly how I know that what I was embodying is what I recognized yesterday morning. With that said, it doesn’t always mean that what you feel is familiar will stay the same. I mentioned this up above in another paragraph, that everything eventually does elevate itself. The process of evolution involves one aspect of a living organism changing itself for the better. While it still feels familiar it actually molds into a new kind of familiar feeling, where it’s morphed into a higher version of itself. This is exactly what I personally experienced for myself during this year’s 12/12 portal opening. A familiar yet evolved version of the ascension symptoms that I felt in Cycle One from 2014-2019.

Waking Up Between 2:00 – 4:00 am: Early Monday morning on the 12th, I woke up exactly at 1:57 am and stayed awake the rest of the day. I’ve always been able to wake up in Cycle Two and fall asleep relatively within a few minutes. This time I woke up and I could not get back to sleep, and that was because my body needed to do some work while awake. I am not NEW to these early wake up calls from my physical body, letting me know that there’s work that needs to be done and I have to remain awake for it. It just caught me off guard because I haven’t experienced that in a few years. 

Tired & Wired: Early Monday morning on the 12th, I woke up and I couldn’t get back to sleep. While this happened I spent the rest of the day feeling extremely wired, because natural evolution has changed how these old symptoms feel. It was more intense than what I remember. Throughout the day the tired and wired feeling was massively different than it ever was before, and when I was tired it became so unbearable. When I felt the wired aspect it was like I was never tired to begin with and the energies took over and gave me so much strength for some time during the day. The contrast of these energies is much stronger than before, and naturally this feeling has evolved. 

Certain Body Itching: Early Monday morning on the 12th, I had woken up and my wrist was itching on my left hand. I was experiencing this itching feeling the night prior as well and I know that something was being worked on in that region for a specific reason. This isn’t the first time that I have experienced this random itching in specific parts of my body, back during the years of 2014-2019 I would experience itching all over my legs and feet. It was always the top of my feet too. Which was usually accompanied by hot burning at the bottom of my feet. I have not experienced that itching on my feet in years, but my wrist has been itching for a few days. 

Intake Of High Protein Foods: A few days prior to this year’s 12/12 portal, I became almost addicted to eating food that was high in protein. I have since then continued to still have these high protein cravings and I eat them whenever I can. This got more pronounced as Monday approached and I have needed this extra protein food to help me integrate these energies, that is why if you have been needing a little more meat lately. It’s because your body needs it for the energy work that you have been doing. 

Left Knee Body Buzzing: Early Monday morning on the 12th, I had woke up and I also experienced a faint buzzing/pulsating feeling in my left knee. I am not new to this vibrating at all because throughout 2014-2019, I did nothing but buzz and vibrate my way through life like I was in a national buzzing competition. I’m fairly used to this feeling and those experiences when they happen. This was familiar. It was different because it kind of came on and off very quickly, like the pings of a Blackbox. This never used to happen all those years ago, so I noticed a slight change come on. It remained in one specific location right on the knee and it has slowly been easing off today the 13th.

As you evolve throughout the years this will happen, body changes and physical sensations will cycle in and out. They will be NEW and familiar, with just a slight different touch to them as they modify. This is still happening to me and I’ve been physically activated for almost a decade now. When I tell you how these physical changes cycle in and out, they really do and you won’t always know what you’ll be getting. The next article that I write will be my last one for the year, and it’ll be about the Cosmic Mother Entrance-Way Opening. This is going to be taking place on December 21st during the Winter Solstice, and that is happening very soon. 

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