The Cosmic Mother Entranceway: Re-unification Of Cosmic Mother With The People Of Earth.

The Cosmic Mother Entranceway

The closer that we have gotten to the December 21st solstice, I have felt that earth has been pulled into a specific area as it circles the milky way galaxy. I have also perceived that there’s been a lot of work being done in the higher dimensions, because I perceived something big happening at those levels. I have felt this for all of December 2022 the closer that we have gotten to this point, and it has almost felt like the earth is now in alignment with something ancient but familiar. The Cosmic mother energy, but not just that her companion as well. I believe from what I have been perceiving, this cosmic mother and companion energy will be returning on the day of the winter solstice. 

In November 2022, there was something that had been shared with me and my awareness, where I got the sense that Cosmic Mother would once again reunite with the earth. It wasn’t just with the earth but there was an ancient mother figure, that was going to merge with her lost masculine companion. This mother figure known as the cosmic mother, would once again usher the new light age of the Aquarian cycle. This figure and her companion were part of earth during the earlier years and up until the age of Leo when they suddenly left due to catastrophic changes to the earth. This cosmic mother entranceway is reuniting her, and her companion, along with the people of earth as we move into this new space.

I know to some my opening paragraph might have been a little confusing to those who may not fully know what that all meant, the short version is that Cosmic Mother is an ancient energy that is returning to earth after a long time of being absent. The movement of earth through the milky way galaxy has placed us in a new space where this entranceway is happening now, both for her return to earth and also for those who are currently incarnated on earth now. This is why I have called this The Cosmic Mother Entranceway and this entranceway has pulled earth into this ancient energy over these last few days. I was lucky enough to find an image that I felt depicted what I had been seeing, within my awareness during the month of December and over the course of the last few days leading up to the 21st. If you look down below you’ll see the earth being engulfed into a new light space, as it makes its entrance into this cosmic mother point of entry. This area and space will make it possible for regular people, to cross on over from old earth and move into new earth. 

Deeper and deeper we all go. That is the theme as we move further into the Age of Aquarius. This return of this ancient light energy and the space we have moved into as we make our move through the milky way galaxy, was exactly what I had been picking up on in June 2022. That and the fact that earth has been spinning faster lately has me fully understanding these connections, that we have moved into a new different region as we spin in our galaxy. This has gotten more blatant and intense since about October, because I’ve noticed how these recent energies and frequencies have been removing ancient negative memories from within the earth and humanity. That and it has been driving the LowCon people even more insane because they’ve not been able to handle these frequencies. All of this and much more is happening with this entranceway which the earth will be moving into, which is why 2023 is going to be an interesting year for all people currently incarnated on earth now.

Clairvoyantly Feeling Earth Move Into This Entranceway

The older that I get the more in touch with my abilities as a clairvoyant I get, over this past year alone I have been feeling certain energies coming towards me from certain people who are around me. All both very positive and extremely negative. There are some that I do attract with all the light that I embody and others that I instantly repel because of the very same thing. I’ve had a wider variety of out of body experiences when sleeping as well. My dreams have been much more vivid and more highly intuitive than before. Then there are temporary moments where I’m being shown certain events while being awake. It is all extremely developed and I understand that it is because of all the hard work that I have done, to get me to this place in this now moment. In sharing this, I have continued to experience this very thing during the last few days leading up to the Winter Solstice.

It is such a privilege to be living during these early re-awakening times, because we’re healing those wounds now and returning back to ancient time periods that we remember so well. I want to share a moment that I experienced on December 17th, I think that it’ll give people some idea about how these clairvoyant aspects work.

Clairvoyantly Seeing The Entranceway

On December 17th, I was in one of the rooms in the lower level of my house and I was sitting in my gray butterfly chair, I was there all day because the energies were intense that day. I had taken what has to be the best nap in months, an undisturbed deep sleep that I really needed. After this miracle nap, I began to feel and to sense that I was viewing something in a different location with my own consciousness. I began to witness this gigantic space where light was entering into, and at first I couldn’t make out what that was. Then I realized that it was the earth moving into that area, it was like the second image up above and then I found myself in the milky way galaxy. It all took me by surprise and I needed a moment to return back to my normal physical functioning. 

There is something that happens to me when information get’s signaled to my higher awareness, most volunteers and those who are seers also experience this mind/body reactionary split. What I am viewing takes over and while viewing it, my body reacts without me realizing that I am reacting to it in real time. I’ll be in another place viewing what is being shared, but my physical body is still here on earth reality going through it’s own process. I eventually pulled out of it and resumed in my physical body.

This Cosmic Mother Entranceway means that the volunteers are moving into phase two of ascension cycle two. Over these last few weeks I have internally felt the need to disappear, that I need to now go quiet and to let more people decide where they want to go now. Do they want to enter new earth via this entranceway or do they want to stay where they are and not make that energetic shift. It’s their choice and I don’t want to be involved with it, I only made the choice to continue on further without certain beings that were around me. I can only be responsible for my own work in this life and to merge with me, to release me from all of me. I’ve also noticed that I have two new higher dimensional beings that have shown up recently to assist me, two new guides if you want to call them that. Which tells me that as we move into 2023 I’m going to need that extra help, because more clashing is going to happen between me and those who do not want to move into new earth. Many other volunteers are probably experiencing the same situations as we approach 2023.

Another important piece of information that I want to share, happened to me on Wednesday December 14th. I was shocked to my core after I was attacked by an non-physical entity who was flat out using the consciousness of a LowCon male. I haven’t been attacked like this since 2019 and when I entered new earth with the other Ascension Volunteers, I didn’t think I would ever have to directly deal with anything like this again. However, despite all of my hard work and energetically moving away from specific lower entities and people. I have had to handle these types of situations since September of this year, and it hasn’t really stopped but only gotten more intense for me during the end of 2022. While it shocked me – I understood that it meant I was energetically moving even further away, from the remainder of whatever demented lower energies and entities that still reside here. It was a last ditch effort to rattle me as we move into this entranceway point, as more people will be crossing over into New Earth. This entire event will take decades and centuries to happen, mainly because there are all different leveled people on earth right now. 

There is so much that I know I will be writing about in 2023, that will deal with New Humans Of New Earth as those little groups of people will start to change over energetically like the volunteers did. For now this is my last article for the year, I need to take the rest of the year to get myself where I need to be and going radio silent is the only way that I know how to do that. Remember what you went through in 2022, then continue on that pathway into 2023 because it’s going to be a wild ride. Whatever get’s us closer to remembering our past as brilliant human beings, in the early civilizations of our earth.

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