New Humans Of New Earth: 2023 Is The Year Of The New Human.

New Humans Of New Earth: The 2023 Frequency Is The New Human Frequency

As of January 1, 2023; I perceived that those of us who made it through to 2023 are those who wanted to remain here at this juncture. There were reasons why last year played out the way that it did, as well as the remainder of December. Those who chose to leave physicality during the last few weeks of 2022, did so because they did not want to make that changeover into new earth in physical form. On some higher soul level those who chose to leave physicality, they knew that this was going to be the year. The year where the first group(s) of regular humans would be making that changeover, and to begin their own ascension process physically and consciously. This is important, it’s not just a physical activation. This is both and just like the volunteers did when we started activating one by one in cycle one of the ascension process.

This is what I am seeing about 2023 and what it is going to be about. The activation of regular humans to finally enter into new earth, and to begin embodying the NEW Triunity frequency and that frequency into their sacred heart blueprint. Each human body is designed with certain blueprints, and many regular humans are going to suddenly be dealing with these blueprint activations in 2023.

On January 1st, 2023; I perceived two separate events that have been occurring that let me know, that thing’s were going to be changing effective at midnight. The first event: involved many people who were having to make a soul decision to leave physicality before 2023 arrived. The second event: involves all of those who remained in physicality after this cutoff point. There is going to be a first group of regular humans who are activating, just like the Ascension Volunteers did in cycle one from 1999-2019. In this article I am going to focus on the first event, while saving the second event to be more fully discussed in the next article.

This specific year: 2023 is going to be the year of The New Human. When I write that I mean that in every sense of the word, there are going to be some changes happening this year for those who are ready to activate. It has already happened as of midnight from what I perceive, and I even felt some of them begin to enter new earth as activated new regular humans during the end of December. I’ll be writing about that in the next article much more in-depth, but I do want to focus more on the new human aspect. There will be many regular people who will need to adapt to new earth in order to be able to live on new earth. There are certain ways of knowing when your leaving old earth and entering new earth. There is that initial shift in your awareness. There will be more people who will become more aware of the ascension process, of the ascension terms, and they will begin to experience the same physical awakening symptoms. This activation of regular people will bring so many new events for humanity with it, how the first few in the first group wave handle it will make room for other waves of groups to do the same. This is the year of people. The year of the person. The year of new humans as they enter new earth, via the cosmic mother entranceway. This is a private and personal activation and only a few will be doing this as the first grouping, there won’t be some gigantic awakening of mass humanity on a conscious level. That isn’t what I am saying with this and it is going to take decades, even centuries, for everyone to be living on the new ascended earth world.

Much of 2023, I will be discussing these themes where regular humans will have their body and awareness activated. I’ll also be writing about my own personal stories with regular humans that I have had in my life, as I have referred to them many times as LowCon people (which is short for lower conscious.) The psychology behind why I and so many other ascension volunteers, have experienced what we have with the population of regular people. It isn’t a bad thing, it’s just a lacking of awareness thing. Many of them are going to start coming online and many more won’t, it is important to know that both are occurring and will in the new year.  

New Humans Of New Earth: Merging With More Aspects Of ME 

The last few weeks of December 2022, I went very quiet and I needed to quickly get myself where I needed to be before entering the 2023 year frequency myself. I will always advocate for doing the work and I have had to do the work, so that I could remain in physicality doing what I do. There are moments where you look back and you have to work on your trauma, work on aligning yourself properly with the earth. There are moments where you have to learn to handle all of your own baggage, it is like being in your very own personal airport dragging yourself through the airport terminal. Then comes the relief when you can finally transfer your luggage and just have your carry on bag. Life should be like a carry on bag. Take what you need that is of actual value to you and discard the rest. Which is essentially what I did. Then there are moments where you know that there are parts of you that are not whole, that you are incomplete.

That very realization hit me when I suddenly realized that there were two other aspects of my higher self, that were ready to fully merge with me and to become whole. I needed to do this before 2023 arrived and there was a specific cutoff point for it too, it had to be done before the Winter Solstice. The two aspects of my higher self that needed to merge with me in this physical body, were the two aspects that I lived as in ancient Egypt. It was an important event for me because much more memories came flooding into my awareness about these lives, in one life I was a female who lived in 11,750 BCE and in the other I was a young girl who lived in 9,500 BCE. In both lives I lived in Egypt. I will be writing about these two lives and those memories in the new year as well, I think they are important to unlocking the subconscious memories of people within humanity about certain catastrophic events that shaped the earth during that time. All of this during the solstice and so much more. 

We’re all still in that early Aquarian Age time period, once Pluto enters Aquarius this year and then fully in 2024 we will begin to feel more at home in this age. Those service to others themes will still be in play and more of humanity will become more aware of our rich history. The volunteers first entered new earth in 2020 and that has ended in 2022, that is what I have perceived and we’re all there now. We created that new earth and we have fully entered into it, now it’s time for regular humans to step into it. What we’re facing won’t change. A lot of what we have been doing we will continue to do, the volunteers will continue to lead the pack energetically. The Divine Mother Template is still in place and we will be embodying those codes, along with the NEW Triunity frequency codes. We’re still in Cycle Two of the ascension process, while living in the early transition into the Aquarian Age. We’re still going to be dealing with wild weather changes, Covid-19, LowCon people who refuse to activate. The obliteration of old lower world beliefs, systems and much more.

This doesn’t change anything that we have been doing, the only thing changing is that regular humans can now join in on the fun. How they decide to handle this is up to them, but there are many Volunteers & Starseeds who are writing about these changing shifts into the age of light right now. Myself included. They will start to seek us out individually and I urge you to if your new. If you’re unsure about these changes happening for you now, find us and we have so much written material that is here to help everyone now. I have four years worth of articles about my ascension path, if you’re reading this and your awareness has just been activated have a good read through. This is why the volunteers went through it first. 

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