The First Group Of New Humans: Activations Of The First Group Of New Human Beings.

First Group Of New Humans: Activation(s) Of New Humans Within The New Earth Reality

There were two separate events that I had perceived that took place at midnight on Jan 1st, 2023. The first event: involved many people not physically moving into 2023 for specific reasons such as illness, soul choice, death through energetic interference (murder), freak accidents, wild weather events, COVID-19, and the list would just go on and on. It all ends up leading back to soul choice. There are many who have left in early 2023 for the same reasons and they will continue to, they do not want to stay on new earth and embody the new Triunity frequency codes. There is nothing wrong with that. 

The second event that I had perceived on Jan 1st, 2023 was that the first group of regular humans have now been activated both physically and consciously. Which means that both of their body and awareness got initiated to begin the ascension process during this yearly 2023 changeover. This is a historical moment for this first group or should I say first wave of regular people, for a long time only the volunteers for the ascension process, starseeds, galactic travelers, were the only ones doing this and now some regular people have joined into the mix. 

There have been a lot of big changes happening since we entered 2023 and it will only get much more transformative the more we walk further into it. The most extensive change that I have felt this year so far no doubt, has been the amount of regular people who have suddenly become initiated to begin their own ascension process. As I mentioned before on Jan 1st, 2023; I clairvoyantly felt that the First Wave Of New Humans had been activated. This first wave of regular people just wasn’t that big, and the truth is that it didn’t really need to be. The symbol for the Aquarian age is waves and there is a reason for that, in the following years and decades to come more people will be experiencing this activation both physically and consciously. It’ll happen in small waves and each group will be unique in it’s own way, this isn’t an everyone experience and far from it. I’m still dealing with people who are so petrified of my physical body, because of how I look and what I am doing physically with it. I still have to maneuver my way around those people who are intentionally interfering with me energetically, and I have experienced much more clashing between me and regular people as of late.

The very First Group Of Regular Humans have now physically and consciously activated to begin their ascension process. This means that they have physically felt exactly what it means to embody just like the volunteers did and they also are in the process of understanding that this is what they are doing. They will in the coming weeks begin to understand this at a higher level and that they have now accessed a higher form of awareness than before. That is exactly what it means to activate your own light-body and to begin doing that necessary work, where you can eventually access your individual sacred heart template. When I physically activated I did it in March 2014 and I was late to the game even as a third waver of the volunteers. I went through a gigantic physical transformation that I didn’t think I could survive, and all of that work that I did then changed me to my very core. It was exhausting but I wouldn’t change it, even when I felt like what I was experiencing wasn’t real. The ego mindset likes to keep thing’s at bay and so do negative non-physical entities. Pull through it in those moments. 

The New Earth Reality: Transference From Old Earth To New Earth

I have written about, I’ve explained, I’ve even updated and I have been brutally honest about The Separation Of Worlds for years now. I have personally lived through my own separation process when I left that descending world, and then I stepped into the ascending world in 2014 partially and I never looked back. I did that. I made that soul decision to activate and join the third wave of my group as a volunteer, and ever since then I know that I have made the right choice. I have fully stepped into New Earth in January 2022 when Divine Mother Template was inserted into the womb of earth. So did many other volunteers. We needed to step into new earth ourselves and many of us have been doing it from 2020-2022. All of the volunteers from the first wave, the second wave, and the third wave of the ascension process are all on new earth. That was what we were doing during the early 2020’s and now the rest of the earth can step into it, if not then they can stay living within that descending earth world. Many will. I cannot get more clear about this! 

January 2023 has been different in big NEW ways. I feel like I have been plucked and been put in an isolated place in my location and not very many people can see me anymore. Which is natural and if you are feeling the exact same way, don’t worry about it just move on and walk that unknown path of yours. Another thing that I have noticed is that the descending world and all of those people just got further away from me, it just feels like the ascending world has vanished out of its reach. It is literally connected and hanging by a thread and it has extended out to it’s maximum capacity and it’s about to snap. I can’t tell you how many times that I have wanted to finally reach a point in my life, where I wouldn’t need to be involved with anyone from the descending world. In January 2023, this finally happened for me. I barely speak to anyone while out in the remainder of the 3D world because we’re not consciously near each other at this point in time. It is so estranged between us that I’m barely exchanging fake greetings and unimportant pleasantries. Which I have always hated to do and now everyone tends to just leave me alone, it isn’t just that either (most people) they have left. I have spent most of January 2023 not having to see certain family and I could not be happier. It has just been a big changeover from being everywhere, to being isolated and it feels good. I have just been embodying and embodying and nothing feels more important to me than this. It has been a wild ride this year so far and it feels like forever since the Jan 1st, 2023 changeover. 

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