January 2023’s Shocking Timeline Waves: Everything Is Everywhere All At Once.

Shock-Wave Magnetic Crochet: Everyone Is Everywhere All At Once In Early 2023

I’m hyper familiar with experiencing timeline changes when they do happen, often times I can tell when my own timeline is stable and when something has gone wrong with it. In that same breath; I know when timelines are changing for other people too. I can also tell when there are to many timelines moving into so many different directions, to the point where it starts to effect the world in sizable ways. This has been happening in early January 2023 and there are reasons for it. There are reasons for why everyone is everywhere right now.

I’ve experienced timeline changes periodically over these last few days and it started to happen right after Jan 9th, 2023. That specific date is very critical and I’ll be talking more in-depth about that further into the article because it is so important. I have had days where my timeline direction has been influenced by certain events out of my control, which have in turn effected the world at large as well. Unity Consciousness means that we are all connected in some way, you cannot perform an act and think it doesn’t cause some effect towards one person and the collective. We are all here together working for ourselves individually. These timeline shock-waves are happening and it has been picking everyone up and shaking them. Like dice we all fall and where we land who knows. 

I didn’t think that January 2023 could be this incredibly new, very different, quite unique, beyond exhausting, energy-driven and full of surprises to say the least. When I realized that many more people were going to be entering New Earth; I knew it would change things. I just was not expecting this. I really did not expect that it would cause a behemoth of Timeline Shock-Waves that would change the course of Millions and Billions of people. This happens naturally and it is not a new thing, but its gotten so out of hand in early 2023 that I have taken notice of it. Along with other volunteers and seers. I cannot keep up with the never ending timelines, and so many are beginning and there are others that are ending. Think of a road where many people are just walking in line ups, in which ever direction that they want to go in and that does not include all of earth’s entire population. Each group of people in a line up is very different than the next one, the direction is never the same. There are so many levels to new earth and old earth. There are many variations with regards to the energy that people carry within themselves, there are also so many levels that a spirit is on consciously that also comes into the mixture. What ever the case this has been happening at a more accelerated level than ever before, because its not just a movement from that old earth reality anymore. This is the first group of regular unaware people who are moving out of old earth reality and into new earth life. 

Is it normal to be experiencing Timeline Shock-Waves? Yes. I have myself many times. It is normal for everyone to be everywhere right now and believe it or not this will get much more intense, for now try to remain stabilized within your own timeline and life. A big part of these accelerated timeline shock-waves have a lot to do with the first group of regular new humans that have entered new earth. These new people have shifted out of one world reality and moved into another, that kind of timeline jumping is intense and hard work. I know. I have done it. This kind of movement has had far-reaching implications for those who are not moving onto new earth, because a lot of people have shifted their consciousness. I believe that the earth reacted to this first group shifting into new earth, with some proof that something did happen on Jan 9th that was the cause of this shift in consciousness. 


Spaceweather. com reported that: On January 9th, an X-Flare erupted on the sun causing the earth’s magnetic field to jerk. Spaceweather is calling it a Magnetic Crochet. I know from a higher awareness that this means that more of humanity just got jolted. The earth just got jolted. That consciousness just got jolted. There is more going on with this and it is happening fast right now. This is exactly what I perceived and I have been experiencing these timeline shifts, due to the consciousness of this first group of regular humans entering new earth. 

Body Modifications & Further Negative Attacks: Mind How Your Body Goes In This 2023 Frequency

Those of you reading this who have been wondering why early January 2023 feels extreme on a physical level. We have been experiencing the Triunity Frequency Codes and we have for some time. The further that we move into this new 2023 energy frequency the more we’ll experience this at advanced levels, and since the end of 2022 into this entire year so far my physical body does not stop feeling it. I’m always feeling (humming, buzzing, vibrating, shaking internally, heating up and then cooling down, sleeping, filled with energy, my dreams are vivid, I feel connected and like I have arrived.) This is all just physical for me to. I have been really connected to the four higher chakras and I cannot even begin to explain how much I have been expressing myself from the heart. My awareness is sharp, quick, and I find it easy to think of what I want and to focus on it. Everything isn’t a challenge like it used to be, it’s getting and feeling better. 

Mind how you go. These are still stressful energies and there are moments where I need to immediately stop what I am doing midway and rest and recharge my body. It seems like all I do is nap at this point in my life. 

I have experienced multiple attacks over these ascension years by Non-Physical Negative Entities and no these are not people. These are those negative entities that are out there who tap into regular everyday people and their consciousness, they can only have access if those lower conscious people are an energy match to them. Which is why many volunteers and Starseeds are here now to get as much information out there, so that everyone can raise their frequency and leave their negative frequency range permanently. I was once again attacked on Jan 14th in the very early hours at 1 am and this time it was a very different kind of attack. Usually, these negative non-physical beings will try to drive me insane or they will use some LowCon person with the same frequency match as them. This is usually to drive me insane, to mess with me and stop my ascension work. Instead of using someone or coming directly at me, they did both by actually attacking the place where I do most of my work. They attacked this website Energetic Earth – New Ascending World. 

I experienced this attack on my website in real time. I knew what was happening and why immediately. I knew who it was and I clairvoyantly knew who the Male being was that was being used, for those of you that noticed that the website was gone for a while probably not even a day. Then you were quick enough to notice it because it was permanently deleted and neither did it show up on any search engines. I quickly checked some of the other Ascension Volunteers that I do trust namely Denise Le Fay and Lisa Renee. Their website and blogs seemed fine and so I knew that it was just mine that was being messed with. I know that they have both had issues with their website/blogs over the years, so I knew that this was an attack on the information that I had up. I have no idea how this website even got back online and I have done everything since to protect it both energetically and technologically. Welcome to January 2023 and are you having fun yet? I’m still pissed off about this latest attack!

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