The Sacred Heart Template: Heart Living Is Essential On New Earth.

The Sacred Heart Template: Heart Living Is Essential On New Earth As A New Human

When January 2023 arrived in physicality, I started to notice that a lot more hearts have become activated within the collective population. I don’t mean the ascension volunteers, I’m referring to the first group of regular humans who have never had their heart Chakra open. Who now suddenly find themselves feeling a lot more than what they’re used to. There have been many unaware people who have had open hearts, but it’s not many. The majority of most humans have struggled to truly just love and have an open heart. Well that’s changing now because like the title of this article states heart living is essential on new earth. That means having a completely open heart, that is based on service to others instead of self.

I have had an abundant amount of experiences with many people since the start of this year and in each of those interactions that I have had, I have received nothing but positive affirmations about how I make them feel. That my presence is so comforting to them or they thank me for a kind act. This has never happened to me before, for so long I have been attacked plenty of times by people with closed hearts and minds. It has been a beautiful thing for me to experience this with other people, who have now come online and have their sacred heart template activated. That isn’t to say I haven’t had to do the work myself, I have but it is nice that there are more of us together closing the gaps now.

In March 2014, I physically activated to begin the Ascension Process and one of the first changes that I noticed within me was the activation of My Sacred Heart Template. The sacred heart template is a energy pattern that is near the centre of a person’s chest, and this energy becomes triggered when certain light codes hit this region. Many people refer to this area as the Heart Chakra, but really there is a template to each person’s heart centre. This energy pattern is different for all people mainly because each person holds a different energy, how people love is different too. It won’t always be the same and many hearts will not come online simultaneously, there are some people who will never reach that point in their own evolution in this life. Which is fine and there isn’t any judgement with this. This is what this first group is doing right now physically with their entrance into new earth. They’re experiencing having their hearts open for the first time, have you noticed how many people are being affected by heart problems. With some prominent people even passing away this year so far, there is only so much that people can handle within themselves in physicality. Some people survive these activations and many cannot handle all that love and remain in physicality. It’s just impossible.

I’m not and nor have I ever been a Fluffy Ascension Writer or Volunteer and over these last four years writing online about my life, I have never wrote on here as if I was a fluffy writer. That just isn’t me and neither was I contracted to be one. I’ve always been very intense and that is because I have lived a very intense life. I have had to deal with the more darker aspects of the Ascension process. There is no fluff in my articles, but today that’s going to be exceptionally different. I have to show my more softer side for this because everything in this article is coming from the heart. In order to show and to lead by perfect example I have to be the fluff, because there really isn’t anything wrong with being a fluffy writer. There are a lot of personal stories that I have, that detail the first instances of my sacred heart template becoming activated. It’ll give those reading this a better look into these aspects of who I am, so that they can understand more about their heart themselves.

The Sacred Heart Template: My Sacred Heart Template Activation

My Sacred Heart Template activated slowly after March 2014 and even today it is still activating even further. The template is always getting upgraded so that we can love more, so that we can feel more without our bodies getting overloaded. In the last decade, I have felt massive increases in how my heart has beat, in how my heart has functioned and I’ve often wondered at times if I was almost having a heart attack. I wasn’t naturally. However, our minds are built to fear the absolute worst when natural evolution is occurring. This was just the necessary changes that happened when the physical body and heart centre activated. In the early days all that I remember doing was just feeling everything around me, that also meant that I was just sobbing for no absolute reason. I would be sitting down on the couch and I would just cry, when I was watching the commercials I’d cry at anything that moved me emotionally. It was so exhausting and my heart centre felt like it was going to explode every single time. That’s what happens when you come online, everything feels different because you are really feeling what it’s actually like for the first time.

I also experienced another aspect to this which was Spiritual Euphoria where you just love anything and everything in the moment. Then you get filled up with these intense emotions and sit around with a dopey looking face sitting in your own bliss. It’s like being high and experiencing it for the first time. The worst part of this was when it would end because then you’d get dragged and you would hit a point of no return. There are so many effects and lots of after-effects, in regards to having your heart centre wide open and it does feel really nice. I have always loved those specific cycles where you feel it intensely. Which is what many people are feeling now in early 2023. There have been many Ascension volunteers who have felt this before, but it’s the regular people who are starting to have these experiences now. It makes it all the more exciting because it changes everything, it brings us all a little bit closer than we were before. Heart living is essential on new earth.

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