In Clairvoyant Real Time: What’s That Sharp Sensation Falling Into The Top Of My Head?

In Clairvoyant Real Time: Witnessing Light Coded Information Enter The Human Vessel

There are certain moments for any Seer when what is being experienced in the now moment, is really happening in real time and not in the past or in the future somewhere else. I have had many experiences like this myself where not everything is happening in linear time for me and I’m in more than one place having another experience simultaneously. So, its really not in real time. It is so rare for me to be aware of the fact that I am having a clairvoyant real time moment, that is designated to this specific life as this Michael aspect. 

I had one of these In Clairvoyant Real Time experiences a few days ago, when I clairvoyantly felt and saw specific light coded energies fall onto and into this area where I live. While I experienced this in real time without being in different locations, it isn’t often that this happens but when it does I usually breathe a sign of relief. It means that I am in that moment in this life having the experience that I need to, without too much of the back and forth timeline traveling. Which can be extremely exhausting. There is so much going on and it isn’t always happening in this time period right here and now.

I have not yet had the opportunity to write about all that I have and continue to experience physically in January 2023. It has just been a struggle to just live it let alone formulate words to describe it; life this year has been very brutal at times and this last week was another intense one. I was convinced once again that my physical time on this earth was up again and then the intensity of it all stopped, with what we’re embodying right now. It has been such a strange year from the second we entered it and I know many of you reading this can feel it too, both in how it feels and how it has felt within our bodies. The isolation is so unreal and that might be because of who I am and what I am doing, I do not leave my house and even when I need to quickly leave my higher space and go to work its desolate there too. There are so many things known and unknown going on and figuring it out can be difficult for anyone while living on New Earth.

I started to experience some unusual new to me body changes this year and they have really knocked me off of my feet. This whole entire first month of 2023 has done that to me and no doubt it probably has for you too. The intense roaring ear ringing has not stopped and if anything it has gotten so much worse, much more louder and like I am standing right under a fighter jet as it is about to take flight. The newest body experience is this hyper active embodiment phase and it almost feels like I’m a non-stop energizer bunny of the Ascension Process. The truth is that this entire month it has not stopped for me and its no longer days, we are embodying within a few hours at a time now. It has been exhausting and I have had to find a way to adapt to all of this while having a job, where it is impossible to do both on some days but I just continue on. The most important lesson for this Ascension Volunteer now in 2023 has been to learn how to move around on New Earth. It will always be a learning curve and this applies to doing the work while around so many different people who are on so many different levels, the most intense body experience that I am currently having are sharp sensations of energy that are coming into my head from many different angles. This and much more all In Clairvoyant Real Time that I am viewing with my higher awareness as this happens around me.

The Clairvoyant Point Of View: Perceiving Future Coded Information Into The New Earth Reality

When I Clairvoyantly View any inanimate and animate otherworldly energy formations, usually I’m viewing it from a current point of view perspective or a future one. There are moments when I do view them from a past timeline point of view, but that isn’t always the case for me. There are both events and energies that I can feel and sense that have the possibility to happen, do I talk about much of those events on here. No. There are so many shifts occurring that would make it impossible to see if it is leaning towards one direction. The majority of what I can Clairvoyantly see are mainly about the New Energies and that manifestation into the world. The past few weeks I have been on energizer bunny mode with these NEW energies and there have been plenty of experiences that I have had; there is one specific event that happened to me on Jan 26th that involved seeing these specific light codes that are imaged above from a clairvoyant point of view in real clairvoyant time. 

On Thursday January 26th, I experienced a moment that is rare for me because I’m always somewhere else and life for me is not moving in linear time. I tend to experience spherical consciousness quite often and I’m everywhere that I have always been, except on those rare occasions when I am left alone to do something within this Michael body. 

I was making my way home from work when I started to perceive these, shiny patterns, that were falling all around me, that then began to fall onto the top of my head and hit that area. They were sharp and some had a different tint to them. These energies are not new ones and in fact I have seen these when we first shifted into Cycle Two of the Ascension process in late 2019 into early 2020. These however are sharper and they really did hit that head area very roughly as they landed, this was all happening all around me and while it wasn’t anything new. This might not be what the average person experiences, but these are the types of clairvoyant real time experiences that I and other Ascension Volunteers do have. 

The remainder of Thursday and on Friday the 27th; I had experienced much more physical discomfort and I needed to lay down on the couch for hours and hours. I had a moment where I needed to remind myself that the Sun had just entered the sign of Aquarius, as that was exactly when the energies started to pick up for me again. This and countless other events recently that have made me realize that more of the NEW is here and we better get used to it. I have been getting used to it In Real Clairvoyant Time and sometimes that is not an easy thing to do.

Those of you who are Ascension Volunteers who have experienced this intensity build up with the energies, this is all part of riding the waves that is the Aquarian Age and we’re about to move much deeper into it in March.

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