NEW Triunity Light: All Through The Divine Feminine Template & Down Into Mass Humanity.

Triality Consciousness & NEW Triunity Light: Triunity Light Codes Coming Down Into Physicality.

When something big happens down in physicality that usually means that it was already in the development phase in the higher dimensions long before it arrived on earth. There are certain stages to these events that take place and a lot of the times we get caught off guard with how it gets distributed, there is a massive disconnection between the roles of intuition and consciousness for a lot of the worlds current population. There are many who follow those intuitions and who have awareness, there are those who have no awareness at all and struggle to find their footing. There is no right direction or wrong direction to move into, there is only the direction that an individual soul should move into. The best option. The call of the soul. 

On Saturday (Feb 4) into Sunday (Feb 5) another major event played itself out down in physicality, much more of the NEW has arrived and most likely has been building up since the start of 2023. I would even say that this event has been building up since the Winter Solstice in December 2022. This event that I am talking about is the integration of Triunity Light into the Divine Mother Template here on earth. I have written about this frequently: the Aquarian Age and our entrance into it. I have written about the transition into New Earth. I have written about the Divine Mother Template being installed into the earth and her grids. This is not anything NEW that I have written, but what is NEW is this moment in time where we are integrating Triunity Light into our bodies and hearts. 

I have noticed a slight increase in the Energy Work that I have been doing since about October 2022 and this has increased when we made that changeover into 2023. Those who wanted to remain down in physicality did so (myself included,) those who did not want to decided to leave before that big changeover because they listened to the call of their soul. There is no shame in that. This energy work that I am doing is coming from my body and it looks a hot mess right now; I am weak and feeling tired. It has been building up and building up all January long and it finally reached a climax on Saturday into Sunday. I am that type of being that does like to find the higher connections wherever they come from, I like to pick those connections out and this is not the first time that I have experienced this build up that ended with a gigantic energy discharge in Feburary. This also happened last year when the Divine Mother Template was physicalized into the earth. That build up led to the Separation of Worlds finally being completed and then we knew where everyone stood, we saw first hand which people and which nations were for a higher functioing earth world. Russia (Vladmir Putin) was not for NEW Earth and that led to the invasion of Ukraine, I had struggled for weeks before this event to stabilize ME energetically and I could not understand why I felt that way. Then the invasion happened and my body was giving me some big signs.

There are always connections when you take the time out to see them and since entering the Aquarian Age, February has been the month to pay attention to. It just builds up to a climax of these NEW Triunity Frequency Light Codes each time and I used to feel this build up in March/September when I was a child. I do not feel this climax during the equinoxes anymore.

NEW Triunity Light Code Distribution: In Physical Distress & More People Leaving Physicality. 

On Saturday (Feb 4) and Sunday (Feb 5,) I had felt a continued build up of NEW Triunity Frequency codes and I was really struggling physically all day long on Saturday. Those of us who are energy sensitive are so much more prone to these inner body reactions and the Ascension Volunteers have experienced this before, where you will feel the climatic phases of certain energies and events sit within your own physical body before they unleash fully down in physicality. These New Triunity Light Codes were distributed into the Divine Mother Template and the Earth’s grid, this is not NEW and we have seen this happen before. I have written about it many times where that template gets activated and NEW energies come in. We’re just experiencing this again but in this moment and at this level, which makes it different and slightly similiar. 

What does Triunity mean? Triunity is another way of saying Triality or Unity. We have all heard about Unity Consciousness and that is exactly what I mean when I use that word mashed up into one whole word in my writing. I am talking about embodying unity consciousness and how humanity is also embodying this as well. Whenever you read these words in my writing then you will know that I am talking about specific light codes, that have been distributed into humanity so that we can embody that level of awareness where we are all one and connected to each other. This is what we seem to be embodying much more of in 2023 and we did this in 2022 and 2021 and in 2020. These were just different levels of it at that time. What do the Triunity Codes look like? They look similiar to the Divine Mother and Divine Father energies, which look like the gifs that I put up for this article. There is a emphasis on the spherical shape to them when they come out to me and the colors look exactly like the image in the centre. It really is a beautiful coded sight to see and to feel, how to embody it is to just to feel it within you. 

Further New Shifts Down In Physicality

This morning on Feb (6,) I had woke up at around 5 am from sleeping and I experienced a quick physical descent that felt like I was going to physically exit. I started to feel body weak, very tired, did not have any energy and I had felt a similiar event in the evening the night prior. I had no idea why I had felt this way this morning until I forced myself out of bed, I checked my phone and found out through the local news that an earthquake hit the Buffalo area. I don’t live in an area where we get too many earthquakes and they said 3.8 – 4.2 magnitude, we’re not used to this sort of activity in my area. We live near the Niagra Falls reigon and were just a  few towns away. 

Then I checked the World News for the day; there was a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Turkey and the surrounding countries. There are a lot of places that are making specific shifts right now and we are about to move into an even higher level of all of this. Mind how you go when you are out there living your life and remember that we are all having the same experience, whether you do not think many of us are. This is a perfect example of two different places experiencing a similar shift, a shift in consciousness and a shift in our actions. They generally tend to speak louder than words. 

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