Dimensional Travels From Earth: Where Are People Going Who Are Leaving New Earth Now?

Dimensional Traveling From Earth: Where Are People Going Who Are Leaving New Earth Reality?

I am still feeling a tad-bit wobbly from that early February Triunity Installment and same moment reality deletion of more old earth from the Grid Systems. I was in no way prepared for that enormous chunk of reality to be ripped out from right under us like that. I have just needed some extra time to adjust to that latest level of NEW and my butt has been planted on the couch while I energetically recuperate from all that I am physically feeling. A lot of it is not feeling good and there are some moments that are wonderful. This week is better than last week (which was just a shit show,) down in physical reality within the collective. The thing is – everyone is everywhere all at once. Which will continue to escalate the further that we get into the 2023 frequency year.

While I am aware that I crossed yet another exit point and survived it, there are many who are not surviving these latest Triunity Frequencies while navigating their lives on New Earth. That does not even include those who for whatever their reasons were, left physical reality and are not currently incarnated right now with those of us moving forward. This is going to continue to happen and I may not even survive this year with the way that I have been feeling, it does not matter if your an Ascension Volunteer because you’re not immune from how this all feels inside of you. We are here now but we won’t always be and that begs the question of where exactly are those moving onto who no longer want to stay on New Earth? 

There have been way too many incidences as of late with regard to Spontaneous Collective Discharge, which has occurred more over these last few months and that just means that people are both choosing to leave physicality and they are being discharged from their roles in this life. That might sound very harsh for those of you who are reading this and not living the Ascension Process as of yet. There are no random acts in life and everything does sort of flow together, there are always higher reasons for why everything is unfolding in the way that it is. Its beautiful when you realize every single aspect of organic life has a purpose here and that is what New Humans do need to learn about living on New Earth. That your energy is no longer inorganic but an organic natural component of life and Earth at this highest Triunity Frequency. There is a sense of sadness when those around you leave physical Earth and travel back to where they need to be, just know that they were an organic natural component of Earth at that time.

These collective discharges are happening right now with certain people who are either choosing to leave together or there was an Energetic Componenet to the event that acted as their discharge. I was living in physical hell about almost two weeks ago when over 40,000 people decided to collectively leave together in one day, during one of the most intense moments of this entire century so far. I have not fully recuperated on a physical and energetic level from this event quite yet, I am doing so much better now and it has been almost two weeks later but while dealing with more smaller waves (Aquarian) of these 2023 Triunity Frequencies. These are not the only groups of people who are currently leaving us, there have been countless others and it has been exhausting. The collective smaller groups of casualties of the Russo-Ukrainian War have also been physically leaving and it is due to their specific life events; I have helped a small grouping of six men who did show up running up and down my stairs one night. I was stunned by their appearence in the basement of my own home. I heard them. Many times I might not clairvoyantly see the remnants of an energy in my home, I will clairaudiently hear noises that are either animals or those who were once living people. I have also experienced some more darker energy forms as well, it has left me standing there with the hairs on the back of my neck sticking right up. Whatever the case, whatever the energy is – there will always be a destination for them when you show them the way to access it. This begs the important question: well where are these people going? They are experiencing Dimensional Traveling. 

Multidimensional Homes: Where Do Many People Reside Within The Higher Dimensions?

There continues to be this monumental conscious mistake that certain regular human people are still making, they believe that they still exist on Old Earth and that matching old frequency. We are on New Earth with a whole entire different frequency like what we would have experienced at home. I mean from whatever dimensional home that we reside in and at least that is sligthly how It feels to me, there are other moments where I still want to return home because my physical self is exhausted. No doubt about it. The truth is this feels more like home more than it ever did, that is not what regular people are saying. There are many people who continue to gripe on about how the world is unrecognizable to them, how they don’t understand the changes to the earth and the people on it. It’s usually coming from people who have been so drenched in darkness that they can’t see the light, they cannot understand how it has changed. Welcome to New Earth and the Aquarian Age. 

The New Earth frequency is like being home because we are closer to home. This one took me a long time to figure out, we’re so used to hearing how when we die we go somewhere but we are already there. The there that we want to go home to is already a frequency match within us and this Earth. It does not matter when and where we drop the body we are living in, we will go where we already are. That realization was profound. When someone leaves physicality whether alone or in a group, they are actually a lot closer to where home is in the higher realms of existence. There is no need to agonize over the mechanics of Dimensional Travels From & To Earth From & To Home. We are already home in our body and when we leave our body we are already home. Those leaving Earth to Home in the future might experience this at an even greater level we do now, because they’ll be deeper into it. I don’t ever plan on returning to this Earth reality ever again after all of the trauma that I have dealt with in this life being an Ascension Volunteer. I will only experience this Dimensional Travel to and from Earth to and from Home at this level today and whenever I decide to physically exit. There is less time to travel to where home is for many who are leaving now and in the future that time will be cut down substantially. Its quicker than ever before to drop frequency into a body, just like it is to unload the body and return back. 

Where are they going though? There are many beings who are returning back to the 5th dimension in the pure organic energy/spirit form. There are many who are going to the 6th dimension, the 7th dimension, the 8th dimension, and the 9th dimension as well. Lisa Renee has a section in her Ascension Library about Dimensions on her website (which I urge those interested in reading to read it,) she states that there are up to 15 dimensions of consciousness energies that can be accessed. It depends on where you vibrate really and how your own energy is formed, there are a lot of beings here that are on all stages of their development and that can affect their personal energies too! Where are they going though? The question should be where aren’t they going? This is it everyone. Never at any point in our history have we been so close to where we were in the early years of earth civilization and how we were fully conscious again. You wanted to know where they were going, well there going everywhere it seems. 

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