A Few Childhood Nudges: Did You Draw Aquarian Waves As A Child Too?

A Few Childhood Age Of Light Nudges: As A Young Ascension Volunteer I Used To Draw Aquarian Age Waves.

I imagine that many of you who are currently reading this also felt like February 2023 was like watching a really awful horror movie come to life, it definitely felt like that on a physical level that is for sure. When we’re feeling stuck and in that mindset of well this looks and feels awful to us, we tend to ignore the fact that it feels and looks this way because there are improvements being made. I have even made the monumental mistake of getting stuck in this mindset for this entire month too, only to then have to remind myself that I am having an experience and I can transform it into what I want. I choose to know that there were higher things manifesting all February long for the collective and that another chunk of ancient negativity needed to be removed through my body. As well as from all of the other Ascension Volunteers right now.

This is what I know because that is what I experienced, I have needed to learn to change my way of thinking when I start thinking about how everything is broken and does not work in the same way or frequency as it once did. It won’t! It Shouldn’t! We are not where we once used to be energetically and we’re vibrating at a much greater glow than we ever did before. We have to learn to shift our perspectives in the current now timeline that we are in and realize that when we want to shimmer and shine along with those waves then you know how to do it. I know that I cannot take the same mindset and ways of existing into this new earth, it won’t work here anymore. Not for me and not for you. Especially not for those New Humans of New Earth and those who come in the future either. 

In January 2023, I had experienced a random memory flashback momentarily of when I was thirteen in early 2004 that was suddenly jolted into my awareness, for the obvious reason that it was now time for me to remember it because it is important in this Now Timeline that we are currently in. This memory was right at the beginning of the 2004 timeline and I remember it vividly because of how I used to underline the dates back when I was a kid. It was something so minor that I never bothered to pay attention to it even though I was aware of the fact that I was doing it. Go figure, right! We make a gigantic fuss about how unaware other people are, while touting how aware we are. The majority of people would always use a ruler and draw a straight line to underline the dates and titles. I never did that. I always drew two wavy lines; In this memory of me in this life as a young thirteen year old Ascension Volunteer that is what I was doing. I was just sitting at my desk drawing the wavy lines just like the symbolism of the Aquarius Age. Why is this important? It is important because of where we currently are in 2023 as we’re about to experience another collective shift, that is the Saturn Pisces and Pluto Aquarius planetary shifts.

These were very important powerful childhood nudges as I like to call them, that I had experienced back then as a very young Ascension Volunteer. This wasn’t the only memory that came up for recognition either, there were two more that were showing me signs of the times that we’re living in now. A second memory that I rceived was of how deeply effected I had become later on in that same year, when the Christmas/Boxing day tsunami had hit. The final memory that I had received in 2023; I had a vision back in spring of 2007 when I was in Gr.11 buisness class, it was of the real reason why I took that class and what I would be doing with the knowledge that I would be getting about how to use a computer. There were many in that class that were doing it to learn how to live and exist in the old earth, I was there to learn how to write about the current New Earth For New Humans. Here I am now in 2023 writing all about my life like I saw in 2007 and what it means to be living as an Ascension Volunteer. I do remember these small moments if I ever find myself doubting where I am and what my physical experiences are, because I made it here to where I was always supposed to be. There are many more out there that I am assuming are experiencing these same Memory Recognitions of their past in this life, that have all led you to this exact moment where you are now in these early Aquarian Age moments.

A Few Age Of Light Nudges: The Sun Is An Extension Of Who You Are

The entire month of February 2023; the couch was everything that I needed and ever wanted in my entire life. This and so much more because of what I and what we were embodying within ourselves. February was a prolonged month and for the majority of this month all that happened was the Sun erupted, not even just that but it erupted on-the-daily and it sprayed New Earth with all of these NEW Triunity Frequencies. I struggled throughout the entire month with whole body sensitvities to New Earth events, (earthquakes, solar flares, solar eruptions and the embodiment of Triunity Codes and Frequencies.) I lost some more weight due to being so sensitive to solar activity that I could not eat much, I had sensitivities to food that I could not eat anymore. I can only now eat fruites, veggies, nuts, and some meat and fish. I have absolutely no energy. I can not sleep very much and when I get a good amount of rest it just isn’t enough; the skin around my face and forehead has become red and dry with small red pimples on it. The texture of my skin has gotten bad but it’s not as bad as my hair which is dry and brittle than it once used to be, everything on our bodies changes and as much as we hate to look like this and so old this is what our bodies are designed to do. It doesn’t feel good and neither does it look good but we are doing extreme Energy Work at literally an insane NEW level.

The truth of the matter is that The Sun Is An Extension Of You and I think that I might write a little bit more about this extensively in a separate post because I think that it is important. Every Ascension Volunteer knows that the Sun and any activity that shoots off the Sun and hits us, will directly influence how we feel on a physical level. The Sun is the main character in our entire solar system and will influence us substantially, I have never been so influenced by the Sun than I have this  year so far than right now in my life. I know that other Ascension Volunteers feel it too. We are an extension of the Earth and of the Sun and the activity that it produces does influence our activity on Earth as a society. It drives people and their actions. It most defintely influences our collective consciousness and many people out there are not handling this well. Take some time out to remember that the Sun is an extension of who you are, so with Solar Cycle 25 reaching its peak phase expect solar activity to become an extension of who you are in this Now Timeline.

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