Subconscious Traumas Surfacing: Saturn Pisces & Pluto In Aquarius Is Forging A New Way For Society.

Subconscious Traumas Surfacing: Saturn Pisces & Pluto Entering Aquarius Is Shifting Consciousness

I have been waiting for this moment in time since before we entered the 2023 year energy frequency, so that we could all experience the massive shifts within our individual consciousness as a whole collective down in physicality. I have been aware that March 2023 was going to be one of those big shifts for humanity, not only because we’re currently carving our way into the Aquarian Age either. We’ve been given an enormous opportunity to remove more old piscean cycle subconscious traumas of the Piscean age. Saturn in Pisces along with Pluto in Aquarius transits will work together this year and in 2024-2025 to help humanity face these traumas and fears, then remove these subconscious traumas from our individual templates and from New Earth. 

We all have these subconscious traumas and in many forms such as: (unresolved mental issues, addictions, a lack of awareness, dependency on others for vital life force, high number of sexual trauma, emotional and physical abuse trauma, holding in our emotions, crimes committed towards women, crimes comitted against the Earth and humans in the name of religion, crimes committed against god by the human species.) It really has not looked pretty these last 2,000+ years, but now is the time to remove one more layer of  trauma that we have carried lifetime after lifetime. 

I have been feeling a mild form of depression lately since about Feb (5th) and ever since; I have not been able to shake this tiny little period of depression of mine. There was a tremendous chunk of ancient negativity last month that did need to be urgently excavated out of Earth’s Grid System by the Ascension Volunteers for humanity, many others also felt this brutalized physical transfiguring that we did and we all know why this was happening. We all do this important collective Earth work together, the other aspect of this is we have our own individual work to quickly scan through which involves going through all of our memories. There are many Ascension Volunteers and many regular humans who have experienced trauma, while that trauma is different for many of us depending on who you are in this now moment. Whether you have knowledge of those other lifetimes like many Ascension Volunteers do, or you do not because your a regular human who has no idea about the Ascension process. This is all fine. We’re all where we are at and we are here now to deal with past and current life trauma, there is plenty of healing to go around for all who are living down in physicality.

The Subconscious Mind is that part of your mind that one is not fully aware of what influences your actions and feelings, that is the world that we live in today in a nut shell. The majority of the 8 billion population is existing and living their current life in a subconscious simulation of their very own making, the matrix is a fantastic cinematic example of subconscious living on Earth. As an Ascension Volunteer I do have access to memories from any life of mine that has surfaced into my immediate awareness at any moment, for the purpose of recognizing the event and life in order to help me heal those other aspects of me existing in other timelines simultaneously. All of this is being done through this physical body in this geographical location. Here you just thought that we were doing nothing all day long. There are so many regular humans who have absolutely no memory of their past lives, who cannot access any of those memories so all of their trauma remains submerged in their subconscious mind. The transits of Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius shifting within a two week time frame, is the reason why so many people have been feeling these subconscious traumas resurfacing. They suddenly feel like something has shifted and they aren’t understanding why they feel the way that they do. Why is this situation of sexual abuse coming up when I haven’t even been sexually abused in this life? This has been playing out since we entered 2023 because this collective shift was going to occur, many are going to find that remaining on New Earth is about healing these traumas and it won’t be easy.

Implementing A New Earth Reality: Both Saturn In Pisces & Pluto In Aquarius Are Changing Reality.

There is so much to tackle in this second section that I almost do not know where to start; The planet Saturn enters the sign of Pisces on Mar (7th) and then in two weeks on Mar (23rd) pluto enters the sign of Aquarius for the first time since 1777. This is not a coincidence and just like when the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius was not a coincidence either, we entered the Aquarian Age then and this is a continuation of this path that we’re on right now. 

The planet Saturn is one of the most feared planets in Astrology mainly because it symbolizes karma and the responsibility that we hold to deal with our actions, it is not the oppressive planet that many believe it to be.  It is a planet of structure and maturity and it teaches us how to act in such a manner, it teaches limitations and how to simplify the mind and the energy. The sign of Pisces is that last sign that does focus on stripping away everything that we have known in order to be transformed, the more darker aspects of this sign is that there is no ability to be aware at all times. In Pisces the awareness almost gets attacked constantly more than in any other sign, I have found it so difficult to be back here in this lifetime because I can feel that there are entities and energies trying to influence my own awareness. I never really felt that way in the age of Aries mainly because it was just starting to begin back then. I experienced a lifetime where I was a woman in a small village that was raped back then, so these themes were just beginning. I’m referring to The Devolution of Humanity. The truth is we have experienced a massive degeneracy within our collective consciousness, almost to the point of it looking slightly savagery in nature. The Pisces energy is one of transforming, but it does get attacked repeatedly.

Saturn & Pluto Implementing New Earth

Saturn in Pisces – will help the collective to disassemble all of their subconscious traumas within that is constantly under attack by forces that are against them, so that we can all collectively and individually recognize these fears and pains so as to be transformed from them and become aware on a consistent level. 

Pluto in Aquarius – will help the collective to install a brand new way of consciously existing within a dying paradigm that caters to service to self, by implementing societal norms and laws that focus on basis of service to others. Replenish the collective with mindsets that express new ways of loving with the heart once the fears and trauma have been purged. 

The planet Pluto is another one of those planets in Astrology that is most feared because of its ability to destroy anything in its path and renew what is outdated. I have never found Pluto to be difficult and mainly because I love to personally tear down anything that is holding me back, then to start over and rebuild again from nothing. I have had to do this all of my life (Pluto in Scorpio retrograde), I don’t even find it a challenge anymore. There are regular humans that hate change and would never take the risk of improving themselves, let alone improve their life and or life situation. The sign of Aquarius is the second last sign but it is the most altruistic of them all, it is also the sign that is capable of avoiding attacks against their consciousness better than any of the other signs. I have found that the older that I am getting and as I transition into the early stages of this age, I have found it easier to focus on service to others other than those outdated egoistic pursuits. I can see a small image of the future in the next one thousand years by living in this now moment, it just isn’t quite fully there yet and I have found it easier to see when my awareness is being attacked. Pluto in Aquarius will destroy whatever service to self there is during the next 20+ years within the collective, while simultaenously creating New Earth through new laws that focus soley on helping people and changing our society. 

Saturn and Pluto have been working together since 2020 and as we forge ahead into 2023, into 2024 and to 2025 we will be noticing all of these themes working themselves out for humanity. Remember to work on those subconscious traumas whether they are in this life or coming from a past life, just feel what comes up because sometimes feeling it is all that you have to do. Then release it because it’ll get more difficult if you choose to flow against the current. 

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