The Rewiring Of New Humans: A First Group Of New Humans Are Being Energetically Rewired Now.

The Rewiring Of New Humans: The First Group Of New Humans Are Being Rewired Right Now 

In January 2023; the first group of New Humans came online and that means that the regular people were starting to come online during that time. This was both a physical and conscious jump into New Earth just like the Ascension Volunteers had done in 2020, this first group is the only group of regular people that I have felt and there are reasons for it. The day that Saturn entered Pisces; I experienced one of those moments with the Divine where he was trying to share some kind of sign with me that things had changed. That these past few months of 2023, there has been some early rewiring happening for the Ascension Volunteers and the first group of regular people (New Humans) and I quickly got that message. 

The closer that we get to the Equinox and Pluto entering Aquarius, the more that these physical manifestations do take place within the first group of New Humans will occur. The Ascension Process is calling for both New Humans and all Ascension Volunteers to continue to embody and to rewire our bodies individually. To surrender to this at this NEW level and deal with all of those subconscious traumas that are holding us back. 

Since entering March 2023; it has felt a lot more comfortable energetically than it ever did for the entire month of February 2023 and I am hoping that has a lot to do with all of the excavating that I have done before we reach the Equinox point for this year. We are still dealing with an intensified 2023 frequency energy called New Triunity Frequency and it needs some getting used to for some more than others. The solar activity has continued but it is not as severe as last month was and don’t expect this to stop either as we are nearing the peak of solar cycle 25.  This is all part of the continued manifestation of New Earth and those who are living on it, what you do not need will be removed whether you struggle against it or not. I have learned that the hard way. Now why would you want to struggle up against the waves like a Piscean fish, when you can surf through the waves like a surfer. If your not sure how to flow with the waves yet, learn how to do it because from here on out we all have to learn to catch those waves. 

The day that Saturn entered Pisces (Mar 7th) there was a two man team from a company that came on site where I work, these two men needed to figure out the wiring in the building. There was an issue with needing to have access to other suites in order to find out where all the wires ran through, they spent a good hour trying to locate the wires without actually having access to any suite which made their job impossible. In Ascension terms, it would be like if one individual person physically activated but the brain had never went through the rewiring process. They were missing a vital aspect of locating those wires throughout the building and after the hour was done they left not having accomplished much. They got a good look at the layout, but in order to rewire and set up a conduit they needed to be able to see everything. They could not do that and that got me thinking if this was a message from the Divine, then It all started to make sense to me how many of the Ascension Volunteers and first group of New Humans have been finding it hard in 2023. The second that we had entered the 2023 year and that we started to rewire our bodies with this NEW Triunity Frequency is no coincidence. As an Ascension Volunteer at times I tend to miss what is exactly right in front of my face, with all that I go through physically it is not that we just embody it and then we are done. These energies are rewiring our entire body and the New Earth. 

The Rewiring Process: The Male Electricians & The Internal Wires  Of The Body

This timely higher message from the Divine through the two Male Electricians was exactly what I needed to see and be shown, it told me exactly all that I needed to know about where the Ascension Volunteers were and New Humans too. Since Janurary 2023; the rewiring process has intensified for those who are physically embodying, even more so since Saturn entered the sign of Pisces. The Rewiring Process takes place inside of the body and just like those two Male Electricians, we work with both our nerves and veins that do connect us all to any incoming higher frequeny energies. We are the conduits for these energies. 

The physical body is much more than just our sweat and blood, guts and bones. The Ascension Volunteers and now the first group of New Humans are realizing that our body is doing much more, we are connecting all of those internal wires and embodying as the conduits. There have been many moments on the journey where I have been freakishly aware of this process, then I forget it until I have to be reminded. Which has happened in early 2023 for specific reasons because our bodies are changing along with those realities, there are periods where it can be intense and not as much. The interesting thing about being a conduit is that there does need to be a certain amount of maintence, which I can admit that I have not been doing so much of. The reason why I was not prepared for February 2023, had a lot to do with the fact that I had not actively done any maintence on my own physical body. I never bothered to check if all my wires were connected and if not then to redirect certain internal aspects to match what I was embodying. There are a lot of people who are struggling physically and mentally with these energies myself included, but the frequent maintence is so important and it has relieved a lot of what I thought was much too energetically vigorous. There are certain parts of my body where the rewiring is just not working properly and I need to take those next few steps and unblock and disconnect the wire.

This continued Rewiring Process will also get more intense as we reach both the Equinox (Mar 20th) and Pluto entering Aquarius (Mar 23rd). Look for any signs that your body is being rewired by both Solar and the New Triunity Frequencies. If something does not feel right within you acknowledge it and see what you can do to disconnect and connect your internal wires. 

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